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Chapter 1- Last Minute

It is scary how fast time flies by these days. It was only four months ago Obi-wan Kenobi learned he had a brother, and last month Taren-wan was released from prison. Now, in just three days, his twin brother was getting married to the lovely and beautiful Halla Regime. Obi-wan was so happy for his brother, and was proud to be his brother and Best Man.

However today, he felt like his personal assistant, because Taren had forgotten a couple of boxes for the wedding and Obi-wan had to go retrieve them. But before he could get the boxes and before he met up with Anakin and Padme at her private landing platform to leave, he had something else to take care of first.

Obi-wan headed down to the Halls of healing with his and Sasha's personal bags. Today Sasha was getting out of the hover chair and back onto to her feet. Well, sort of. She has to use crutches due to her still healing ankle. He entered to see Sasha leaning on the crutches after just getting out of the hover chair she had been sitting the past month. Obi-wan smiled at her.

"Easy, dear," Master Vokara Che said, helping Sasha.

"I've got it," Sasha said as she got used to them.

"Alright if you say so," Master Che said. She looked at Obi-wan and smiled. "Hello Obi-wan."

Sasha's gaze shot to the doorway, and she smiled.

"Hi, master!" She said.

"Hello Master Che, Sasha," Obi-wan said. "It's good to see you on your feet padawan."

"It feels good," Sasha said.

"Well that's good," he said. "Come on. We better not leave Anakin waiting."

"Alright," Sasha said heading out of the room.

"Obi-wan," Master Che stopped him. She gestured to the chair. "Take this with you… just in case."

Obi-wan nodded and grabbed the chair. He folded it up and carried it along with the rest of their belongings. He met up with Sasha outside of the Halls of Healing and they headed to the hanger.

Once there, he packed their gear into the trunk of the speeder. He then helped Sasha into the passenger seat, put her crutches in the back seat, and got in himself. Obi-wan pulled out of the hanger and drove in the direction of Taren's apartment.

"Where are we going?" Sasha asked.

"Detour," Obi-wan said. "Taren forgot a box of items for the wedding and wants me to bring it when we come. So…that's where we are going."

Sasha nodded in understanding.

About two minutes later, Obi-wan pulled up at the apartment. He hopped out of the speeder.

"Stay here. I'll be back in a couple of minutes," he said.

Sasha nodded. "Sure."

Obi-wan took the lift up to Taren's apartment. When he got there, Obi-wan scanned around the apartment for the boxes. It took him a minute to find the boxes, which were sitting on the kitchen table. He grabbed the two boxes and headed back to the speeder. He placed them in the back seat. He then climbed into the driver's seat and pulled away from the apartment.

"We better hurry," Sasha said. "Anakin is getting impatient."

"How do you know?" Obi-wan asked.

"He called…twice."

"Well let's not keep him waiting," he said.

They drove through the city to the private landing platform where Padme's Naboo skiff sat waiting, along with a very impatient Anakin. Obi-wan parked the speeder, when they arrived. He then helped Sasha out, grabbed their things and the boxes, and headed toward Anakin.

"What took you guys so long?" Anakin said sounding irritated.

"These," Obi-wan said handing Anakin the boxes.

"What are these?" Anakin asked taking them.

"Wedding stuff," Obi-wan said heading up the ramp behind Sasha.

"Well you could have told me you would be late?"

"I knew you would wait no matter what my reasons were."

Anakin hesitated.

"Are you coming?" Obi-wan asked.

Anakin ran up the ramp as it closed.

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