Sean and Franks Adventures

Chapter 1: He's covered wars you know

Sean stood on the platform that rose up to the stage, a hunger for zombie murdering in his eyes. He looked at all the zombies at the fences, their feeble attempts to reach inside and grab Sean.

"you'll all get yours soon" Sean muttered as the platform rose up into the ring. The zombies, who were dressed in wrestler suits, turned to his direction as he turned on his flamethrower.

"And here today we have our two contestants" the host of the show TK announced.

"In this corner, we have the teen with a fiery heart and a love for zombie killing, Sean!" TK announced as Sean gave a simple nod as the crowd cheered.

"And in the other corner, the infamous Willamete Mall survivor, and hes covered wars, Frank West!" Tk announced, the crowd cheered even louder than they did for Sean.

"Let the terror begin!" TK yelled as the cages around the two fighters lowered, commencing the slaughtering.

Sean spat white hot flames from his flamethrower, easily burning the zombies in front of him with ease. After roasting the zombies on his platform, he checked the scoreboard to see that his competition was ahead of him by 1000 points. Sean then looked over to where Frank was, where he was using a paddle from a canoe with two chainsaws connected to the ends of it.

"Gotta catch up!" Sean thought as he looked down on the ground to see a very strange weapon. It was a sledgehammer, but it also had the head of an fire axe connected to it to look like a mace.

"Sick!" Sean yelled as he dived into the crowd and slammed the ground with it, killing 3 and sending 4 onto the ground stunned. Sean got to work as he swung the mace like weapon, which he decided to name the defiler, into the zombie horde, sending heads flying and limbs everywhere as he soon took the lead.

"Ten seconds left!" TK yelled as the crowd started counting down.





"1" The buzzer sounded, signalling that the game was over. But that didn't stop Sean as he scorched all the zombies in the way as he headed back to the platform.

"and the winner is..."

"it's a tie!" TK announced.

"Tune in next week for Terror Is Reality!" TK said as he headed offstage with his two always sexy co hostesses, Amber and Crystal.

Sean refilled his flamethrower with another propane tank when in walked Frank West.

"Hey mr West, can I have your autograph?" Sean asked as he held out a picture to him. Frank took the picture, pulled out a marker, and signed the picture and then handed it back to Sean.

"Thank you so much mr West I'm a huge fan" Sean said

"Just call me Frank kid, and nice flamethrower you have" he complimented Sean.

"Thanks!" Sean thanked as a worker for the show walked in.

"Hey excuse me, do you know where we get our prize money?" Frank asked the worker.

"Right at the front desk" the worker said before heading off.

So Sean and Frank headed down the long hallways of the terror is reality show. When the duo turned the corner, standing halfway down the hallway is was one of the hostesses, Amber.

"Oh gee, do I look ok?" Sean started asking Frank as they walked down the hallway.

"Kid, she's not into you, she's 5 years above your age" Frank started responding. Amber simply watched them walk by as they headed to the elevator at the end of the hall. After 20 seconds waiting the elevator doors opened as the second of the hostesses, Crystal walked up to the two guys from inside it.

"The ladies were a little disappointed in your performances tonight boys" Crystal taunted them as she traced her fingers on the twos shoulders.

If this was a cartoon, Sean would have hearts in his eyes as he turned to watch Crystal walk to their dressing room, the whole time Sean focused on her big booty. She walked up right beside her sister as they both had their eyes on Sean.

"Goodnight ladies" frank calmly said as he hit the elevator button. Just before the doors closed, the two who were still focused gave him a wink, making Seans blush a little.

"Man they are so hot" Sean said as Frank face palmed himself lightly. Suddenly the elevator started to blink and shake very violently as the duo was thrown about in the elevator and Sean was knocked unconscious.

"Kid wake up, cmon get up" Frank said as Sean awakened.

"Help me get the doors apart" Frank commanded as they both started to pull the elevator doors. When the doors were open very slightly the two were meet with a horrifying sight.

Zombies everywhere were walking and eating people alive.

"Oh shit!" Frank yelled as a blonde zombie started shambling very fast over to the pair.

"Sasha will save us" Sean said as Franks face turned sour. "It broke during the shaking.." he said as he pointed over to Sasha, who was smashed into 4 pieces.

"Shit!" Sean yelled as the two pulled the doors even faster as the zombie got closer.

Just as the zombie was about to attack, a civilian ran in front of it by accident, and was soon being chowed down on by it.

"Here" Frank said as he tossed a fire axe to Sean.

"Lets get out of here!" Frank yelled as he leaded the way into the horde.

The duo carved through the army of zombies as they made it out into the arena lobby, where even more death and carnage happened.

"get to the safe house!" a woman yelled as she burst out through the arena doors. Sean and Frank dodged the zombies this time, since their weapons were useless now. They soon burst out into the platinum strip and saw the same woman pointing over to a stairway as soon more people followed her. The duo ran through the zombie crowd at a breakneck pace. When suddenly, Sean was grabbed by a female zombie from behind who started to bite his neck.

"GAH!" he yelled as he tried to break out of the surprisingly strong death lock. Luckily his asbestos lined fire suit protected his skin from being bitten and also Frank punched her off of him before heading down the stairway.

"Hurry!" he yelled as the red doors started closing. Sean jumped down the staircase and slid under the door just in time as it it closed and slowly the door on the opposite side started to open.

On the other side was a grey haired man by the name of Sulivan, who was in charge of the emergency bunker.

He soon started to inspect everyone as the duo were the last ones. He let Sean in through but before Frank could get in, he was stopped as he lifted up franks sleeve to reveal a bite mark.

"Don't worry, I have zombrex" Frank explained as he pulled the little box to prove it.

"If you become a zombie, I'm gonna be the one to kill ya" Sulivan said as Frank walked in.

"So, let's look around" Frank said as he headed to a room ahead them, with Sean following behind.

So what craziness will happen? When will the two head out? And when will Valve make episode 3?

Find out in the next chapter! (except the last one, that will never happen, sadly) :(