So summer is almost finished for me and I know most of you are already started school (mine starts on Tuesday). Tis the long weekend that symbolizes the end of summer...*sigh* What I wonderful time to post a chapter of drabbles! I thought, happily...oh and the fact that I haven't updated in more than a month *cringes*

I'll keep this A/N short (cuz lately they've become longer than the fics :/) Starting this drabble, I'm beginning a mini series with my drabbles called, "The Ottofiles". Drabbles and ficlets staring none other than our hilarious, eccentric, egotistical and mischievous Otto Malpense.

These fics are dedicated to my fellow Otto loving readers. Because a world without Otto is a world without fun. *nodsseriously*


The Ottofiles: 1

~Albino or Apparatus?~

"Otto I've been thinking," Laura approached her eccentric fellow.


"I don't think that escaping HIVE would be the best option for you."

Otto stared at her, confused, "Excuse me? And why is that?"

"Well I read that your kind is extremely sensitive to sunlight. So you'd constantly have to wear sunscreen," she said, concerned.


"And your eyes...they are also sensitive, you'd have to wear sunglasses all the time to protect them."

"Wait...what in the world are you droning on about?!" Otto demanded.

"Well, you are an Albino right?" Laura asked.

Otto started at her blankly, "Laura...I'm a clone of a computer. Not an albino!"

"But you have white hair...and translucent skin!" she argued.

Unfortunately, Laura did not see the dramatic face palm that Otto then performed.

Now that school is starting up and I'm more in the swing of a schedule, I'm hoping to post a new chap of PD every week or other week. We'll say Friday is the magical day (cuz Fridays are cool yo!) And make sure to watch for updates in my other fics ;)

Have an amazing week everyone!

~Reensie :3