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AN: This was written for the 10 Minute challenge at Cheeky Monkeys. "Think of an idea (no writing yet!). Set your timer or whatever for 10 minutes. Write. When the 10 minutes is up, stop. Take a minute to check for typos only. Post what you wrote."

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All For Ferelden

He remembered the first time he saw Jenna Mahariel. She was a Dalish elf with fire in her eyes and within her heart. It also helped, maybe, that the Dalish armor she was wearing showed off her curves quite nicely. She was rather lovely for an elf. The older man sighed and shook his head free from those types of thoughts. He was only there to see if Cailan would actually listen to his arguments and stay with him and not fight with the Grey Wardens.

The battle at Ostagar was a disaster, but he was able to pull his men out of the fight before they had seen any action. When he saw the lit beacon, it was a signal. It was a signal for him to take his army and his personal guard, Maric's Shield, to leave and protect Ferelden from the threat of the Orlesians. He believed that this was no true Blight.

In the months that followed, he was a shrewd leader, making decisions for his country without the aid of his daughter, the Queen. He allowed Arl Howe to send assassins after the Warden. He sold the elves in the Denerim Alienage to the Tevinter slavers in order to gather the funds he needed to rebuild his army.

He did this all for Ferelden. Everything he did was for his home, for his people, for his only child. When the Landsmeet was called, it came down to a final confrontation between him and that elf. His eyes bored into the pale ones of Warden Mahariel, hoping to intimidate the young woman. It did nothing. He only saw a will of fire and steel. He only saw that look in one other person and he had been dead for a few years now.

Their swords clashed, the young elf fighting with frightening speed with her dual weapons. At the end, he was on the ground with a strange enchanted sword at his throat.

"I yield, Warden." He thought those would be his last words, and then the Orlesian warden, Riordan, said to let him be of use. The Warden agreed, conscripting him into the Order. But in doing so, the would-be-King stormed off, leaving the young Dalish woman to stare at the former Templar's retreating back. He almost thought he saw tears in her eyes, but then the mask of steel came down upon her visage with frightening speed.

He partook in the Joining ritual and survived. As he awoke, he saw that Warden Mahariel was standing nearby with Warden Riordan hovering over him.

"Welcome, brother," Riordan said to him and helped him to stand.

As he stood up, he glanced at the elf. He couldn't help but ask, "Why did you spare me when you could have killed me?"

"Dying is too easy, Loghain. At least this way, you can be of use. This way, you can still fight for Ferelden."

Loghain Mac Tir stared at the young Dalish for a moment and nodded. Everything he did was for Ferelden. Even in this.

AN: As I was doodling on a sketchpad, this idea came around with the play-through I did with a f!Dalish Warden sparing Loghain's life and losing Alistair in the process. This was the first time I ever wrote Loghain...I don't think I captured him correctly...-_-;