Author's Note: This is the first installment of a birthday story written for a fanfic friend of mine! The one she wrote me was smokin' hot! I hope to make you smile as much as you did me!

Happy Birthday, Krick!


"You're supposed to be dialing! Why aren't you dialing?" Penelope glared accusingly at her best friend, Marla, who was supposed to be assisting her in winning the last pair of Nickelback tickets on the planet. It was their closing show, and Penelope had tried like hell to get a pair of tickets, but by the time she'd found out about their appearance in Boston, it was sold out.

"I hit redial!" Marla snapped back. Her friend really was a bear when it came to Nickelback—specifically Chad Kroeger. She didn't hold her friend's belief that he had the voice of an angel, but since Penelope had endured a Poison reunion show for her, this was the least she could do. So when she heard the automated message on the other end of the line claiming that 'all circuits were busy,' she hit redial yet again.

Penelope was exhausted. She'd been trying for the last three days to win tickets off the radio, and since they had eighteen pairs to give away and no set schedule in which to do it, she'd barely slept a wink in the last seventy-two hours. She hit redial again, and then groaned in despair when she heard a busy signal, then the disc jockey's voice come over the radio.

Congratulations, you're caller number ten! You've just won our last pair of tickets to see Nickelback tomorrow night at TD Garden! Who am I talking to?

Penelope looked at her cordless phone, and then heaved it at the radio across the room, effectively silencing the deep voice.

Marla's eyes widened and she bit her lower lip. "I'm sorry, Pen," she said after a moment. "I know you really wanted to go to the show."

Eyes blazing, Penelope turned to her friend. "Oh, I'm going to the show," Penelope insisted.

"But…you don't have a ticket," Marla reminded her.

"Ticket schmicket, Angel Fish. I'm getting into TD Garden tomorrow night…come hell or high water, this girl will see Chad Kroeger."

Derek Morgan sighed heavily. "This is not what I had in mind when I took four days off from work," he informed his friend.

"I know," Elliot Schneider said sympathetically. "But Chad called and said they were short a few body guards for the show, so I volunteered before I even knew the date."

"I was thinkin' we were gonna hit the town like the old days," Derek said. "Meet a couple hotties, get all kinds of laid. What happened to that tradition?" he asked accusingly.

Elliot grinned. "You're here for three nights. There is plenty of time for us to get all kinds of laid."

Derek sighed again. "You owe me, Schneider."

"What's new, Morgan?" he asked caustically.

Derek grinned as he clinked his beer bottle against his friend's. "I better end up with a leggy blonde," he warned with a glare.