Lease of new Life - Chapter 53 - 1991 Approaches

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It was now Thursday the 27th of December 1990, exactly one day after Boxing Day. Severus and Alex were currently sat in the kitchen eating their breakfast. Since it was still the holiday period Alex was excused from his lessons for the time being. Severus held the Daily Prophet in one hand and held a cup of coffee in the other. He brought the cup up to his mouth and sipped on it whilst he sat in thought.

Yesterday had been a great day. He and Alex had been to their first Quidditch match together. He hoped it would be the first of many great experiences. They had been living in Hogsmeade for the last two and half months and he really thought things were going well. Alex had blossomed under his care, yes there had been incidents since he had taken guardianship of the boy, but they had mostly been minor ones, except for perhaps their first argument, well hopefully it would be the last, and if not the last then hopefully the last one that resulted in Alex crying his eyes out.

He now felt confident that Alex was settled in. They had a routine of sorts going. As Alex's schedule dictated he gave him his lessons. Alex would then go play with his friends for a few hours before he returned home for dinner. It was in these Alex free hours that Severus occupied himself. Recently he had been brewing but he also enjoyed reading or walking around Hogsmeade.

Alex thought the world of him and he knew he was a big role model in his son's life. When he adopted Alex he believed that if one could work then they should. He still maintained that belief. Now that their home life was stable enough he wanted to go back to work. Of course he didn't want to go back to teaching but as a potions master he had many options. Private brewing was one of them. Like everything though he thought it best to discuss it with Alex. They kept no secrets after all.

"What are you planning on doing after breakfast?"

"Ehmm," let out Alex as he looked up from his cereal, "I was thinking of going to see Seb so I can show him my Comet 180."

"Sounds fun, why don't you take the Oakshaft with you and return it to Mr Miles?"

"Oh yeah I forgot about that, I will dad."

"Good, now I want to discuss something important with you."

"Is it bad?"

"No in fact I believe it to be a good thing."

"Then what?" asked Alex curiously.

"I'm thinking of going back to work and I wanted to hear what you thought," said Severus observing Alex closely. Alex instantly stiffened and looked worried.

"Doing what dad?"

"Private brewing, it would mean I would take up private contracts and then send them through owl order to their respective recipients, It would mean I could work from home," explained Severus. Alex seemed to relax a bit at that but he still looked slightly worried.

"Will we...you know will we," trailed off Alex.

"Will we what?"

"Will we still have time to spend together?" asked Alex hopefully.

"Of course we will, the hours are very flexible and I don't intend to take up a lot of work, I will most likely be working a few hours a day during the week, in fact I intend to work between 15:00 and 18:00 since that is when you are out of the house most of the time. You don't see me then anyway so in a way nothing will change for you," reassured Severus.

"So nothing will change?"

"No it won't, is it okay then?"

"Yes its fine," replied Alex who looked a lot happier now everything had been explained, "But why do you want to work, I mean we're not in trouble with money are we?"

"No our financial situation is more than satisfactory, In fact if I didn't want to I wouldn't have to work another day in my life. The key part though is that I do want to work, I believe if you can work then you should. As you are well aware of I don't appreciate tardiness, I also don't appreciate laziness as well."

"Okay but why now?"

"Because of you."


"Indeed, my plan with you has always been to get you settled in. Then when I thought it was the right time then I would go back to work. You're doing very well in your lessons and you have made a decent set of friends here in Hogsmeade. Just think back a couple of months and you will see how much you have learned and how much you have improved."

"I suppose," smiled Alex. "So when will you start working?"

"I will send a letter to the Daily Prophet asking them to put an advertisement on my behalf in the paper, I will also write to St Mungo's and see what potions they require."

"And will they have work for you?"

"Yes of course, they always need potions so I suspect they will offer me a running contract."

"Okay," replied Alex standing from his chair since he had finished his breakfast. "Here you go Daisy," said Alex as he passed her his empty bowl."

"Thank you Alex."

"You are going out then?"

