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Nick: …woot…


"I'll get you out of here, Nick," Kevin whispered as Nick shifted uncomfortably against the wall. "I promise."


"Tell me again," Nick ordered, staring intensely at the ceiling. "Wait," he interrupted just as Kevin opened his mouth to tell the story for the third time. "Don't bother, I have it."


Nick nodded, peeling himself from the wall and walking over to the bed on which Kevin was stuck on. "Yeah. They led you here. We are in the same lair that you were in a few days ago. They knew that they wouldn't be able to hide forever, so they took out the one person who could find them as soon as that mistake was made."



"So why keep me here and not kill me?" Kevin asked, pulling himself up.

Nick was silent for a minute, watching the door. "Guessing here, but," he trailed off with a sigh, "When Joe does find us, they'll make it so he can only take one of us."


"They're Villains, Kev. It's what they do."

Kevin paused at this, blinking hard. "Did I hear that right?"

Nick just breathed out, running his fingers through his curl and standing. "I finally get it, Kev. Villains are vile, despicable, evil, and I shouldn't have thought otherwise."

"Paragon isn't like that," Kevin reminded him.

"Yeah, but she isn't exactly a Villain, is she?" Again, another pause following this statement. "Besides, you told me that they already pulled this trick on you and Joe. Villain's aren't the most creative people in the best of times."

Kevin chuckled, nodding at this one. "True. Are you going to be okay?"

Nick snorted, hands going to rub the back of his neck. "No. Joe is going to try and take me, but I am going to make him take you."

"What? Why?!"

Nick gave Kevin a dark look, holding his gaze. "Because they think they need me. You are disposable."

"Once they find out that they don't need you, you will be too."

Nick closed his eyes, looking as if he was biting his tongue. "Then I'll pick up the Bane and buy my time a little more."

"You would really risk that?"

"You're surprised?"

Kevin shook his head, smilingly sadly at this, but unable to feel anything but the warmth of pride.

"I should be able to hold my own until the Heroes think of a plan," Nick continued, looking back down to the floor. "Just don't leave me waiting, ok?"

"Never again."

Nick smirked and looked over, but none of the smile was held in his eyes. "I'll hold you to that."

"Wait," Kevin inserted, feeling the conversation about to change course. "Why doesn't the Bane just appear around your neck like the Four did?"

Nick was silent for a moment, wringing his hands together. "I made a deal with it. Something…something I regrettably did with the Four as well."

Kevin would have lost his footing, if he had been standing. "You what?" he asked weakly, running his hand over his face.

Nick nodded once, and looked away. "The Bane knew what I wanted – to buy time so I can try and stop this chaos, and it agreed to let it all unfold. The Four," he paused, taking a deep breath. "It allowed me to carry it as long as my desires did not change."

"Did they?"

Nick shrugged, not quite knowing. "I still want the same thing, just more in depth. But once I had the means…" Nick shook his head, not bothering to continue. But Kevin caught on.

"How hard was it to not be drawn in?"

Nick just shrugged. "More difficult than you can understand," his voice was breathy and low, "Having the potential to change everything to how you want it, and yet knowing it would be wrong to do it," he shook his head. "I hate not having the power to change things, and when I had it, I hated that I couldn't use it."

"That just shows character," Kevin responded lightly, brushing Nick's shoulder with his knuckle. "Shows that even if you want what is wrong, you still do what is right."


"What does that mean?" Kevin was quick to jump on the whisper. Nick jumped, eyes widening when he realized Kevin had heard his murmur.

The younger sighed for the umpteenth time and directed his eyes towards the ceiling. "I do what is right by my own views," he told his brother, refusing to look anywhere but that one spot. "What does this categorize me as?"

Kevin was silent, unable to the answer.

"I'll give you a hint," Nick said, dropping his gaze to his hands. "You and Joe try to do what is right for society, I do right for me."

"You're not a Villain, Nick."

Nick looked squarely into Kevin's eyes. "I am." Kevin blanched at the statement, going to argue but Nick kept talking. "But I am different from them – this is why the Four allowed me to carry it and why the Bane gave me it's blessing. Because my want isn't for world domination, or whatever crackpot scheme the ones outside want. No, mine goes deeper than that."

"Then what is it?"

Nick looked away again, hiding his face. "Equality for those who deserve it."

"Everyone does."

Nick looked back, fire in his eyes. "Does Florice, who killed all of those kids? Does Necrophere, who tortures those into doing his bidding?"

Kevin shook his head, catching Nick's point. "And do the Heroes who treated their Normal siblings like crap?"

Nick did not respond, choosing to stand and walk back over to his corner and slid to the ground.

"Nick, I don't care what you think you are. You're not like them and you're not like any Hero I've seen."

"No," the younger breathed, putting his hands on top of his knees and staring idly at them. "I'm just a Normal."


"How are we going to find them," Joe mused, pacing in his living room, "When Kevin's gone?"

Macy just rolled her eyes, hand already in the air. "I'm here, Joe. I can find them. I'm not as good as Kevin as I can't sense if they are living or dead, or leading us into a trap, but I can find them."


Macy stood, looking like she wanted to smack the boy. "I can lock onto Kevin's power, the feeling of the Bane, anything they let slip, and I can lead you to it. And if we need him, Allegeilist can help me. He can retrace all of their steps and that may lead us to your brothers."

"Great thinking, Macy," Sandy complimented, the brunettes own parents nodding.

"And I," Macy's mom inserted, leaning forward, "Can work from here. I will be able to send out internet probes from your lair and search every corner of the world for your son and for the Bane."

"Who says Normals can't kick butt?" Macy laughed, giving her mom a high five.

"The same idiot who said that Normals can't live passed the age of 20," Ms. Misa pointed out, laughing when her daughter countered with the fact that she grew up in a small town where the only crimes were the robbings of market stores.

Stella's parent's stood, her mom grabbing the blonde's hand. "Stella has already done all she can and I don't want her out alone. However, my husband and I have much to do."

Mr. Malone laughed, eyes glowing. "I can't wait to cut through some locks and investigate," he fingered his contacts, wanting to turn off their shields and on his lasers.

"And with my own abilities," Mrs. Malone added, ears twitching from the sound of someone biting their teeth together, "I will be able to pick up any suspicious activity. So don't worry," she told them, her free hand latching onto Sandy's, "We will find your sons."


Necrophere turned, eyeing the Villain with utmost distaste. "I have a job for you," he told the man, voice dripping with false sincerity. "Phantom, you have power unlike any I have ever imagined," he flattered, watching the thing breathe heavily, "And I need that power."

"For what?" Phantom asked, voice dragging the air like sandpaper. He turned his beady eyes to the masked man, watching him nearly take a step back from the deformities on his face.

"For spreading terror, as well as a message," Necrophere responded, unable to not hold his breath as the Villain laughed lightly, his hunched back shivering from the movement. "I need you to send nightmares."

"Of what?"

Necrophere chuckled, "Of their greatest fears."



Chibiyu: So, I hope that answered some questions and confirmed some suspicions you may have had. By the way, hugely awesome plot twist like thing next chapter! And I brought back a seemingly useless Villain. And don't be mad over the length, I have longer chapters coming for you. Until Next Update!

Written on 3/11/12