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Chapter 3: Of Shuriken and Kunai

"Could you say that again?" Sakura asked.

"I said, your newest mission will be taking care of these three children. Check they're skills, and come report back to me in a few days. Three at the max." Tsunade replied, annoyed.

"But Tsunade-sama, I have better things to do then take care of a child!"

"Sakura, this isn't debatable. Besides, it'll only be for three days. Just assess they're skills. Now, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, choose a kid."

"I'll take Conan-kun, -ttebayo!"

"Hn. I'll take the girl."

"I guess I'll take Hattori-kun then..." Sakura sighed, then realized her sensei was still in the room. "Tsunade-sama?"

"Yes Sakura?"

"Why is Kakashi-sensei here?"

"Ah, him. He's going to be the one to gouge how much Chakra they have. Actually, he'll do that right now." She looked expectantly at Kakashi. He just looked between her and Sakura, before sighing.

"Fine. Oi, you three. Come here." He points towards them.

"Yeah, old man?" Hattori said, as Kakashi twitched slightly.

"One, I'm not old. And two, I have to gouge how much chakra you have."

"What's cha-" Hattori was about to say, before he was cut off by Conan.

"Chakra, Hattori, is this thing... Uh... Spiritual and Physical energy combine together to allow you to preform Jutsus."



"Sounds stupid." Conan opened his mouth to retort, but Kakashi beat him to it.

"You do realize that you need chakra to be alive right? Without it, you'd be dead."


"Yeah, 'oh'. Now come here, so I can see how much you have." Hattori stepped forward, and Kakashi placed a hand on his shoulder. Kakashi's eyes widened slightly, barely noticeable, as he read Hattori's chakra. 'Such a large amount...' He motioned for the next kid, Conan. Repeating the process he did with Hattori, he concentrated. His eyes widened further, as Conan's chakra, seemed to rank higher than Hattori's. 'He has an even larger amount... Maybe the girl has even more...' He sent Conan to stand near Tsunade, as he called forth Haibara. Putting a hand on her shoulder, he almost immediately let go. 'Her chakra could possibly be more than Naruto's, and Naruto's chakra tips the scales...' His eyes narrowed at the feel of her chakra, almost feeling more like the chakra one found in an untrained jinchuriki. He let go of her shoulder, noticing the smirk on her face, as if she read his thoughts.


"Well Kakashi?"

"They all have a considerable amount of chakra, heck, this girl's chakra alone could, when trained properly, beat Naruto's."

"Wow." Naruto said. He knew she had a lot of power from the moment he saw her, but he didn't think it'd be almost as much as his. And he should know, most of his power comes from the Kyuubi.

"Yes, wow. Now, Naruto! Sasuke! Sakura!"


"You are to assess they're other skills, and report back to me. If they're high enough, I will send them to the academy for the last remaining months, in the graduating class. Now, dismissed!"

Conan & Naruto

Naruto led Conan to training ground 7. He started setting up training dummies, before motioning for Conan to come towards him.

"Come here, dattebayo."

"Uh... Sure." Conan walked towards Naruto, not stopping until he got right next to him.

"Now, here." Naruto handed him a brownish case. Conan took it, and opened it.

"Shu-ri-ken..." He said, sounding out the words on the inside of the case.

"Right, shuriken. Someone might also call them 'Ninja Stars'. Now, before we get to throwing those, we're gonna use these Kunai. Or 'Throwing Knives'."

"H-Hai!" Conan grabbed a kunai from Naruto.

"Aim for the practice dummy over there." Naruto pointed towards the straw dummy about twenty feet away from Conan.

"Right..." 'Calculating the distance... About twenty feet away... If I throw at the right angle with the right speed, I should hit the centre dead-on.' Conan concentrated, closed his eyes, and hurled the kunai at the target. It hit the dummy with a thud.

"Wow! Amazing, dattebayo!" Conan opened his eyes, and saw the kunai almost perfectly in the bulls-eye.


"Now, try it a few more times." He nodded, and took a few more kunai from Naruto. 'Same principals as last time, this time though, I concentrate some of my "chakra" into the knife...' Conan closed his eyes in concentration once again, focusing a tiny bit of power into his arm. He opened his eyes, and threw the kunai, throwing another right after. The first kunai hit the target right above the first one, while the other hit right between the two, a perfect bulls-eye.

Conan looked to Naruto, who was focused on the target. A larger thud was heard, as the dummy fell backwards. "How did I do?"

"Uh... Pretty good. Are you sure this is your first time throwing a kunai?"

"Yeah. It wasn't that hard to hit the centre, all I had to do was calculate the distance it was away from me, the amount of power needed to reach the minimum speed required to hit it, which is around 15 km per second, and project a 3D model of myself throwing it in my mind."

"You did that all in the three seconds it took you to throw each one?"

"Yeah, don't you do that?"

"No, I just throw it and hopes it hits it, -ttebayo." 'Wow... he really is like how he is in the manga...' Conan thought.

"Well, let's skip the shuriken for right now, and get some ramen."

"Um... Sure, I guess."

"Yahoo! Let's go! Dattebayo!"

End. Somewhat. The next chapter will feature what happens with Haibara and Hattori.

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