"Yeah just need to get ready," replied Alex before he walked out of the kitchen and headed for the attic. Severus followed Alex out into the hall but turned towards the left and entered the study instead of going up the stairs. Once in the study Severus sat himself at one of the desks used for Alex lessons. Severus took out the writing supplies he would need and began writing away. He would most likely need to write two letters, one to St Mungo's and one to the Daily Prophet.

Severus looked up from his parchment a couple of minutes later when Alex entered holding his Comet 180, as well as the Oakshaft 79 and his harness. His attire consisted of his Puddlemere United flying wear, his cream coloured breeches, his brown dragon hide riding boots, the dark blue hooded cloak Narcissa had bought him, as well as his jewellery which consisted of his gold serpent ring and bracelet.

"I suggest you make your journey to Sebastian's on foot," spoke up Severus as Alex approached him.

"I will dad I'm not going to fly holding onto another broom," smiled Alex leaning both brooms against the wall beside the desk. Severus helped Alex into the harness as he usually did and then double checked everything was tight and fastened properly. When he was satisfied everything was fine he realeased Alex.

"Now be careful with the Comet 180, it's a lot faster than the Oakshaft," warned Severus.

"I will dad."

"Good now have fun," smiled Severus as he watched Alex take both brooms and run as fast as possible out of the study, well as fast as one encumbered by two brooms could.

"Don't run walk," called Severus after Alex.

"Okay dad!" called Alex from the hall. Severus heard the door open and then close and then watched Alex through the study window as he made his way down the path. He was pleased to see that Alex kept walking as instructed and did not start running once he believed he was out of sight. Once Alex became a blue blur in the distance and disappeared Severus began writing away once more.

Around twenty minutes later he was finished with the letters and read them through one after the other, checking for any mistakes. It would be foolish to send them off without checking them after all, no one would take you seriously if your advertisement was plagued with errors.

Dear sir or madam,

I' am writing to you with the express purpose of filing an advertisement with the Daily Prophet. Said advertisement should fall under the potions section under private brewing. I wish to run the advertisement every day for the next month. Please remove the necessary Galleons from my vault at Gringotts. The vault in question is vault 831. Please see advertisement bellow,

Potions Master Severus Snape is offering his services and vast experience to any brewing needs.

Qualifications: Outstanding in potions at OWL and NEWT level. Potions Mastery under Arsenius Jigger 1979.

Experience: Hogwarts potions professor between 1981-1990, numerous private brewing contracts and services provided to St Mungo's and the Hogwarts infirmary.

Potential difficulties: None, I can brew any potion as long as I' am given the required time to brew it correctly.

Safety rating: The National Potions Association has me listed as a master brewer with a five star safety rating. To date I have never brewed a potion incorrectly in my professional career.

Contact: To place an order contact me via Owl. Standard potions will be paid for on delivery while rarer and more advanced potions will need to be paid for upon order, no exceptions.

Please inform me when the advertisement will be published in your next issue,


Severus Snape,

Severus was happy with the advertisement for the Prophet so he placed it in an envelope and then sealed it. With the letter sealed Severus placed it against the window sill and the read his letter to St Mungo's through.

Dear sir or madam,

I wish to inquire if there is any brewing contracts that need to be met. I' am a qualified potions master and have provided my services to St Mungo's in the past. Please see my resume bellow.

Severus Snape:

Potions Mastery under Arsenius Jigger 1979.

Potions Professor at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry 1981-1990.

Brewing contracts for St Mungo's 1979-1982.

Outstanding at OWL and NEWT level.

Safety rating: *****

References: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Grand Sorcerer, Supreme Mugwup of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Order of Merlin first class.

I await your reply,


Severus Snape.

Severus sealed the letter and then rose from his chair. With the letters in hand he exited the study and climb the stairs. Turning right on the landing he made his way to his bedroom. Once inside he found Evanna resting on her perch. He nudged her awake and get a scowl in return. He attached the letters to her and instructed her were to go.

With the letters sent he headed for his lab to begin brewing. He didn't know what people would be ordering but there were the usual suspects, pain relievers, calming draughts and blood replenishing potions were just some of the potions in high demand.


