This is just a short story for what happens between the Umbara episodes. Read to learn more! ;)

Between Umbara

Anakin Skywalker stepped off the shuttle, his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, there to greet him.

"They said you were coming back. Have to come to speak to the Chancellor?" She asked, seemingly guessing.

"Did they tell you?" Anakin questioned, turning on heal to face her.

"No, I just had a strong feeling about it," Ahsoka replied, smiling slightly.

Anakin returned it, continuing forward. "Rex is on Umbara, Master Krell relieved me of my duties there."

Ahsoka stopped dead. "You left Rex on Umbara? With Master Krell?"

"Yes, why?"

"Master, I don't trust Master Krell's way of leading. I won't have him killing off the men!" Protested the angry Togruta. "He's threatened clones with reputations for their creativity with his lightsaber!"

"Jedi don't threaten, Ahsoka,"

"He does!"

"Look, we'll talk about this later. I'm late for my meeting with the chancellor."

Ahsoka crossed her arms as Anakin started for the building again. "If you don't believe me, I'll show you."

How could he be so reckless? She asked herself. Especially with Rex's life on the line! Hmm... I need to talk to the chancellor about pulling Anakin away at the last minute...

She turned around, heading for the shuttle. "Can you drop me off at the Jedi Temple?" She asked the pilot.

"Yes, Sir,"

Ahsoka boarded the ship, concern for both her Master and her friends in the Five-O-First legion, tearing her heart, while something dark stirred inside her in warning.

What was hounding her, pulling her thoughts toward a black hole in the Force? The dark side? It was mystery that was unsolvable for Ahsoka's current condition; upset, confused and curious.

I haven't forgotten about my story "Rescue Mission," but I thought I'd post this first as I want to update this weekly. It ends when the Umbara episodes end. This is for what's happening in between the battles. Maybe, since I've written nearly two chapters, will post two next time. This is a short story. Meaning it will end in, at least, three chapters, although it could be more. Stay tuned!