"Darling, can you fuck me on the Eiffel tower?"


"I want to fuck on the Eiffel tower."

"In public?" The huge hunter blushed, staring at the angel.

Balthazar looked started. "Why, yes. Public. The Eiffel tower is in public and we can't remove it, the French would notice. Unless of course I played with time again like with the Titanic. Celine Dion...horrible." A shudder runs through him at the Canadian singer's name.

"Balthazar! We could get arrested!"

"But that makes it fun! Please Sammy baby, for me?" The angel brought his puppy-dog stare into effect and Sam's defenses crumbled.

~A week later~

"Oh! Oh fuck! Sammy! H-harder!"

The hunter listened to his sexy angel's moans, fucking deeper into him. It was night, their two bodies coming together against the lit tower. Each thrust of Sam's was pushing Balthazar closer to the edge.

A hard thrust to his spot and the angel was coming hard, the Eiffel tower's lights exploding at his cry of pleasure. Sam followed him over the edge, moaning as the searchlights hit them. Ohfuck.