Alex turned off of the main street and entered Wandwood Walk. He walked with both brooms in hand resting against his sides. He came towards number twenty five and then walked down the path towards the door. Once there Alex rested the Oakshaft against the wall beside the door so he could knock.

"Hello there Alex," said Mrs Miles as a way of greeting.

"Hi there Mrs Miles," returned Alex taking hold of the Oakshaft, "I brought the Oakshaft back," said Alex holding it out for her to take.

"Why thank you, I'm sure Philip will be pleased to see this, come in," gestured Mrs Miles taking the broom from Alex. She made her way through to the longue once she had closed the door behind Alex. He watched her go before he made his way up the stairs. Once on the second floor he found Sebastian in his bedroom.

"Hi there mate," greeted Sebastian.

"What you up to?"

"Not much really...your dad still letting you off your lessons?"

"Yeah I go back to doing them on Tuesday," replied Alex.

"So after new year then?"

"I think so."

"That's cool so you want to try out your Comet 180 then?"

"Yeah of course," smiled Alex.

"Well why don't we go call the others," replied Sebastian standing. They made their way down the stairs and approached the hearth. Sebastian got permission from his mother to use the Floo powder and called The Marwick household.

"Hi there Sebastian," called Mr Marwick.

"Could we speak to Oscar or Luke?"

"Sure one moment," replied Mr who disappeared for a moment. A minute or so later Oscar appeared fully dressed but looking rather tired.

"What's sup guys," yawned Oscar.

"Late night?" grinned Sebastian.

"What? Oh no Luke just thought it would be funny to wake me at five in the morning," returned Oscar.

"Ouch," grimaced Sebastian. Alex said nothing but thought of the one time he had woken his dad that early after taking the youth potion.

"I did that to my dad once," spoke up Alex.

"You did, what did he do?" asked Oscar.

"Gave me a sleeping potion," laughed Alex.

"Maybe I should have done the same with Luke. He's been a nightmare recently, well not as bad as Christmas morning. He spent half the night waiting for Santa Clause and then woke me up at four in the morning after only sleeping for a few hours."

"Whatcha talking about?" asked Luke curiously as he entered the picture wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs.

"You," replied Oscar.


"I'm telling them how you woke me up."

"He's terrible guys he would sleep forever if I didn't wake him up," replied Luke. Both Sebastian and Alex couldn't stop themselves from laughing.

"How come you're here?" asked Luke.

"Yeah why are you here?" asked Oscar.

"Wondered if you want to play Quidditch, Alex has all the balls now as well so we could start playing with beaters and seekers," replied Sebastian.

"Maybe not the Bludgers," said Alex who had no real desire to be hit by the monstrosities.

"Yeah but trying to catch the snitch would be cool," replied Oscar.

"You guys getting ready then?"

"Yeah okay, I'll speak to Emily and Amy and tell them to call Brendon, why don't you guys call Francis and tell him to call Rebecca," replied Oscar.

"Alright see you then," spoke Sebastian ending the Floo call. Twenty minutes later saw the gang fully dressed in Quidditch gear brooms in hand. Alex wasn't the only person to get a new broom. Francis who had been riding his American White Eagle now rode a Cleansweep Two, an improvement of around 28mph. Similarly Brendon was now sporting a Cleansweep Three which did around 70mph making it the fastest broom in the group.

"Right well guys since there are some new brooms I wrote up a new list last night," said Sebastian who produced a bit of parchment before he began passing it around. Once the parchment reached Alex he began reading away.

Brooms ranked by Speed.

Brendon – Cleansweep Three 70mph.

Alex – Comet 180 63mph.

Sebastian – Comet 180 63mph.

Francis – Cleansweep Two 58mph.

Oscar – Comet 140 52mph.

Rebecca – Comet 140 52mph

Emily – Cleansweep One 48mph.

Luke – Shooting Star 25mph.

Amy – Shooting Star 25mph.

Teams ranked by broom speed and ability when Alex is playing.

Team 1:

Brendon, Sebastian, Francis, Rebecca.

Team 2:

Alex, Oscar, Emily, Amy.

Referee: Luke.

