Sean and Franks Adventures

Chapter 6: Seanie Boy

Sean stood outside the club door when suddenly a man pointed a gun at him.

"Thank you for your contribution" the man joked as he held the door open after taking the 100 dollars from my pocket.

"Have Fun!" he said rudely after heading off to somewhere else

"Gee, this club must be fancy if it has to hold you at gun point" Sean said as he headed inside.

The club sure was fancy alright, drinks everywhere, fancynvelvet seats, and a awesome dance floor. Suddenly he heard a click like a door being locked. Merely shrugging it off, he headed down to the dance floor where he looked around some more. And out from around the corner came Crystal, dragging along a kitana.

"Oh well I wasn't suspecting more survivors here, but that's fine, oh and hey you found weapons, splendid" Sean said as he headed to the door, bumping into the second sister, Amber.

"Oh uh sorry, great to see you alive as well, follow me" Sean said as he headed for the door as the two sisters never responded and slowly followed him to the door.

"Your gonna love the safe house we have, may not be much but it gets the job done" Sean explained as he couldn't open the only door out.

"Huh the doors not working, do any of you have a pin? Oh you probably don't" Sean said as he continued trying to open the door as he remained oblivious to the danger he was in, and what the sisters were planning to do to Sean.

"Oh were so glad you came here" Crystal seductively said as she draped her arms over Seans shoulders and rested her head on his shoulders.

"We were so scared here all alone" Amber said as she came around to Seans left side and slowly rubbed his arm.

"well oh uh re- really?" Sean asked nervously.

"Oh yes we definitely were, without such a big, strong, young man like you here to protect and comfort us" Crystal said

"O-ok but why we need to get to the safe house" Sean tried to explain.

"But we don't wanna go, that's why we locked the door" Amber said as she continued rubbing Seans arm

"Wait, why'd you lock the door?" Sean said as he broke out of Crystals hold and turned around to face them.

"Because we don't wanna share you with anyone else" Crystal said as she pulled him into a hug, in which he could see nothing but silver, since he was a bit shorter than her.

"Oh uh, that's really flattering, but we really need to get to the safety house" Sean said muffled as he still was being embraced.

"If you really want to go, your gonna have to get the key" Amber teased as she jingled the key. Sean struggled to get out of Crystals hold as he struggled and squirmed until she let him go.

As soon as he turned around, Amber dropped the key into the valley that is her bosom.

"Don't you wanna leave?" Amber asked as she walked very close to Sean.

"Its just uh, you know" Sean said as he gestured to her... "Oh aren't we Mr. Humble " Amber said

"Well I don't think I should do that..." Sean said as he got more and more nervous.

"Aw, I was hoping you would reach down my dress" Amber seductively said as Seans face grew red from that thought.

"Look I really think we should go to the safe house.." Sean nervously said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Sorry, but we don't wanna go" they both said.

"Well can you at least let me go?" Sean said

"But we don't want to share you with the rest of the world" Crystal whined a little.

"Please stay with us" Amber said as she held onto his right arm.

"Pretty please" Crystal added in as she grabbed his left arm.

"But why should I?" Sean asked the two.

"Theres plenty of food and drinks"

"No whinny survivors to rescue"

"And the best of all"

"Us!" they both yelled

"Well I guess I can wait here, after all, there's supposed to be a meet up with some person who knows something about the outbreak" Sean explained as the twins smiled, because they knew who THEY were.

"I knew you couldn't say no!" they both said as they pulled him into a group hug.

"Walk us over to any table you wish Sean" Crystal said as Sean pointed to the table on the far side. Sean told them to follow but instead, they went on one side of him and wrapped one of their arms around his waist.

"Well ok we can walk like this" Sean said as they started to walk. But soon after 2 seconds of slowly walking to the table, which they said they were doing because their ankles hurt, Sean felt something soft in both of his hands.

