It was a beautiful summer day in Paris, France 1899. The city filled with love and hope for finding love, just as I felt when I got off the train. I breathed in the fresh air, wondering who I was destine to meet and what I would see beyond my home of London, England. In fact, I was so happy I spun around the station, my golden curls flying in the wind and my deep blue eyes dazzling with excitement. But as I was spinning a young man caught my eye, about my age, and he was staring at me, probably because he was wondering why I was spinning. I gave him a curious look and he walked off around the corner, and I wondered if I would see him again. And with that, I took a deep breath, grabbed my luggage and guitar case, and headed for the nearest hotel. When I got there I checked into a room, and as soon as I got in my room, I heard a crash from the room next to mine. I went to see what was going on and to make sure that no one got hurt. But when the door was answered, it was the same man from the station.

"Is there a problem miss?" he asked in a polite voice,

"I was wondering what that crash was. What was that anyways?"

"It was my companion here." said a short man dressed as a nun gesturing to a knocked-out Argentinian in the middle of the floor.

"I kept telling him not to do that falling stunt!" said an angry man with purple hair that I found a little random. Then I just noticed the huge hole in the young man's roof! I started to feel bad for him, especially since he lived below these loons. I guess he saw me staring at the hole, because he told me,

"It's okay, I'm sure someone in this hotel will try and fix it, I hopeā€¦.."

When I looked around his apartment, it wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a man on the floor and a big hole in the roof. Then I noticed a typewriter on a desk, now covered in dust from the fallen roof.

"Are you writing something?" I asked in a curious yet charming voice.

"Yes, well, I was, but I'm on a writer's block right now, kind-of."

"What's the story supposed to be about?"

"Well, it was supposed to be about Beauty, Freedom, Truth, and above all things Love. But, I've never been in love, so that's why I came to Paris, the city love, you know, to hopefully fall in love." A small smile spread on my face. He was handsome with his black hair in his face, grey eyes like ice, but underneath them, there was a bright fire of imagination, insperation, and ideas! Then I asked the men staring down from the hole,

"What were you working on with such a ridiculous stunt like that?"

"We were doing a play that Audrey wrote," said a pale man with a shaky voice and glasses said, pointing to the man with purple hair who's name is Audrey,

"And that man fell off the ladder like a crazy person an made this hole in the floor."

"And in my roof!" the man yelled to the two men crouching over the hole. Then I remembered something, I had to go to this place called the Moulin Rouge to meet my uncle so he can sign me up for a job there. So I said to the men,

"Excuse me gentlemen, do any of you know where the Moulin Rouge is?"

"Why are you going there?" asked the short man dressed as a nun, and I replied,

"My uncle is the 'ring master' of the Moulin Rouge. I think his name is Zidler?"