Teams ranked by broom speed and ability when Alex is referring.

Team 1:

Brendon, Oscar, Rebecca, Amy.

Team 2:

Sebastian, Francis, Emily, Luke.

Referee: Alex.

"How come you put me above you Seb we both have the same broom," asked Alex.

"Because you're better than me," replied Sebastian.

"Oh I see."

"You're referring today mate," replied Sebastian.

"Yeah and for every game we ever play," smiled Brendon.

"Huh?" let out Alex confused to everyone's amusement.

"He's kidding about every game but it was a joke, he's means because now you have a Comet 180 and you used to slaughter us on your Oakshaft."

"Oh," blushed Alex.

"That's reminds me have you flown the Comet 180 yet?" asked Sebastian.


"Then why don't we warm up so you can get used to it?"


The rest murmured there agreement. They all took flight. Alex pushed off and once again felt free. The Comet 180 was amazing compared to the Oakshaft and was very fast. He was used to flying at 15mph not 63mph after all. He rose quickly and then dived towards the ground. Once level with the others he received the Quaffle and passed it off to Oscar. He then lent against his broom and rocketed towards the other end of the 'pitch'.

He realised he had quite a bit to think about. As a result of the Oakshaft he had spent months perfecting his game as a playmaker in the centre of the field. Now he had his Comet 180 he could move around the pitch with ease. Should he continue playing as a playmaker or change positions? Considering he was so good at playing the role of the playmaker he decided to stick to that. He would just be better now he had a faster broom.

Alex rose once again and decided to try some tricks he had never really been able to do on the Oakshaft due to its limitations. Alex tried some barrel rolls and then performed a Wollongong Shimmy he had seen Moran perform. After that he did a few corkscrews after diving and shot back into the air.

Alex performed a loop the loop at breakneck speed. However when he was just about to complete the loop the loop, he spotted Francis flying across his path from the corner of his eye. Alex who had quite a strong sense of self preservation and a no real desire to crash swerved off violently. He just about managed to avoid Francis but the violent swerve caused him to lose control sending him towards one of the oaks.

Alex realising he was going to crash grimaced and clenched his eyes shut. The crash never came though. It was then that Alex felt his magic awaken. Opening his eyes he saw a blue tinged shield in front of him which was currently absorbing his momentum and stopping him from colliding with the tree. The shield failed though and he crashed into the tree a moment later. Although not at 63mph like he would have done. The crash while not fast enough to cause serious harm caused Alex to lose his grip on his broom.

"ALEX!" Alex heard someone cry.

Everything seemed to slow down for Alex as he felt himself falling to the ground. He saw a blur and a shadow fly over him before his right leg hit the ground first with a loud thud and a crack. Alex waited until the world stopped swimming before his eyes and sat up with his legs in front of him. He was immediately surrounded by rest of the gang who knelt beside him in a circle.

"Alecks are you okay?" cried Luke looking distraught.

"Course he isn't...sorry Alex I tried to catch you mate," replied Sebastian.

Alex now understood what the blur and shadow above him was as he fell to the ground. Alex looked down at his right knee and saw the tear in his breeches. There was white bone sticking out of his kneecap and as well as quite a bit of blood. Any normal child would be screaming right now but Alex just looked at the wound and groaned. He grimaced but didn't let out the whimper of pain that was threatening to break past his lips. He was used to pain after all. Nobody came if you cried, well not at the Dursleys anyway.

"Looks nasty mate," spoke Oscar.

"Anything else hurt?" asked Emily.

"No it's just my leg," said Alex in a strained voice

"Does it hurt badly?" asked Sebastian, somewhat amazed that Alex wasn't screaming his eyes out right now.

"Sure it hurts but like I said I've had worse," grimaced Alex as he closed his eyes in pain. He gritted his teeth and bore the pain that was shooting through his knee. He wouldn't cry, he had been through worse than this without crying.

"Oscar go get Mr Snape...quickly!" called Sebastian. Alex took the opportunity to look for his broom. He looked to his left and noticed his Comet 180 for the first time. Thankfully it was undamaged due to its unbreakable charm.

