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Chapter One: The man with the Black cape.

Harry was trying to sleep in the hard, cold floor with his thin blanket. He still didn't understand why Uncle Vernon was so angry. If he just let Harry read the letter. The sound of the thunders didn't let Harry sleep. Then, he looked at his watch. Almost the day of his birthday."A few minutes later, he whispered:

"Happy Birthday, Harry."

He wouldn't get a present, or even a happy birthday. His life was so miserable, but he was used. One minute past midnight. Dudley was snoring so loudly. Harry missed his parents. He didn't believe that his father was a drunk, like Uncle Vernon said, or freaks, like Aunt Petunia said.

Five minutes past midnight. Still no sleep.

Suddenly, the door opened, with a soft click. One man with black cape was standing outside. Dudley woke up, and started to scream. Harry stood up, as the man walked in.

Uncle Vernon ran downstairs with a gun in his hands, followed by Petunia, who was the first to say something

"You…!", she said with despite. "How dare you… Taking away MY sister like that, and then… Coming back?"

"Yes, Tuney.", the man hissed. Harry saw that he was dry, even with the pouring rain outside. The man closed the door. For some reason, Aunt Petunia looked really angry at him, so much, that she took the gun from Vernon's hand. Uncle Vernon was the one trying to control Dudley.

"I have orders from the Headmaster himself, and I'd rather be somewhere else, so I'd like to this to be really fast, if you don't mind.", he said, with a deep and fierce voice. Harry didn't see his face, but he already find the man very scary.

"I always knew you and Lily were freaks! That's what you are! Filthy little freaks.", Petunia spat, pointing the gun at him./p

"Don't you dare say a word about Lily.", the man almost shouted. Then his voice turned out cold as ice. Dudley was still screaming. "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, I want to stay clear that Harry will be back at summers, I know you recall it very well, Petunia. Do not disobey another resolution from the Headmaster, and assure that Mr. Potter will have a room in your house to stay at vacations."

"Why can't you freaks just take him away?", Petunia screamed, with despite.

The man pointed some sort of wood stick at Uncle Vernon and Dudley and muttered some words. Then, they were mute, unable to speak.

"You know very much why, Petunia. The wards are necessary. Not only for the Wizard world, but to the emMuggle/em world as well.", the man said.

Harry was watching to this conversation very curious. The man said some things that didn't make sense, but angered Petunia very much. And she looked scared, something that Harry never saw before. And this man knew his mother. His mother, dead a long time ago. Petunia said terrible things about her, but Harry didn't believe.

Now, Mrs. Dursley, take your son and your husband upstairs and I shall have a conversation with Mr. Potter, since you were unable do to your duty as Mr. Potter's guardian properly."

Petunia dropped the gun, looking almost green. Then, she obeyed the strange man.

The man turned himself for Harry. He was tall, thin and pale. The black hair of his covered a lot of his face, but Harry could see the black coal eyes and the long hooked nose. Scary, if it wasn't for the fact that he made Uncle Vernon and Dudley unable to speak, and he was a freak, just like Harry.

"Mr. Potter, I came here representing Hogwarts, the school of wizardry and witchcraft, to explain to you a few matters.", he spoke. "I am Severus Snape, Potions Master."

"But Uncle Vernon said there's no such thing as wizardry, sir. And what's Muggle?", Harry said, shyly, staring at the man called Severus Snape with his big green eyes.

"I assure you there IS. And Muggles are people that do not have magic blood. Your Aunt Petunia should have told you this since you were younger. You have magical blood, Mr. Potter. You are a wizard.", the man's voice was calm, but he looked angry. "And it's vital that you receive proper wizard education to gain abilities in different areas of magic."

"But I am not a wizard, sir, you must be confused."

The man sat at the couch that Dudley was sleeping, with a very long sigh. He used his stick to create a fire in the fireplace with no wood.

"I am not confused, Mr. Potter. Your parents made your inscription at Hogwarts since you were born, and they left you enough money to sustain yourself during your education. But of course, since your guardians are muggles, they did not have knowledge about wizard money.", the man called Snape crossed his legs. "Hogwarts is a school where you can learn about all the… Stuff that will make you a great wizard, Mr. Potter."

He handed Harry a letter like the ones that Uncle Vernon didn't want Harry to look. "Read". The man demanded.

