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Summary: Ichigo has been kidnapped. Nobody remembers her, that is until Toshiro finds the letter on his desk. With his memories back to normal, he sets out on a search for the girl he fell in love with, taking him to Urahara Kisuke in the human world. Meanwhile the Scyth Siblings begin talk of plans while deceiving a now amnesiac Ichigo, beginning a fragile game of house.

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Part 1: Search for the Missing!

Inside 1st Division: Captain's Meeting Room-

Toshiro Hitsugaya had just returned along with Hisagi after the little incident with the Gray Dragons, as they had been dubbed recently. Of course the description of little was a major understatement. He sat down at his place in the meeting room, and waited for it to start. They were trying to figure out how to deal with the blasted mess that the 12th Division captain had caused, who was now currently in the Maggots Nest with amnesia. The Gray Dragons had long since stopped, but whether it was over or not was still unknown.

The Captain-Commander began the meeting, silencing the other captains with a loud bang from smashing the base of his cane onto the wooden floor. Everyone looked toward him, fully attentive now.

"We must come up with a plan to deal with the Gray Dragons, when and if they attack again. We are currently missing the 11th Division's Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki, who as reports explain, has been caught in the Gray Dragons and turned into a statue. Unohana, have you figured out how to fix this mess and get us back our shinigami?" He asked, looking toward the 4th Division's Captain. Said woman took on a solemn look as she shook her head.

"No Sotaicho. I haven't. I don't even know if they're alive or dead right now. I truly don't know how to save them. I might if Mayuri was here and could analyze the petrification, but with him in the Maggot's Nest with amnesia, he is of no help right now." she stated calmly, though you could tell that she was upset about not being able to help the many petrified shinigami that were in her Divisions care right now. The Captain-Commander gave a nod. The meeting continued as ideas were lobbied back and forth, trying to come up with a way to deal with the problem at hand. Toshiro himself was only half paying attention. His mind was preoccupied, he felt like he was forgetting something, something important and very precious to him. 'But what?'

In the 78th District of Rukongai: Inuzuri-

Ichigo found herself sprawled out on a straw futon, not remembering where she was, or for that matter anything else other then her name. She got up slowly, her head pounding with a dull pain. She looked over to the doorway at the sound of barefeet hitting wood. Two people, both wearing ragged kimonos, walked in. The girl of the group walked in, and upon seein that Ichigo was awake, promptly tackled the younger girl in an excited hug.

"ICHIGO! You're awake!" she squeled in delight. The boy just gave a small smile toward the two girls, Ichigo awkwardly patted the girls' back, not knowing why the strange girl was hugging her.

"Mmhm, um-Who are you two?" she asked, feeling unsure of what to do next as she looked at her surroundings. "And where am I?" she added on as she looked back at the girl. The girl looked to the side slightly before reverting her gaze back to Ichigo. She didn't know what to say, but her brother saved her,

"We're family Ichigo. Don't worry you're safe with us. You're home, that's all that matters. You've been sleeping for a long time Ichigo, a very long time." he told her. The girl just nodded her head as she gently patted his sisters head. Something seemed to have caught her attention in the other room. Her eyes took on a strange color as she spotted his scyth, glowing with an unfamiliar reiatsu, before changing back as she averted her attention back onto the siblings.

"So we're family huh?" she seemed to not mind the idea one bit, though she could tell the boy was lying, she wasn't about to call him on it, seeing as the only part that seemed to be a lie was the part where she had been sleeping for an appearently very long time. The rest seemed to be completely true, at least to the two siblings, it was. She jsut gave a gentle smile to him, beckoning him over so that she could get a closer look at her family. He came over, albeit slowly, and sat down infront of her. eventually he also got a pat on the head from the younger girl, already settling into the role of a motherly figure, even if sh ewas smaller. The two smiled in glee, glad they could be with their Ichigo again.

Eventually Ichigo got tired, and went to sleep. The siblings left her side when they were sure she wouldn't wake up, and went into the next room. They began to plan their next move, to insure that the shinigami wouldn't take Ichigo from them ever again.

10th Division: Toshiro's Office-

Toshiro had sat down at his desk to finish his paperwork when he noticed something on his desk. He picked it up to see what it was, not remembering where it had come from. He opened it and pulled out a letter.

A name on it caught his attention, 'Ichigo...' suddenly a flash of pain hit the young captain as a flood of memories washed over him. In all of htem, a 13 year old girl with strawberry blonde hair smiled at him with so much unannounced affection. His eyes widened as the last memory finally settled in, the cheerful blonde, unconcious, being taken away from him by two strangers. He gritted his teeth as he berated himself for his stupidity. 'Ichigo! I can't believe I forgot about her! Ineed to find her, NOW!' he thought as he got up and flashstepped toward the Senkaimon Gates. He slipped through as he began his search in the one place he knew he might be able to find a clue, the World of the Living.

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