It is a dark night in the hidden leaf village everyone by this time is going to bed all accept for one six year old naruto who was running for his life from a mob ever since the kyuubi attacked and was sealed in poor naruto he had been abused but tonight that would end.

Naruto turned down another alleyway only to be met by a dead end he turned around and saw the mob coming 'for the fourth' cried the mob as they started to beat down on the poor boy soon he fell unconscious

Mind scape

'let me at them let me at them! Yelled a very pissed off scourge[ you see during scourges escape from the lock down zone when him and the detructix went through opposite sides of the warp ring caused scourge to get warped right on top of kyuubi right before she was sealed in naruto causing scourge to also get sealed in naruto which led to his current position] kyuubi looked at scourge and said 'calm down scourge here comes the kit now. END

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