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Chapter 1 - The Power of Ben and Jerry

"There will never be anyone else I'll love….EVER!"

"Don't say that!"

"Its true! I swear my heart has just shattered…EVERYWHERE!"

Spencer just laughed as she attempted to console her best friend and took another mouthful of Ben and Jerry's. Its a tradition held close by women across the world – when you get burnt the first thing you go for is the spoon, the second – the tub of choice.

Ice cream sales must rocket over Valentines Day…all those broken hearted single ladies…all those tubs. Spencer thought, Maybe spoon sales increase too? Maybe you can get special love spoons.

Tonight Chelsea had chosen caramel chew chew, not Spencer's favourite but she went with it. Last time they had one of these evenings it was Spencer's choice, chocolate fudge brownie was the cure and the girls ploughed their way through 2 tubs before falling asleep half way through The Little Mermaid.

"Chels, you guys were only together for 3 weeks!"

"3 weeks and 2 days and 4 hours actually!"

"Well I'm so sorry mate, it must be those 2 days and 4 hours that made him the absolute love of your life."

Shit. She'd said the wrong thing. Chelsea was staring at her like she was the world's worst friend. Maybe she was, this dude was totally wrong for her and nobody would convince the blonde otherwise. To be fair, he hadn't made the best of impressions – mocking her name on the first meeting was not the way to roll and Spencer made that clear. Her vodka and orange looked real pretty on his white jacket.

"Babes I just mean that you weren't together that long, you're bound to meet someone who deserves you."

"But I loved him."

"You're first date was at McDonalds. He didn't let you go large. He didn't even pay."

That did it she won. Best friend award right there for Miss Carlin! Chelsea broke down, she was beaten by the truth and sunk into the caramel goodness that she knew would fix her soul.

"Dya want to watch The Little Mermaid?" Chelsea just nodded and soon enough the dulcet tones of Ariel filled the room.

As Sebastian was about to get cooked by a mental Frenchman chasing him around the kitchen with a mondo knife, Spencer felt a soft weight lean into her side. Looking over she realised that Chelsea had fallen asleep mid-spoonful and was gently breathing as she fell asleep against her friend. Spencer turned off the TV and carefully manoeuvred so that the pair could sleep on the sofa, snuggled up under the fleecy Disney Princess blanket they used especially for moments like this.

The girls had been friends since they were kids, their families lived across the street from each other and apart from that one time when Spencer had stolen the yellow crayon during an art class when they were 8, they had never argued. They'd gone through school together, attended the same church group and even tried out some sports together, but both decided that synchronised swimming was not for them and agreed to never wear swimming caps again – the latex did not work for Chelsea's do. So here they were, 19 years old, both in Los Angeles and both still the same people they were when they met. The only difference now is that Spencer attended photography school and Chelsea went to do a painting and sculpting course across town.

Eventually, Spencer was woken up by the smell of bacon being lightly friend in the kitchen and followed the instructions of her stomach.

To the foooooood Spencer, go to the food. Aid is cooking, Aid is good, Aid is wise.

"Good morning my beautiful flatmate."

"It's ok Spence, no need to suck up…" He handed her a plate of perfectly sizzled crispy bacon, two slices of lightly toasted bread and the tub of butter.

"Did you know I loved you?" He replied with a raised eyebrow and a lazy smile.

"I saw the two men on the coffee table – Chels finally broke up with the douche bag from Detroit?"

"Yerp. Cant say I'm sorry to see him go." She said between mouthfuls of pig. "I really wasn't a fan."

"Really Spence? You do surprise me!" Aiden joined his flatmate at the table and applied far too much ketchup to his breakfast. "I thought you loooooved him?"

"Pfffft! Wanker."

"I hear ya sister." Spencer gave her flatmate a silly smile at his attempt to seem gangsta, he blushed slightly. "I agree, he was a tosspot. What's new with you anyway?"

She swallowed the last of her meal and took a gulp of Aiden's juice. "Nothing duders, I've been busy with class and then Chelsea turned up last night. Pretty chill to be honest. What about you? Didn't hear you come in last night – successful night I take it?"

He coughed lightly as his sexual activities once again became the topic of conversation.


Spencer gave him the classic head tilt. "Ok yes! But he was so pretty and I just couldn't let him walk home alone!"

"I'm sure he was safe enough once inside his house though?"

"A but what if somebody had broken in?"

"Torn the house apart and hidden in the wardrobe?"

"Exactly. I had to stay for his own protection."

"And where better to protect him than in his own bed."


"No pointless clothes in the way to disrupt your super-awesome ninja skills."

"Precisely. I had just had to stay. It was better for everyone."

A moment passed as the pair let their ridiculous conversation settle. They always spoke like this. They'd only known eachother for a few months, but being thrown together at University forms bonds faster than in a normal situation. Aiden had responded to Spencers advert for a flatmate before the semester had started, as she claimed she was 'allergic to single beds, shared kitchens and 3am fire alarms'. The pair moved in together soon after and just immediately clicked.

Spencer had no problem with Aiden being a flaming homo, and actively participated in his love life – setting him up on dates, prepping him for dates and getting all the details the night after the date. This was as much a ritual for them, as ice cream and Disney films were for the girls. Aiden was always vetting Spencer's men, ensuring they were hot enough totty for his housewife before allowing her to date them, and as annoying as this could be sometimes, she knew that he was just making sure she didn't lower any standards.

"There was no murdering burglar in the wardrobe was there?"

"Nah I just wanted to have sex."

"Who wanted to have sex? Man whore?" Chelsea entered the room and sat at the head of the table before grabbing some bread and the remaining bits of bacon.

The trio giggled at their antics and settled into comfortable conversation about boys. Even Chelsea was feeling more chirpy today.

The miracle of ice-cream. Spencer thought as she watched her two friends smile and exchange silly banter over breakfast. So much for loving him with all her heart! Pffft whatever!

"So Spence, Chelsea hates men, and I love them – what's your opinion babes?"

"They're useful, but I can't be arsed with them at the moment."

"Chris turned you down again?" Aiden asked bluntly, earning a slap from Chelsea. "What? I was only asking! He's not good enough for her anyway!"

"It's ok guys, nah he's not interested. I'm just going to admire his features from afar."

"You're better than that Spence, move on. Sure there's plenty of guys at your Uni?" The other girl asked.

"Yeah there are plenty, but I don't know. He's just real pretty. Meh I'm over it."

"Good girl! So town tonight? It's Bang Tidy Friday at Grays."

"Aid that's a gay night!"

"Your point being?"

"Me and Chels aren't gay."


"How are we meant to fix our broken hearts with gay guys?" Chelsea piped up.

Aiden considered this for a moment. "Spence you've never been against gayness, maybe you should give it a go! That could be why you've been single for so long!"

The boy was covered in bread crusts and bits of bacon as the blonde responded to his comment. "Come on dude! Seriously?"

"WHAT?" He asked innocently, "it could happen!"

"Nah pal, you're the only gay in the flat."

"Hmmm, I think the blonde doth protest too much!" He said while picking bacon fat out of his hair.

I'm noth protesteth at all-eth. Stupid Aiden.

I think.

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