"I really sowwy Alex's...I didn't see you," confessed Francis who was close to tears.

"It's alright Francis don't worry about it," reassured Alex.

"You sure?" cried Francis.

"Yes mate it was an accident, If I hadn't of swerved off then we would both probably be a lot worse," explained Alex calmly.

He seemed to be the only one not freaking out. Alex lay there sitting up against the tree trunk until a loud crack rung out through the clearing. Alex snapped his head up and along with the rest of the gang and saw Severus and Oscar appear hand in hand. Severus let go of Oscar's hand before the two raced over to Alex, the others moving out of the way.

"Drink this Alex," ordered Severus pressing a turquoise coloured potion to Alex's lips. Alex obeyed and drank down the potion. It tasted disgusting as usual but a moment later the pain he could feel was washed away.

"Eurgh...you really need to modify that potion and make it taste better," retorted Alex after downing the potion.

Severus smiled and seemed to be relieved that Alex was still able to joke considering the circumstances. Severus pressed on though and began waving his wand over Alex running diagnostic spells. He stopped for a moment when he thought he saw something wrong but continued on when he double checked the area and found nothing. Convinced nothing else was wrong with Alex he got to work on the leg.

"Now just relax and don't look, I suggest everyone looks away," said Severus moving to block Alex's view of his leg. The others heeded Severus' advice and looked away.

Alex felt his right leg go numb and just stared at his dad's side. He could hear muttering but couldn't catch any of the spells. A moment later his dad was done. Alex observed his knee and noted it looked completely healed. Another wave of Severus's wand and the blood was removed and his trouser leg repaired. "Now drink this," said Severus giving Alex a clear coloured potion. Alex downed it and then pulled a face from the taste.

"Just be glad it's not Skele-Grow," smiled Severus upon seeing Alex's face.

"What was it then?"

"I splint your leg and set the bone but it needs to be healed, that potion heals it, it should be done in a few minutes and then I can remove the anaesthetic on your leg," explained Severus.

"Oh I see...thanks dad."

"How did this happen anyway?"

"Well...it was...it was my fault," admitted Francis as he stepped forward.

"Francis it was an accident," replied Alex.

"I know but you swerved to avoid me!" protested Francis.

"Alex's right mate don't go blaming yourself, his magic protected him from the worst anyway," spoke up Sebastian.

"What magic?" asked Severus aiming the question at Alex.

"Well it stopped me hitting the tree at full force and then I fell to the ground," explained Alex.

"I see, don't worry though Francis, Alex is going to be fine," reassured Severus.

"You sure?"

"Indeed," said Severus removing the anaesthetic charm from Alex's leg. Alex felt the pins and needles in his leg for a moment before his leg came back to life and no longer felt numb. Before he could stand though his dad cast a feather weight charm on him and picked him up. He wrapped his legs around his dad's waist and did the same for his arms placing them around his neck.

"Your leg is healed but will be weak for awhile until it heals completely, that means no walking around," explained Severus. Having picked Alex up he detached the Comet 180 via its cable and held it in one hand while he supported Alex with the other. "Daisy," called Severus.


"Yes master Severus?"

"Alex has hurt his leg–"

"Oh no! Alex! Are you okay?" cried Daisy as she fussed over Alex, causing him to blush and hide his face in Severus's robes.

"Daisy he is fine," called Severus.

"What can Daisy be doing master?"

"Take this," said Severus passing her the Comet 180, "store it in the broom shed and then run the bath," ordered Severus.

"Is that all master?"

"Yes Daisy."


"Right well I think it's best we get you home young man."

"Mr Snape?" asked Sebastian.


"Could I come see Alex later?"

Severus observed the group and could tell that Sebastian wasn't the only one who wanted to visit Alex. While he commended their concern he didn't want to overload Alex, so that meant a visit from everyone was off the table. He knew it would be unfair for him to let Sebastian visit and not the rest so he decided it was best for no one to visit today.

"When we get home Alex is going to have a bath, have something to eat and then he will be sleeping, he needs rest as well as peace and quiet, I don't want anyone bothering him today but you can all come visit him tomorrow," replied Severus as a way of compromise.