Looking behind him he saw that he was holding their behinds, causing his face to go deep red. And as quickly as he turned to see his hands, he moved his hands back up to their shoulders. And as soon as he did that, the twins quickly grabbed Seans hand and placed it back on to their bootys and closed it around it. Sean merely sighed as they finally made it to the table which only had a small velvet bench on only one side of it.

"So do you want to sit next to each other or..." Sean started asking as they pointed for him to sit in the middle area. Sean quickly moved down into the middle area as they very slowly slid down to him. And also Sean could her the key jingling in Ambers dress as she slid closer to him.

"So tell us a little about yourself" Crystal said as they both rested their chins in their hands as they looked at him with an interested look.

"Well what do you want to know?" Sean asked as they slid closer to him.

"The basics" Amber answered his question.

"Well uh, my names Sean, I'm 15, close to becoming 16, and I live in Canada" Sean started to explain himself.

"So what brought you to Fortune City and our show?" Crystal asked.

"Well I needed some money, plus I always wanted to come here" Sean explained.

"Ok, that's very interesting" Crystal said as she and Amber placed a hand on both of Seans legs.

"Please don't do that, it makes me feel uncomfortable" Sean said shyly as he moved their hands away.

"Sorry Seanie Boy" Crystal said

"Whats Seanie Boy?" Sean asked a bit confused.

"You, it's our cute nickname we made for you" Amber explained as Sean fully got the concept.

"Are you thirsty?" Crystal asked as she licked her lips seductively.

"Um I guess so" Sean said as he looked away in another direction.

"What do you want?" Amber asked as she stroked her hand through Seans hair.

"Anything non achololic" Sean requested as he looked at the far end of the table to see a cocktail.

"That will do" Sean said as he pointed towards the drink.

"I'll get it" Crystal said as instead of getting up from her seat, she got onto Seans lap and reached for it, her booty basically squishing against Seans beet red face as she slowly reached over for the drink.

"Like it back there?" Crystal teased as she looked back at Sean as he didn't respond. After about what seemed like ages, Crystal climbed off of Seans lap and handed him the drink, he took a sip and his face dropped as he put the drink down and pushed it away.

"Whats wrong with the drink?" Amber asked as Sean slowly turned to her.

"Its alcoholic..." Sean plainly put it.

"I'll just pour myself some water or something..." Sean started to say before he was pushed down onto the seat.

"Let me get it, you are our new guest after all" Crystal said as she walked off to somewhere else.

"Hey Sean" Amber said as Sean turned to her.

"What?" Sean asked.

"Do you wanna?" Amber said as she made sexual gestures.

"What! Why did you ask that!" Sean asked as he started to sweat.

"I'm just kidding, we couldn't do it unless my sister joined also" Amber said as Sean sweated even more.

"Heres the water, oh darn, Amber can you go get some ice for it?" Crystal asked as Amber took the glass and went off in the same direction Crystal did before.

"So do you have a girlfriend back home?" Crystal asked.

"Nope" Sean simply said.

"Well we can change that very soon" Crystal said as she tapped his nose with her pointer finger.

"Hope you like it" Amber said as she handed the water to Sean. Sean took a long drink of the bubbly, but very tasty water, finishing it in just three gulps.

"Woah why's the room getting all blurry?" Sean asked very slurred as the room started to spin, in his eyes.

"Goodnight Seanie Boy" The twins said as they gave him a peek on the sides of his cheek they were nearest to.

"Goodnight..." Sean said as he fell unconscious onto Crystals lap.

"What a idiot, did you see the look on his face when I reached for the drink?" Crystal said as she grabbed Seans arms.

"You should have seen the reaction when I said that we should have sex" Amber said as they both laughed.

"In his dreams" Crystal said as they carried Sean over to a closet. "Now let's go grab that reporter and alert Frankie here as well" Crystal said as they grabbed their swords.

"Sweet dreams Seanie Boy" they both taunted as they slammed the closet door shut.

Sean has now experienced what happens at a club if you accept drinks from strangers.


sorry just wanted to say that joke.