Harry read really fast. "But, sir, where I can buy a wand or parchment?", he asked.

"Soon enough I will show you. I will have a little word with your guardians upstairs, pack your belongings, Mr. Potter. You will come with me, but you have to come back to your guardian's house for summers. In other seasons, you will live at Hogwarts.", the man stood up and went upstairs.

Harry packed his things quickly, he didn't have much anyway. Only a few clothes and some hygiene products.

"We are leaving, Mr. Potter.", the man said as leading Harry to the front door, and then to a boat. With a tap of the man's wand, the boat started moving alone.

"What's your name again?", Harry asked.

"Professor Snape, Potions Master.", Snape answered dryly. "I am sure you have a lot of questions, but keep them to yourself, for now. They shall be answered at the proper time."

The weather was cold and Harry was shivering really hard. "Don't you have warmer clothes? You will catch a lung infection.", Snape asked, with his hard voice cold as always.

"No, sir. These are my warmer clothes.", Harry answered, almost whispering.

Snape's face was still emotionless, but a line was formed between his eyebrows. Then. He flicked his wand and Harry felt warm, and went dry.

"Thank you, sir."

Harry did not believe he was a wizard. But the man certainly was, and Harry had lots of questions, but he was doing like Snape said.

Soon they were in a train, off to London. Harry remained in silence, trying to absorb the things he have heard. But it was hard to keep his eyes open. The trip would last until the morning, and Harry was really tired. Harry yawned.

"You should rest a little, Mr. Potter.", Snape said, with a tired voice.

Harry did what he said. Resting his head on his bag, he dreamt about wizards, magic and dragons. When he woke up, they were already in London./p
Harry's stomach made a rumbling loud noise.

"Sorry, sir.", Harry started. "But Uncle Vernon was mad at me, so I didn't have any lunch or dinner yesterday, because of the letters."

He said it like Snape was going to be mad at him, as well. In response, Snape took him to a coffee shop.

"So you starve, in punishment.", Snape pointed out. "Does that happen regularly?"

"Yes, sir. But I don't do anything, I swear. It's just bad luck, and things that I can't explain happen to me. Once, I dye Aunt Petunia's hair blue. I had to do chores and go to bed without dinner for a week, but it wasn't my fault.", Harry said, without a break for breathing.

"Breathe, Mr. Potter. And no one should starve. Sit down, and order whatever you want. Then, I will take you to buy your school supplies.", Snape said, sitting at one table. The line between his eyebrows went bigger.

Harry ordered some pancakes with orange juice, and Snape ordered coffee.

"The unexplainable things that happen to you are normal, in wizard under school age, Mr. Potter. It's just accidental magic, and your guardians knew so.", Snape sighed.

"So, it really wasn't my fault?", Harry asked, finally having a proof that he truly was a wizard. "I am not a freak?"

"No for both questions, Mr. Potter.", Snape took a sip from his black coffee.

"You can call me Harry, sir."

They remained in silence until the juice and pancakes arrived.

"Are you sure you don't want some pancakes?", Harry asked, offering his pancakes.

"No, Mr. Potter. Eat as much as you want.", Snape sighed, once more.

"You will be all right?", Harry insisted.

"Yes, I will.", Snape assured, astonished. The boy starved and yet, offered his food. No wonder he looked fragile and sick, and his clothes were so big. Of course his cousin ate much more than Harry.

After breakfast, Harry and Snape walked a few blocks. When they arrived at London, the sun was rising, and now it was shining a lot. Harry wondered if Snape felt hot inside his strange black clothes. Sort of… Robes.

They went to a filthy bar that people walked past without noticing. Maybe they couldn't see it, Harry thought. Some weird people in the bar greeted Harry like he was a hero. He hid behind the tall figure that was Snape.
"Why they are looking at me like that, sir?", he whispered.

"Just ignore."

Then, Snape stood in front of a brick wall, in the back of the bar. Tapped three bricks with his wand, and then the wall were gone, revealing an alley./p
The buildings in this alley were built in strange angles. The alley was filled with shops that sell things that Harry never saw before. Snape walked really fast, it was hard to Harry keep up with his steps.

"Wait, sir.", Harry panted. "I can't keep up."

Snape made Harry's bag light as a feather. Then, hold Harry by his shoulders, leading him to a gigantic building called Gringotes, the wizard bank.