Lease of new Life - By Brodus - Chapter 1 - Summons

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Harry is 10 years old and has been subjected to horrible abuse for most of his short life. A concerned Dumbledore sends Severus and McGonagall to checkup on him. What Severus finds there horrifies him and challenges all his preconceived notions about Harry. Both their lives will be changed forever.

Language: UK English.


I do not own Harry Potter or any of its other affiliated properties. This work is a piece of unofficial fan fiction and I make no claim to ownership what so ever.


The story is rated M and contains common themes of violence and adult language as well as themes such as child abuse with particular reference to neglect, physical and emotional abuse as well as sexual abuse. If this is something that you are not comfortable with then I advise you stop reading now.

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Authors Notes:

Key: For understanding dialogue between characters and thought processes.

"Hello," represents dialogue.

Italics Represent thought processes or writing, for writing it will be made explicit.

Parseltongue will be indicated with the normal " " but will explicitly indicated as not to confuse the reader. For example "Hello," stated Harry in Parseltongue.

The line breaks represent the start or end of a chapter, and mid chapter either mean a change of location or skip in time.

End of Authors Notes:


Severus Snape was in his study relaxing at his home residence of Spinners End on Thursday the 2nd of August 1990. He was interrupted by a Floo call. He sighed, and reluctantly set down his copy of the Practical Potioneer on the table beside his reclining chair and got up to answer it. This had better be good he thought to himself. He was rather enjoying the peer reviews to his latest article on the improved recipe for the Wolfsbane potion and, really did not wish to be disturbed.

"This better be important Albus," said Severus answering the Floo call. "You know I am not required to be back at Hogwarts until the end of August."

"Ah Severus good to see you too but, this is not Hogwarts related... In fact it is for the order."

At the mention of the order Severus's interest was perked. The order? It had been disbanded for years now. Was Albus reforming it? Had the Dark Lord returned? No... He had already been gone a decade but then again it was the Dark lord. Perhaps old Death Eaters causing trouble? Hmmm he was certainly interested in what Albus wanted.

"I don't care Albus," growled Severus, "either tell me what you want or leave me be."

"Very well Severus I will get to the point, step through and I will explain, Minerva is already here."


Severus emerged from the Floo system and found himself in the Headmasters office along with Dumbledore who was moving to sit behind his desk and Minerva McGonagall who was sat in front of it. Severus spotted another chair besides Minerva's which was obviously his so he also moved to sit.

He nodded to her "Minerva."

She also nodded and returned his greeting "Severus."

"Ah it is good to see you both here but, I am afraid I have some rather concerning news."

"What is it Albus?" asked McGonagall, obviously concerned.

Most likely nothing good thought Severus.

"I am afraid it concerns young Harry potter."

Ah yes, this was it. Obviously this had to be about the pampered Potter brat. How old was he now? Ten that meant it was just over a year before he had to put up with him. Seven long years of the brat or seven long years of his cauldrons being sparkly clean. He smiled inwardly at the thought, detention, detention, fifty points from Gryffindor as the brat was likely to end up in. One hundred points from Gryffindor! Ah yes he was rather looking forward to it now. He was brought out of his happy thoughts of giving detentions and taking points for stupidly ridiculous reason by Minerva.

"What about him Albus?"

"I am afraid that I am rather concerned about his well being. You see I received this letter from Mrs Arabella Figg this morning," said Albus holding up the letter. "As you know Minerva I stationed Arabella there to keep an eye out on young Harry to ensure he was okay. From what Arabella has told me, apparently the Police were called to the Dursley residence on Monday afternoon."

"Police, Albus? I don't understand what you mean."

Inwardly Severus sighed "Think of ministry magical law enforcement Minerva, the Police in the Muggle world are their equivalent. The muggles even have armed response units in the UK as well as militarised Special Forces which are somewhat the equivalents of our Aurors, although no match of course."

"Severus is correct Minerva."

"Then I guess I am to assume that something has gone wrong or else these law men would have no need to visit?"

"That would seem to be the case Minerva. Although neither I nor Arabella know why exactly the police were called, which is quite worrying. I do however have my suspicions. You see Arabella tells me that the neighbours apparently heard shouts, bangs and screaming which is why they called the police. More worrying however is the fact that Arabella has not seen Harry for over a week, not even when his aunt Petunia has taken her son out for the day."

"Petunia you say Albus, as in Petunia Evans, Lily's sister?

"Yes Severus although she now goes by the name of Petunia Dursley, she married Vernon Dursley over some ten years ago and had a son who is around Harry's age, Dudley I believe."

