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Chapter 18- The Wedding

Three days later…

Obi-wan tried to tie his tie around his neck. Satine had picked out the tux and the tie for Obi-wan, as he was the best man he had to look good. He gave up on the tie and looked at himself in the mirror. He thought he looked rather dashing in a tux, but he'd prefer his Jedi uniform over anything.

He thought to himself about the events over the last few days. Vizsla and Rone were transport to Kessel where they would be kept under a more watchful eye. Micah was put on parole after his court hearing as he explained his actions to the court and how wrong he felt about doing them. As for Selena and Davan, they explained their case with the court and Davan was to stay in a small prison until the baby was born in which he could join Selena under house arrest. Then there was Sasha who had been in the medical center and was released today.

Obi-wan sighed then tried to tie the tie again. Suddenly a pair of hands touched his shoulders and he looked in the mirror over his shoulder at Satine. He smiled and turned to face her. She was in a long purple dress and her hair was in curls with a small crown in her hair.

"You look so beautiful," Obi-wan said.

Satine smiled. "As you look so handsome, though you might need some help with that tie."

Satine fixed his tie for him.

"Thanks," he said.

"No problem," she said. "Come on, we better go. It's time."

Everyone sat in the in their chairs and sat waiting for the Bride to come. Anakin, in a tux too, sat next to Padme, who was in a beautiful crimson dress. Satine sat next to her. Sasha, in an emerald green dress (and her boot) sat next to Satine and Cayden, who was just in a nice outfit and he was next to Jac who just wore a formal tunic. Suddenly the music started to play and everyone stood up. The back doors opened and the bridesmaids came walking out first then came Halla being escorted by Obi-wan down the walkway. He handed her over to Taren at the altar then took his place at Taren's side. Soon the wedding was almost over, there was just one more thing left to do.

"Halla do you?' the priest asked.

"I do," Halla said.

"Taren do you?"

'I do," Taren said.

"You may kiss the bride," he said.

Taren pulled Halla into him and kissed her passionately. The crowd cheered. Halla and Taren pulled away and ran down the walkway back into the lake house.

Obi-wan stood from his seat at the table and tapped his glass with a spoon. Everyone looked up from their food and looked at Obi-wan.

"Everyone, I'd like to take this time and say a few words for the newlyweds," Obi-wan said. "Taren, my brother, even though we separated at birth and truly met only months ago, I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope you and Halla live happily together for as long as you both shall live. And Halla, you are perfect for Taren and I sure hope that you keep in line as he is a Kenobi and we've been known to get in trouble." Everyone laughed at his joke. "Anyway, I make a toast to Halla and Taren."

"To Halla and Taren," Everyone said.

Obi-wan resumed his seat.

Soon everyone was up and dancing on the dance floor. Halla and Taren were dancing in each other's arms. Anakin and Padme were dancing with each other. Obi-wan and Satine went back and forth from dancing to sitting. Jac and Halla's sister Cally danced with each other. Sasha and Cayden even danced.

Obi-wan took a break at one moment and stood watching everyone have fun. He then noticed a something shimmering in the background. The blue orb turned into two figures, one male, one female.

Thank you, a voice said in Obi-wan's head.

Who are you? Obi-wan asked.

Jaren and Stela Monroe, the male voice said.

You're Sasha's parents.

Yes and we thank you for watching over our little girl.

Well she's not little anymore. She's 18.

I know and she'll be 19 in a couple weeks.

But we're not here to discuss that, the female, Stela, said to him. We just want to thank you for everything.

No problem. Sasha's like a daughter to me and I'll always keep her safe.

That's all we ask.

Obi-wan gave the ghost of Sasha's parents a smile and a nodded. They waved in thanks before disappearing.

Sasha and Cayden made their way off of the dance floor and back to their table. Suddenly a voice, male, came to Sasha's head.

Hello Sasha.

"Who's there?" Sasha said to herself.

It's us, your parents.


Yes honey, said her mother. We are here.

I miss you so much. Sasha felt tears come to her eyes as she heard their voices.

We miss you too, dear. Master Obi-wan has done a great job, said Stela.

As had Zane, said Jaren. We are so proud of you, Sash. Keep up the good work.

I will, Sasha said. I love you.

And we love you, they said in unison.

Sasha looked around as she suddenly felt their presence there in the room. She then spotted their ghosts standing nearby, both were smiling at her. Stela blew her a kiss and waved at her. Sasha waved back and wiped a tear that escaped her eye.

'Bye,' Sasha mouthed.

Her parents disappeared. Oh and Sasha, her father's voice said. Cayden's a good kid, never let go of him.

"I won't ," Sasha said.

"You won't what?" Cayden asked.

Sasha smiled and grabbed his hand.

"Nothing, just something someone special told me to hold onto."

Cayden smiled and squeezed her hand. They headed outside and remained there for the rest of the evening.

The end.

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