I stare up at my half-brother, feeling both anxious and excited. I've never done this before and I promised Adam I'd let him choose what he wanted for his birthday. He chose me, on the bottom with my legs wide open as he begins to ease a slicked finger into me.

I've done it many times to him but I can't help but be nervous. He pushes it in enough to hurt as my ass clenches around him. Seeing the pain in my face he soothes me. Gentle fingers slowly prying me open as his lips press against mine, his tongue tangling with my tongue. It hurts but he's so gentle it soon eases.

Now I'm as open as I'll get. Fingers pull out of me, replaced with the head of his seemingly enormous cock. That thing can't fit inside me! I'm too small! He eases it inside, kissing and petting me the whole time. It hurts but then it starts to feel good.

At last, he's completely inside. I feel so full I wonder how it fit. At my shaky nod, he starts to move. Oh god! So big and good! My back arches and a cry is ripped from me as his cock brushes my sweet spot. No wonder he reacts that way! More!

I find myself pleading for faster,harder,more,more,more!

He listens and it's just too good. I can't last. It's just not possible! I cry out as I come, my ass clenching around him as he screams my name, coming himself. "Saaaaaammmmmmmmmm!"

I know he loved it and I did, but I also know it'll hurt later from seeing how he was afterwards. It was worth it though. Exhaustion hits me as I hold him close, starting to drift off with Adam still buried inside me. Perfect.