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In the year 1435, an army of drow started to sack towns near Old Haven Forest. After fifty years of raids, murders, and kidnappings, the people sent out a plea for help to the lords of Waterdeep. The answer they received was a vast army of warriors. For the next fifty-five years, the country-side ran red with the blood of humans, elves, dwarfs, and of course drow. The final battle of this bloody war took place in the shadows of Old Haven Forest.

"The enemy has troops here, here, and here." A scout pointed out on the general's war map. The drow were close to the forest, just in case they needed to retreat. The general ordered his troops to attack the right and left flanks of the drow army. The battle was a long and bloody affair for both sides. The fighting went through the night and the drow were winning.

The drow were about to eradicate their enemies army, when the sun peaked over the horizon. This one event turned the tide as the dark powers of the drow were burned away. The drow army was forced to retreat into the dark confines of Old Haven Forest. The drow were pursued until they hid in an ancient city, deep within the forest. As the army from Waterdeep left the battle field one female witch name Lily Granger found discarded in the bushes, a little drow baby.

When the baby opened here eyes, their very color stole the witches' breath. Her eyes were lavender. They seemed to catch the Light and were full of intelligence.

And this is the little one's story…