Tales of the World Radiant Mythology

By: KrimsonRayne

The Day that Ad Libitum...

Yes thats the chapters name. This is an extra that's been playing in my mind for about a year now. So I finally decided to write it out and share it with you guys. Aren't I nice :)? Anyways there might be some characters that don't appear in the real TOTW game but I'm not sure. This story isn't planned out I'm going with my gut on this one-

Kyros: WHAT!

Me: Hush blondie!

Sana: Kyros calm down.

Kyros: BUT-

Athos: Bubby mad at Rae-nee? (teary eyes)

Kyros: N-No... (goes into a corner to sulk at his in depending doom)

Me and Sana: Good Athos

Athos: Yay! (smiles cutely)


The only thing I own is the plot and my descenders nothing else. (I ain't Namco))

"What's going on?" asked Kyros as he walked up to Genis and a very quiet Lloyd. Genis looked up from his book to Kyros and smiled at him; Lloyd on the other hand seemed to be in a daze and didn't even respond to him.

"Hey Kyros when did you get back?" the white haired boy asked and Kyros tilted his head to the side.

"About an hour ago, Sana and Kanono wanted to say hi to the kids at the orphanage." Kyros explained while he looked at Lloyd in confusion. Why was the twin swordsman being so... quiet? Genis followed Kyros gaze and shrugged his shoulders while giving Kyros a look that clearly said that the blond descender wouldn't understand.

"What's wrong with Lloyd?" Kyros finally asked and that seemed to snap the brown haired teen out of his trance.

"Huh oh hey Kyros when did you get back?" laughed Lloyd while rubbing the back of his neck. Genis rolled his eyes and went back to his book while Kyros stared at Lloyd in confusion.

"Uh... are you okay?" asked Kyros and Lloyd blinked at him then grinned at him like a goof ball.

"Yep so how was your quest?" asked Lloyd nodding his head and Kyros smiled a bit. His quest... was long and annoying. If he had to deal with Rutee bumming money from him one more time or knocking him half way across the room just to get one stupid gald be was going to literally jump in lava and SAVE Widdershin the trouble.

"It was interes... Lloyd?" Kyros asked again as he noticed that Lloyd wasn't paying attention to him again. Looking the way Lloyd was staring at he noticed Kratos talking to a man with long blue hair that seemed annoyed but something was... off.

"Who's that?" Kyros asked and Genis looked back up from his book.

"That's Yuan, one of Kratos friends."

Kyros frowned at that explanation. Actually it wasn't much of one to begin with. Kyros looked back over to Kratos and Yuan and sighed. Yuan's mana was almost as powerful as Kratos, but felt different. Kratos mana felt more like something that belonged with the tree while Yuan's was like... something else. Sort of like Arche's but a whole lot more powerful.

"Is something going on?" Kyros asked and Genis frowned.

"I guess you could say that." the white haired mage answered and Lloyd made a noise that sounded like a mix between a growl and a grunt.

"What?" asked Kyros staring back to Lloyd, who's expression had changed to that of someone who was very annoyed. He actually looked a bit like...

"Nothing." grumbled Lloyd standing up and walking out of the room. Both Kyros and Genis looked at each other and Kyros groaned.

Something was defiantly up, and Kyros got this feeling he wasn't going to like it.

"What happened?" asked Kyros again and Genis frowned.

"Well half of the guild is out of commission because of some illness that's going around." Genis explained and Kyros scrunched his eyebrows together. What did that have to do with Lloyds attitude?

"And?" asked Kyros.

"Lloyd just being himself, worrying over little things."

"So something's wrong with him?"

"No, with Kratos."

Kyros balanced himself then stared at the white haired kid in shock. With Kratos? THE Kratos?

"What?" asked Kyros loudly then flinched as he felt someone glare at him from the direction that Kratos and Yuan were standing in.

"Yeah, he helped with the healing and somehow caught the illness." Genis explained and Kyros stared at him in shock.

"Is he okay?" Kyros finally asked and Genis looked thoughtful.

"Well he say's he is, but Kratos keeps his problems to himself." Genis mumbled and Kyros looked over to where Kratos and Yuan were. Now that Genis told him that Kratos mana did seem a bit off.

"Maybe we should- Lloyd already tried." Genis announced cutting Kyros off and Kyros frowned.

So he even turned down Lloyd too?

"I'm gonna go look for Sana." Kyros muttered and ran out of the guild quickly.


So that's part one! Can you guess what's going to happen?

Kyros: Yeah and it involved me getting sick.