"Okay then, see you tomorrow Alex and get better soon," replied Sebastian.

"Yeah mate cya tomorrow," spoke up Oscar.

"You don't blame me do you?" asked Francis hopefully.

"Francis if you ask me that one more time then broken leg or no broken leg I'm going to hit you really hard until it you realise it was an accident," said Alex irritably which was strangely unusual for him, he put it down to the stress of the situation. The others seemed to realise this because Alex never got mad at anyone, ever.

"Sorry," spoke Francis looking completely chastised, "See you tomorrow then," he finished with a smile.

"Well best be off," replied Severus turning on the spot.

"BYE!" heard Alex before he felt the tell tale unpleasant sensation of apparation. They appeared outside number sixteen. Severus adjusted Alex in his grip taking a firmer hold before he approached the door and opened it. Stepping inside Severus closed the door and strode into the study. Once there he laid Alex on the sofa so he was lying on it.

"Let's get you undressed," spoke Severus softly as waved his wand over Alex's body. Alex's clothes except his Puddlemere United briefs disappeared and reappeared on Severus's reclining chair in a neat pile. Severus lifted Alex and then strode upstairs entering the bathroom. He found the bath full of warm soapy water. Holding Alex in one hand he used his other to pour a muscle relaxation potion into the water.

Pocketing the vial he took out his wand and waved it over the bathtub placing a charm over it. With the bath dealt with he pulled down Alex's briefs and set them on the toilet seat. He then gently lifted Alex and placed him in the bath bottom first. Alex felt the warm water hit him as he was lowered into the bath. Rather strangely his legs couldn't touch the bottom of the bath or the sides.

"Wow that's weird," said Alex who was forced to lean back against the curvature of the bath with his legs raised off the bathtub floor or else he would be off balance.

"The spell I placed on the bath is designed to prevent you putting any weight on your legs," explained Severus as he watched Alex.

"Is that so I don't hurt my leg?"


"When will it be okay?"

"Well it depends on the break, the arms and legs are pretty resilient so any vulnerability and therefore risk of the bone breaking again is usually gone after one day. Bones in the spine and neck are more tricky and usually take longer. I don't want you to put any weight on your leg today, tomorrow you can walk around but not run, after that you should be okay."


"I have to admit you dealt with the situation well, most children would be screaming their eyes out with a break like that, yet when I found you, you seemed fine."

"Well I'm used to it...Vernon did worse," replied Alex.

"I know," sighed Severus, "I wish you weren't used to such pain."

"I think the others were scared though."

"It's not surprising...thankfully Oscar had the sense to go for an adult."

"That was Seb though he told him to go...and he tried to catch me, he's a good friend isn't he?"

"Indeed he is."

"They will probably want to know more though...I mean after today with my leg...I didn't even cry out in pain and I told them I'd had worse."

"You know you should consider telling Sebastian about the beatings...and perhaps the rape as well, I don't think you need to worry that he would abandon you, he might not understand at first but his parents can help him as they have done so far," suggested Severus.

"I'll think about it," replied Alex.

"That's fine, now do you want me to wash your hair?"

"Please." Severus wet Alex's long hair and took the shampoo bottle off the side. He began rub it into Alex's hair causing Alex to close his eyes and relax. Severus washed Alex's hair and then rinsed it. Alex finally opened his eyes and looked up at Severus.



"Could I learn about healing magic?"

"You could but it's not for the faint hearted, there is a lot of work involved, I myself am no expert, my skill set mainly consists of first aid healing rather than any more in depth skills, are you interested in it because of your leg or for another reason?"

"Both...I've been reading the Healers helpmate for awhile but it's just basic house hold charms aimed at stay at home mums, healing seems interesting though and you need it for potions as well."

"So this isn't something you just thought of?"

"No," replied Alex shaking his head.

"In that case then perhaps we could work something out, I can't teach you any spells until you get your wand but I could teach you Muggle CPR and first aid."


"It stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, did you ever see any hospital or doctor programmes on the television where they push on the patient's chest?"


