The witches were dead, everyone was safe. It was strange the book didn't turn to dust like the witches did, but it wasn't a problem. Allison kept the book at her house because she had an expressive lock box, one of the perks of having some extra money in the family. She kept it hidden under her bed. At first it was a little strange trying to go to sleep with something evil in the room. But the creepy eye stayed closed so she stopped thinking about it after a few days.

When she was bored Allison would sometimes open the cover. Binx had been upset by the book but it was just a book. As long there were no witches to read from it, what was the harm? She never would have learned that salt blocked their magic if she hadn't looked inside. There was magic in this world and it was good to know how to protect herself. They couldn't destroy the book anyway, might as well use it for something useful.

It's not like she was teaching herself magic. All she did was flip through the pages of the book every once in a while. If any spell looked evil or complicated she didn't read it. Still, there was a ton of useful stuff in there. Once she found a memory chant, not a spell or a curse, that helped you remember things. She aced the trigonometry test she forgot to study for thanks to that. She didn't dare tell Max, though. It was funny; he used to be so skeptical now he was a believer of every ghost story.

There was no reason to tell Max, anyway. Aside from the one memory chant, she didn't use the book. Well, she copied a few anti-ghost symbols out of it, but that wasn't the same. It wasn't like she wanted the magic. She had enough magic for a life time, thank you. The book was a just book, but Max would freak out if he knew that she had even touched the thing, so she didn't mention it.

The book had spells for all sorts of things. Some of them she could certainly use, like getting rid of the one boy who didn't seem to understand that she wasn't interested and had a boyfriend. Or there was this one spell that would be perfect for keeping her room clean. Allison wasn't stupid, though. She wouldn't use anything like that. A good luck chant here or there was fine but all the bigger stuff was off limits. Off limits for forever. Couldn't hurt to look at it, though. It had been a long day at school and Max was out of town so she had nothing to do. She hadn't looked at Book in a while. She didn't know how long exactly, she didn't keep track or anything.

She popped the lid of her lock box open. Book sat right on top, she hadn't remembered putting it there. Oh well, it's not like she ever looked at those old photo albums anyway. Before she even reached to pick it up, Book slowly blinked. His one eye focused to look at Allison. She considered slamming the lid shut again but didn't. For some reason Book didn't look particularly scary. He had been so much more frightening that Halloween night but that must have been because she was running for her life. She had nothing to be scared of now. Allison smiled a little as she carefully lifted Book out of his box.