"We need your help." Christian said as he took my hand and told me the plan that him and the other men came up with. They wanted to publish their play at the Moulin Rouge, so they needed me to convince Zidler to get there play in his theater, and if that didn't work, Christian was going to go under cover as the Duke and convince Zidler.

"Wear your best dress. Then, meet me, Toulouse, and the others in their apartment and we'll go to the Moulin Rouge." Then said good-bye and left. The next night, I chose out a dress that was suitable, hopefully, and went to the apartment.

"I bet you she'll dress in a suit." said one of the men through the door. The others laughed. I could feel the tears building up in my eyes, but then someone showed me a little respect by saying,

"I bet she'll be practical and wear a dress, then she would be even more beautiful than ever…" the men awed and I knew that it was Christian that said it. The tears withdrew as I knocked on the door, and when I came in, everyone was staring at me. I was wearing a white and silver sparkled dress, an opening on the right side of the dress that went up to my knee on my right leg. I had braided my hair when I went to bed last night to make it wavy, and now it looks like a small ocean of golden thread. I was wearing some silver bangles on my wrist, and silver high-heels that I thought I would never wear until now. I was blushing very hard, and there was a silence until Christian spoke up and said,

"You look amazing…" There was a brief silence and the men made their way to the door until it was just Christian and me. I started to cave my body inward like an armadillo, knowing that I'm not the kind of girl that's comfortable with her body. Christian came over to me and took my hand, and my body froze as I looked into his eyes. I shivered, now realizing that I haven't seen my uncle ever since he laughed at me and called me a fat pig when I was 15 after I told him I wanted to work at the Moulin Rouge. I squeezed Christian's hand and whispered,

"I'm so scared…" I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks as I remembered my uncle yelling at me in that forceful tone. My eyes locked with his, Christian leaned close to me, my heart pounding out of my chest, not knowing what to expect…