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The night was dark, cold, and menacing as he ran straight into the nearest alley, ducking into the shadow of a trash can, and disappearing. He sprung from another shadow behind a metal cabinet, startling a nearby brain Bot. He stepped into his secret lair, minion already holding a cup of coffee that he desperately needed. Megamind took it in one quick swipe, gulping it down and ignoring the fact that it was steaming.

"Sir, how did it go?" His friend asked as politely as always.

"Horrible, Minion, in fact it couldn't have gone worse." Megamind answered, taking another sip of his cup, "This is decaf, right?"

"Yes, Sir" Minion answered, before asking, "What happened, Sir?"

The blue genius responded with an unhealthy amount of tension in his eyes, "I got the mugger, but…the victim, she ran away."

"There's nothing to worry about sir, unless the victim saw you."

"She saw me, not my face, just my feet and a quick glimpse of my eyes, enough for her to know that it wasn't Metroman."

"She'll probably forget about it, blame it on Metroman."

"I hope so, last time this happened I had to stop for months, because of the risk of getting caught."

"I know sir, I know."

"Minion, can you get me some donuts?"

"Yes Sir."

"Oh, and have you gotten everything ready for next week's plan, to destroy Metroman?" The tension was removed from the air as Megamind went on to talk about his villainous plans.

"Of course sir. Everything is perfect."

"Awesome." Megamind responded as he headed to his bedroom, located at the very back of the lair, to get some rest.

"The mysterious stranger, was reported to, I quote 'Control the shadows' and use them against the suspect, who was trying to rob a middle aged woman in this very alley, late last night. The woman has wished to remain unknown, and has admitted that she is sure that her savior isn't Metroman. What do you think Metro City? Have we gained another hero? Or is this vigilante planning to take the spotlight from Metroman? This is Roxanne Richie reporting for KMCP channel 7, back to you Steve." Megamind's eyes widened, he swiveled in his leather chair.

"Minion! I told you so!" He turned to his friend who was passing by, a laundry basket in his hands, "Its happening again!"

"Oh I'm sure it won't last as long this time, plus the citizens of Metro City will get distracted by your next evil scheme by next week." Minion said returning to his duties without giving it another thought, his master could be such a drama queen sometimes.

"I hope so, the bigger the deal they make about this the more time I have to stay here."

Turning his attention back to the TV, Megamind frowned, his eyes trying, but failing as he had no such superpower, to shoot lasers at the TV. All it took was one person to become interested in the news, and investigating, then he had to hide, behind his super-villainous mask, he would have to keep his other lesser know persona in check, avoid anything that could make a person point a finger in his direction, and accusing him of the truth. The truth in which he was a villain by day and The Shadow by night.


"So what do you think about this dude walking around saving people?" Hal asked driving toward Roxanne's apartment.

"I don't know Hal. I need to know more before I make any judgments against him." Roxanne replied, hiding disinterest.

"You know their calling him, The Shadow? Creepy name huh? But I could like totally beat him in a fight."

"Okay, Hal. See you on Monday." If Megamind doesn't kidnap me, she thought as she got out of the van and entered her apartment building, going past the lobby and into the elevator, up to her apartment.

An hour later after a takeout dinner and a hot shower, Roxanne sat with her laptop on her lap, her fingers keying The Shadow on the search engine in front of her. Apparently two years before, a long list of sightings were reported about a mysterious dark figure, controlling the shadows and saving people from muggers, robbers, and even rapist, in the streets of Metro City. No one had ever seen the figure's face, but they had reported that he was slim, and wore dark clothes.

Two weeks later:

A week had passed since Megamind had unleashed his newest evil plan to take over Metro city. After he had been defeated, forgetting to make sure his robotic Ducks were actually water proof, had been dropped off at Metro City correctional facility, by the hero in tights.


Roxanne Richie was an unusually light sleeper, and as it turned out, tonight she had been awakened by the sounds of people talking out side her window in the alley next to her apartment. Annoyed, the reporter got out of bed to see what was going on.

She slowly lifted her window and looked out below, seeing that in the alley were three people.

"Where's the money, Tom?" An overweight middle aged man with dark hair and cheap clothes asked a smaller teenage boy who was tense in front of him.

"I don't have any." Tom answered, his voice breaking.

"I know you stole it, Tom, no one ever crosses me and gets away with it."

"I didn't steal it." The teenager told him. The obese man motioned to the third figure, a slimmer man, who smirked before he took out a gun and aimed it at the teenager.

"No! Please don't shoot me, I'll pay you the money."

The guy holding the gun glanced at the large man, who in turn gave a thumbs down. No one but the reporter up in the apartment building noticed the fat guy's shadow moving on its own accord, launching its self at the guy with the gun, who gave a yelp as the darkness swallowed him.

"What the h—"The middle aged man was thrown against the alley wall, by his own shadow.

And then it was quiet, the teenage boy stood, frozen in fear at the end of the alley, staring ahead, eyes wide.

Roxanne stood up in her apartment staring in shock at what had just happened, she almost gasped when she heard the voice of the attacker, "You lied, you did steal. Have you learned your lesson, kid?" His voice came from the darkness, it was soft and yet menacing at the same time, a voice like that would make Megamind jealous.

His voice made the poor kid at the end of the alley to nod slowly, before running in the opposite direction as fast as he could.

The Shadow gave a small snicker, "I love this job."

Roxanne was still up on her apartment desperately trying to spot The Shadow.

It was useless, and Roxanne was grateful that the next day was a Sunday, because there was no way she was going back to sleep with out learning more about this guy.

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