"Nathan, you're early!" Audrey complained playfully, throwing open her door. Her eyes widened in surprise, because it wasn't Nathan who stood there.

Just before the wire of a stun-gun hit her in the chest, Audrey had time to realize that...


…she was looking in a mirror. Just one made of flesh and blood. Struggling hard, Audrey tried to keep from losing consciousness. She tried to get her mouth to form the words to her question but her rioting muscles just couldn't calm down enough to attend to her orders.

Later on, after she'd been manhandled into a strange vehicle and driven somewhere unfamiliar, she found that she could finally speak to her tormentor. "Why?" Audrey demanded to know.

The other woman, her twin if twenty years older, gave her a long look. "You have to let it happen," she told her. Unsurprisingly, her voice was as familiar as her face.

"It?" Audrey raised a hand that still trembled and tried to brush the hair out of her face. Thinking about hair had her wondering what color dye Lucy used, because her hair color wasn't natural, not with their complexion.

Their. It was hard for Audrey not to let herself fall into as chasm of hysterical panic, because her house of cards had just crashed down around her. It had seemed to make sense that she was Lucy once, and come again. But this was Lucy next to her, so who was she?

Ignorant of Audrey's internal struggle, Lucy just shrugged. "There's a war brewing. It happened once before. Dave Teague kept it from playing out the way it should have then. I won't let him or anyone keep it from coming. Not this time."

"I won't let you," Audrey told her, horrified that the person who had taken her relished the idea of a war, and had embraced it. They might look alike, but they were so different. Even only knowing her an hour made that clear.

Lucy gave her a long look. "What makes you think I'll give you the opportunity to interfere again?"

It was only as Lucy spoke that Audrey realized that she was vaguely familiar with the area they'd driven into. It was the cliff where the man she'd come to Haven to find had lost his life.

Her eyes widened with fear when Lucy stopped the car and came around to the passenger side. Lucy yanked her out, and as soon as Audrey's feet hit the ground she knew that she was too weak to fight back. Helpless, she stumbled when Lucy yanked her toward the cliff's edge.

"Why?" Audrey demanded to know again, her voice more plaintive.

"It was meant to happen this way." Lucy stared at her, and for one moment Audrey expected her to claim that she was going to take her place, but time marked her, and no one would believe they were the same woman. Mother and child, maybe, but not twins. "But you weren't meant to happen at all. You're a mistake."

Small rocks began to cascade down the edge of the cliff, they were so close to the edge now. "A mistake?"

"You got the wrong memories," Lucy said, almost feeling sad. "Too many of law and order from what I've heard. We need to begin again."

"By killing me?" Audrey demanded to know, trying to force some strength back into her limbs through force of will.

"It'd be a good start," Lucy agreed. Her fingers pushed against Audrey, and she felt her balance giving way even as a familiar voice shouted at Lucy. Lucy looked over her shoulder, unperturbed by the interruption.

All Audrey could do was try to dig her feet into the uneven ground and hold on long enough for him to get there.

The End

a/n: I think we'll end this here. Alas, I never got around to writing the version where she opens the door and finds someone from Division coming to cart her away. Sorry, fellow Nikita fans.