"Well that's CPR, it's a valuable skill to have because you may come across a situation where you don't have a wand or where using magic on the patient would make their condition worse," explained Severus.

"When will you teach me?"

"I will after your leg is better and you start your lessons again."

"Okay," smiled Alex.

"You just relax in the bath while I go make some preparations for when you get out," said Severus rising from the bath. He exited the bathroom and made his way up the spiral staircase entering the attic. Once in the room Severus made his way over to Alex's wardrobes and retrieved Alex's blue pair of footed pyjamas. Next came a pair of underwear which he took from one of the draws. He set the clothes down on the cabinet and then focused on the bed.

Severus waved his wand over the bed casting charms and enchantments. The first spell would alert him to whether Alex's was in any distress, namely nightmares which often occurred after traumatic events. The second charm was a gravity well which he placed in the centre of the bed near Alex's pillows. The charm replicated the effects of gravity but differed in certain ways.

For one the effects wouldn't be felt in the centre. It was only when the person trapped in the well tried to move towards the edges that it began to have an effect. The well became stronger towards the edges making it impossible to move past them. Alex could try all he wanted but he wouldn't be doing a lot of moving if he tried to get out of bed. He similarly wouldn't be doing any standing up either as the well was designed to prevent anyone going higher than a certain height.

Severus had sat it so Alex wouldn't be able to go any higher than his head would be if he were sat in bed. He had chose this method for a number of reasons. For one it allowed mobility as long as the person inside the well remained in the centre. He didn't want to resort to restraining Alex so this way he would be safe in his soft bed and would also be able to move as well.



"Yes master Severus."

"You could start making Alex some lunch please?"

"Daisy be doing is right away."


Severus moved towards the stairs and descended them. Once outside the library he turned left and entered the bathroom. When he did Alex was splashing away. "Let's get you dried and into bed," said Severus.

"Okay dad," replied Alex before Severus picked him up out of the bath. Severus held Alex's naked body against himself and no doubt got very wet in the process. He easily remedied this though with a wave of his wand which dried them both. Alex wrapped his legs around him as usual as he placed a warming charm on him to keep the cold away.

Severus returned to the spiral staircase and made his way to Alex's three piece sofa once in the room. He laid Alex on the sofa and summoned the prepared cloths. He was extremely gentle when pulling up Alex briefs and even more so when he dressed Alex in his pyjamas. Yes the leg was healed but it was still very fragile and would be for the next day or so. Any weight on it and it would most likely break again.

Once the pyjamas were zipped up Severus took Alex over to his bed where he laid him in the centre of it. "Now you're in bed you won't be leaving it until your leg is fully healed. If you need to go to the toilet or anything else then summon Daisy and I will come help you," explained Severus.

"Okay dad but I don't plan on going anywhere anyway," replied Alex.

"Doesn't matter if you did because you're not going anywhere," said Severus with a smirk. Alex who didn't know what Severus had done wore a frown.

"You will most likely understand later, now do you want any books or games?"

"Could you bring my colouring and puzzle books please...Oh and the books I got for Christmas?"

"Yes of course," said Severus summoning the colouring and puzzle books. He placed them in the centre of the well next to Alex so he could reach them and went to fetch the books from downstairs. Once he had retrieved the books from the library he placed them next to Alex who was now propped up against the pillows.

"I'll go see what's keeping Daisy, I'll be back in a moment."

Alex moved his books over to his right side and relaxed. Whilst lay sat up he decided to get out his photo albums as well. He loved the photographs and treasured them. Since they were in the top draw of his left bedside cabinet Alex moved to get them. As he did so something very strange occurred. It was if his entire body was becoming heavier, especially the closer to the edge of the bed he got.

He felt his elbow shake and then give way resulting in his cheek hitting his soft quilt. Alex tried to crawl forward but found he couldn't, he couldn't move at all. Since he couldn't go forwards Alex tried to go backwards and felt light as a feather as he did so. It only took him a moment to return to the centre of his bed and lay there once again. Alright what the hell is going on thought Alex to himself.

