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We sat there. Just sat there, enjoying the silence and eachother's company. It was nice. Well it was. Until his phone went off. That's when I saw her picture pop up with her name flashing.

" I think that I will just leave that un-answered. " he said to me grabbing my hand.

Something was fishy so I sat up.

" No it's okay, if you were telling me the truth you can answer it and tell her to leave you alone. " I said challanging him.

" Well, are you sure? I mean I can ignore it but if you don't care I will answer it. " he said cautiously.

" Like I said. If you were telling me the truth, it doens't matter to me. I am not one of these that say you can't talk to any other girls except me. " I said smiling weakly.

" And you wonder why I like you. " he said kissing me and answering his phone.

" Hello Tanya. "

" Eddie! So I was just wondering if we were still on for tonight? "

" Tanya. What part of we are through do you NOT understand? "

" I just don't see why you would dump me all of a sudden. She is there isn't she? "

" Tanya I don't have to report to you anymore! I am not dating you anymore end of story. " Edward was starting to get frustrated.

" Edward, if ya'll had plans go through with them. Don't just drop it because of me. Remember, you can have girls as friends, but it better not go any farther than that. " I said speaking up.

I took the phone from Edward since he just sat there shocked and was not making any movement to repeat what I had just said.

" Hi Tanya. "

" Why are you on the phone now? "

" I just wanted to tell you something. I think that I shocked Edward out of beliefe. " I said giggeling.

" I know that you two are dating. Sorry for interrupting. It's just, he was the first- "

" Tanya I understand. Which is why I told him to go through with your plans for tonight. I told him that just because we were dating now didn't mean he could have other women as friends. I wouldn't take his freedom from him. So the two of you have fun! Don't let me get in your way. Just remember that he is dating me now. So I wouldn't sugguest taking it any farther than a friendly movie. M'kay? " I was met with silence.

" Bella? Can, um- well can I have your number? I think I might actually like you. You are probably the only girl who would ever say that. Would you like to come with us tonight. You are really trusting and I want to show you that you can trust me. Despite popular beliefe. I don't want you to hate me because of what you have heard. "

I told her that I would love to and that I could make it tonight. I gave her my cell number and hung up.

" Looks like I am invited ton- "
I was cut off by Edward's lips. The kiss was rougher than the one earlier. I replied with the same need that his held.

" That was amazing. I can't believe you. She wants to be your friend! That has never happened. What did I do to deserve you? " he asked.

I just giggled at his response. We were enjoying the peace and quite when my phone buzzed signaling that I had a new message.

" Hey Bella! Can't wait for tonight! ~Tanya "

I guess the shock registered on my face because Edward took my phone and just laughed. He noticed the time and said we had to go.

" Here let me fix this. " he said pushing the center console up so that I could sit next to him. We buckled in and were off.

He put his arm around me and I snuggled into him falling asleep.


" Wake up sleepy head. " Edward said gently shaking me.

" Why are we at my house? I thought we were going out with Tanya? " I asked confused.

" We are I just figured you would want to change and let your Momma know where you are going. I mean it is Friday but she will still want to know. I will pick you up in an hour. Bye sweetness. " he said kissing me.

I don't know how long the kiss lasted but I do know that I was dizzy when I got out of the truck.

" Mom! "

" In here. "

" Hey since it is Friday, I am going out with Edward and a friend. " I was about to head to my room when she stopped me.

" Just wait one minute. What happened today. I want to know everything. " she said motioning for me to joing her on the couch.

I sat down and started talking cautiously.

" Edward and I are dating now, he called daddy and asked if it was alright. Since we don't have school tomorrow, we are going out with some friends. " I said able to sum it all up in a few sentances.

" Okay just checking. " was all she said.

I headed up to my room when my phone buzzed twice.

" Just wanted to say that we are going to dinner instead of a movie. Wear something nice. Going to Andy's! ~ Tanya "

" Hey sweetness. Be there in a few. Can't wait to see you :) ~ Edward "

I quickly replied to both still suprised that Tanya was so keen on being buddy buddy all of a sudden. I decided to wear my black pants and the blue blouse that Edward seemed to love so much. I quickly put my hair in a french twist and touched up my make up.

I rushed out the door when I heard his honk.

" He- wow you look great Sweetness. " Edward said as he kissed me and helped me in the truck.

" Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself. I noticed that we match. " I said laughing.

" Hey who are we to say that great minds don't think alike? " he said winking at me.

I noticed that the center was free so I wiggled into the middle and snuggled into his side as we assumed the same positions we had earlier. Just like earlier I fell asleep again as he kissed my forehead.

I didn't even notice that we had pulled into the restaraunt before Edward was shaking me awake. I notice Tanya outside the passenger door so I went out that way.

" Bella! It is so good to see you! We have tons to talk about! " she said as she pulled me into the restaraunt with Edward following behind quickly.


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