Lily's son was living with Petunia and had been for the last nine or so years? The same Petunia he knew all those years ago who was incredibly jealous of Lily, and wanted nothing to do with magic once Dumbledore had refused her admittance to Hogwarts? What were they thinking, that was an absolutely terrible idea even if it did concern the Potter brat. You couldn't put a wizarding child with someone who hated magic so vigorously it was bound to end in disaster. Perhaps the brat was in danger he thought to himself.

"If I am not mistaken Headmaster and, I do believe to be correct in this instance. You are telling me that Harry Potter is living with Petunia his aunt, who with absolutely all her conviction despises any and all forms of magic?" He snarled. "And you honestly think that it was a good idea to place him there in the first place?" he barked angrily.

"Now now Severus I do believe it was the best for him, after the downfall of Voldemort" Both Severus and Minerva shuddered. "Now really I would have thought better of you both, it is after all only a name and nothing to fear."

"Nothing for you to fear Albus, we after all are... well not in the same league shall we say, and we all know you were the only one he ever feared," retorted Minerva.

"Hmm anyway as I was saying after the downfall of Voldemort many of his supporters were still at large, including Sirius Black. I placed the boy at the Dursley residence for a number of reasons. Firstly because I thought it would be better to place him away from the wizarding world so he would be harder to find. Secondly because of the blood wards, Petunia is his only living relative, his only family. He would not be safer anywhere else, not even at Hogwarts dare I say. Lastly I wanted him to grow up away from all the fame and limelight. He is after all the boy who lived and, it would have gone to his head. People would no doubt have wanted to exploit him, no better he grew up away from all that."

Inwardly though he sighed... perhaps he had made a grave mistake, a terrible mistake, he had to find out, and he had to be sure Harry was well.

"As I said before though, I do have my concerns."

"What would you have us do Albus?"

"I would like you to investigate the matter Minerva. You as well Severus."

Severus pondered the issue in his head. He really wanted to hate the boy but if Albus was concerned then the issue could potentially be very serious. Albus wasn't often wrong and his guesses were usually right on the money. Severus despite his faults wasn't going to sit around idly if there was a child in danger even if it was Potter. He didn't have to like the brat he just had to make sure he was safe.

"Very well Headmaster I will go but, you have yet to instruct us in exactly what we will be doing in this investigation," said Severus.

"I would like you both to do some reconnaissance for me. This should be your forte Severus with your history as a spy and, I am sure you will be as professional as ever Minerva."

"And what sort of reconnaissance would that be Albus," inquired Minerva.

"Well we know the police are involved as they visited on Monday evening. I would also be interested to hear what Harry's school thinks of him, what his record says, anything about his home life really."

"Would it not be easier to just go to the Dursley residence Headmaster?" Inquired Severus.

"It is an option I have considered Severus, but I would like to avoid a direct confrontation and if there is to be any kind of confrontation I would like to know as much as possible. After all if there is nothing wrong it would not be good for us to interfere and possibly cause a scene."

Well he could not argue with that, he was not a Slytherin for nothing. It was always better to take the subtle stealthy approach rather than barge in unannounced and ill-informed. Albus was right, they could potentially be making a big fuss over nothing, so it was better to gather more intelligence before deciding on what the next course of action should be.

"Who will be going where then Headmaster?" he said mentally entering combat mode.

"I would like you to deal with the police Severus, after all you are more familiar with them and how they operate. You will find the police station in question to be East Moseley Police station in Surrey not too far away from the Dursley residence. Minerva I would like you to go to Harry's school and make some inquires, ask to speak with the headmaster about Harry, and ask to see his file. It might also be worth speaking to his teacher as well. You will need to apparate to his School the Orchard primary school also located in East Moseley."

"And how exactly I am to obtain this information Albus? I am sure if these teachers are anything like us they will want to respect confidentiality, I am to just walk in and ask them to tell me everything?"

"Ah forgive me Minerva I almost forgot. You will both need these," said Albus waving his wand were two I.D holders appeared with their photos. He passed them the I.D's.

Minerva looked at the badge "Social services? Albus do explain what these are."

"They are Muggle badges Minerva. More precisely they are badges for the Muggle organisation Social services. Social services deal with a number of issues but they are most commonly known for the protection and welfare of children. Official bodies such as the police and schools are obliged to cooperate with social service officials, so you will both find you have quite a lot of authority. I suggest you use it... both of you. Once you have learned as much as you can report back to me immediately. Now you must be on your way, I believe the saying is time is of the essence."

"Very well Albus I will be going now," stated Minerva.

"Ah before you go, do remember to dress appropriately. It would be most unwise to draw attention to yourselves."

So they were now being lectured on proper attire by a man who walks around in nothing but the most wild and extravagant robes of the most ludicrous and craziest of sorts thought Severus.

"Very well Headmaster I too will also be on my way. I suppose Muggle attire will be required yes?"

"Exactly Severus."

With that said and done Severus threw the floo powder into the fire and shouted "Snape's Quarters!"