The Day That Ad Libitum...

By: KrimsonRayne

Chapter Three: Dealing with Stubborn People

"I do not need you two here."

Kyros sweat dropped as Sana stared at Kratos. The poor man looked like he had been fighting a war. His skin was pale, his hair was messier then normally and he looked... dare they think it. Tired. Kratos stared back at Sana who gave him a worried look and sighed.

"Who assigned you this 'quest'?" asked Kratos and Kyros groaned.

"Raine..." Kyros muttered and Kratos said something in a language that the twins didn't understand.

"Like I said I do not need you two here... go back to the inn" Kratos ordered then something horrible happened. He sneezed. Sana frowned and narrowed her eyes at Kratos while putting her hands on her hips.

"No." she boldly stated and Kyros stared at her in shock. Was she nuts!

"Sana- You are sick Kratos someone needs to make sure your okay!" Sana fussed loudly as she cut the man off. Kratos stared at her again then nodded and moved out of the door way to let the twins in.

Kyros was shocked then shrugged his shoulders as Sana dragged him into the room Kratos stayed in at the guild. It was pretty barren besides the regular furniture. The only thing that stood out was a huge green and white animal that Kyros thought was a dog.

"So what were your orders on this 'quest'?" asked Kratos as he shut the door and Sana smiled at him.

"To make sure you don't come back to work till your completely better."

Kratos ran a hand through his hair and shook his head. Now that he heard that he knew for a fact Raine did not assign this quest to the twins.


Sana lost her smile and looked over to Kyros who was staring at the green and white dog. Kratos looked over to where Kyros was and if someone was staring at him, they would have seen a ghost of a smile cross his features.


The green and white dog opened its eyes and looked up to Kratos, tail wagging in happiness then he looked over at Kyros and tilted its head to the side. Kyros eyes brightened as the dog got up and trotted over to him, sniffing him a bit.

"You should lie down Kratos." ordered Sana as she looked back over to him and Kratos closed his eyes. This girl was so much like her.

"Fine, just don't make to much noise." he agreed and Kyros looked over to him as he continued to pet Noishe, who was now sitting down and wagging his tail happily.

Kratos actually agreed to let them watch over them?

Noishe noticed Kratos walk out of the room and followed him. He was not leaving the red haired man alone either.

Sana grinned and looked towards Kyros who backed away quickly... he did not like that look at all.

So after Sana basically kicking him out of the room and ordering him to go to the item store, Kyros glared at his twin as she quickly and quietly scurried in the kitchen. She was... cooking.

What, he did not know.

"You sure you should be doing this?" he asked and Sana nodded her head.

"He's sick Kyros, he needs something warm to eat." she announced and Kyros frowned. He guessed that made sense... if Kratos was a normal human being.

"Go check on him."

"What am I your slave?" asked Kyros and Sana gave him the look.

"okay okay..."

Peeking into the room where Kratos went Kyros frowned. The room was plain with just a bed and a dresser. Noishe was laying in front of the bed while Kratos seemed to be asleep... key word being seemed.

"What Kyros?" asked Kratos voice and Noishe looked in Kyros direction, a small whine coming from the dog.

"Um... Sana told me to check on you?" Kyros muttered and Kratos looked at him. The man wasn't even laying in the bed, just sitting and staring out the window.

"You checked now please leave." Kratos ordered which was followed by a sneeze then a cough. Kyros scrunched his eyebrows together in worry after that. This was a man that never seemed to show emotions unless it was important or involved Lloyd and here he was, sick.

"Is this why Lloyd seemed to be upset earlier?" Kyros asked and Kratos sighed.


"Okay fine I go."


"You watch him and I'll cook?" suggested Kyros to Sana who raised an eyebrow at him then huffed.


Next is Lloyd and the wonders of food for a man that doesn't need to eat!