Luckily for Alex Severus showed up not long after. "Dad what's wrong with my bed?"

"I see you discovered my gravity well charm," replied Severus with a smirk. It was then that it hit Alex and he realised what his dad had been talking about.

"Okay does this have anything to do with me not going anywhere?"

"Indeed it does, but why were you trying to get out of bed when I told you not to?" asked Severus expecting to see a guilty look.

"Oh I just wanted my photo albums, there in the top draw can you get them please?"

"Yes of course," replied Severus pleased to see Alex had not actually intended to get out of bed. He retrieved the two leather bound albums and passed them to Alex.

"So I'm a prisoner then," joked Alex.

"Yes you're under bed arrest until I say so," smiled Severus.


"Lunch be ready Alex!"

"Lunch in bed son, you must be in the nicest prison ever," said Severus passing Alex the sandwiches and pumpkin juice.

"Ha-ha very funny," smiled Alex. "Nice food Daisy."

"I'm glad you like it! Now rest and get better, but no getting out of bed or I be huntings yous downs!"

"Not you as well Daisy!" whined Alex.

"You think we're bad you wait until you get to Hogwarts and have to deal with Madam Pomfrey, she would have you in bed for a week," replied Severus.

"Suppose," replied Alex who began munching away.

"Anyway enjoy your food, I'll be up in a short while to put you to bed," said Severus moving to walk down the stairs. Once he was gone Daisy spoke up.

"Is you be needing anything Alex?"

"No thanks," replied Alex before he sipped on his juice.


Alex lay there munching away. With his sandwiches finished he drained his juice and browsed through his books. He decided to read Beating the Bludgers, A study of defensive strategies in Quidditch. Alex rested the book against his lap and read away.

As he did so he began to become drowsy. The thought that his dad might have spiked his drink crossed his mind but he quickly dismissed it. This felt different, like he was worn out, and no wonder considering the magic he had used and how he had hurt his leg. Setting the book down by his side Alex closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Severus who had left Alex upstairs in bed an hour or so ago went to check up on him. He had a dreamless sleep potion on hand in case Alex was still awake. He took the stairs quickly and entered the library. As he did the charms he had placed alerted him that Alex was in distress. He all but flew up the stairs and went to sit beside Alex on his bed. The gravity well was spelled to Alex so he didn't have to worry about it.

He observed Alex as he thrashed around on the bed. He was about to try and wake Alex when he heard a blood curdling scream. "AHHHHHH!...huh-huh-huh-huh," let Alex as he woke, sweat dripping from his brow.

"Ssshh it's okay, I've got you...nothing can happen...it was just a bad dream...your safe Alex...your safe," soothed Severus who eventually got a small nod from Alex as he rest against him. "What happened Alex?"

"F-f-falling," replied Alex. Severus didn't need to hear anymore. Alex had obviously had a nightmare about him failing from his broom. "It's understandable...In fact I expected it, now drink this and you can go back to sleep, you won't have any more dreams," reassured Severus holding the vial to Alex's lips. Alex drank down the purple potion and rested his head on the pillows.

"Love you dad," smiled Alex.

"Love you too son, I'd say sweet dreams but you won't be having any, so have a good sleep instead," said Severus placing a kiss on Alex's forehead as he succumbed to the ever increasing presence of sleep.


Authors Notes:

Finally Fan fiction net is letting me log in! It's been really frustrating, grrrr! Here is the chapter anyway. My notes follow as usual. Firstly I'd just like to say that I know this chapter is quite slow. It is important for establishing a few more plot points though. The first being Severus going back to work, the second being the gang learning more about Alex's abuse. The third point being Alex wanting to learn about healing magic.

I also wanted to use the chapter to show that Alex isn't infallible in regards to his flying. Yes he is a very good flyer but accidents can still happen and he can still get hurt. I also thought it would be realistic considering he has a new broom which is a lot faster than his old one. There is also a very small one line clue in the text for a major plot point in the future. It will be interesting to see who picks up on it. If you think you have found it please Private message me rather than mention it in a review, that way it won't spoil it for others. I'm serious it is quite a major plot point.

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