"Bobby, I love you but I'm leaving. I found it. The yellow-eyed demon."

The normally gruff man's eyes widened as he gulped. "John, don't. Please don' leave me."

"Need to. Gotta kill the thing that took Mary." John's eyes filled with tears as he straddled Bobby. "I-I'll come back if I can."

"If yer even alive, ya idjit." He leaned up, brushing a tender kiss over his lover's lips.

John gave a watery smile at Bobby's customary term of endearing insult as his fingers fumbled for the lube. "I love you so much."

"I love ya too." Bobby soon felt gentle fingers brushing against his hole, then one pushing in. "M-more, please baby."

With a soft smile, the younger hunter obeyed. "I always loved it when you were needy." Crying softly, he added a second finger.

"P-please John, don't speak like that." Bobby rolled his hips, adjusting easily as a tear rolled down his cheek.

"You're right though. I'll probably be dead." He gulped as he added the last finger, staring into Bobby's eyes.

The man cringed, closing his eyes for a few seconds before gazing back. "Please don' let me be right."

"You ready baby?" He pressed a kiss to Bobby's cheek.

"Y-yes, make love to me, please."

"As you wish." Gently pulling out his fingers, John replaced them with his cock, easing it inside his lover.

"B-baby, you always feel so good." Bobby moaned, kissing the Winchester gently.

"G-god...so do you." John began to move, keeping his thrusts slow and gentle, making love to the older man.

They moved together with the closeness born of longtime lovers, tears streaking their cheeks. Soft gasps and muffled moans, John's face buried into Bobby's neck. Sweetly whispered I love you's and so beautiful's into each other's ears. They both tried to hold back, not wanting to let the moment end.

Bobby came first, crying out John's name softly as he clenched around him, his come splattering their bellies. His lover followed, coming deep inside the older man. "Bobby!" John moaned, kissing him with an anguished press of lips. They both sensed that it was truly their last time together as they collapsed in a tangle of limbs, kissing each other tenderly. Instead of trying to stop their tears, they let them flow, grieving at their parting of ways.

~The End~