Full Summary: The girls are bored, so they do a cover of a song. BTR sees them and calls them for a chance to be famous. While in LA, Nina visits her Gram and finds out some unexpected news. Also a certain goth pixie is falling for a certain corndog-loving helmet wearing guy. Oh and did I mention that there is a love triangle and a love square? And will Kendall find someone else after Jo moving to New Zealand?

A/N: My first crossover… well not really. Anyways, welcome to Famous, a BTR/HoA Crossover!:D I'm excited about this one! I actually think that I can finish this and not be like,' Ugh I'm stuck! I might just delete it!' This is just a prologue. Well Jerome, would you like to do the disclaimer?

Jerome: "Sure. XXCrossCountryBabeXx does not own House of Anubis or Big Time Rush. However, she wishes she owns me.

Me: "Shut up! Not just you!"

Jerome: "Oh really? Who else do you wish to own?"

Me: " Uh, !"

Jerome: "I didn't understand. Can you repeat that?"

Me: "NO! Well enjoy the story!:D


Yep it's offical. My life, whoops I meant OUR lives are crazy. One day we're sitting in the commons room at a boarding school and next thing you know, we're on a plane to become famous! No one expected it until we got a call from some guy name Gustavo Rocque telling us that he wants us to be his new girl group. Me, Amber, Mara and Patricia weren't expecting this to happen. Us four, well nine actually were in shock. The next day, we got plane tickets. Mysteriously we got nine tickets. And now here we are, on plane, 8 more hours 'til we reach LA and our lives will change, forever! See you soon diary.

~Nina Martin (a.k.a soon to be Rutter in a few years:P)

Ok, that was sucky!:( Anyway look out for the first offical chapter of Famous; titled Rolling In The Deep by Adele. Oh and just in case if you ask about Joy, she'll be an actress. As for the guys, I don't know what they'll do. Suggestions? R&R

Quote from Big Time Terror:

Kendall: "I can't believe we can't get rid of Gustavo!"

Logan: "Well I can't believe we can't get rid of a ghost!"

James&Kendall: "You believe in ghost?"

Logan: "I believe in the doo doos in my pants."