Chapter 1-The Return

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Tia Harribel fell to the ground of the fake city below, as Souske Aizen had cut her down with ease thanks to his illusionary zanpakuto fooling the Espada, and leaving her open to an attack. Her Fracción was dead. Cut down by the leader of the Shinigami and not one ounce of compassion received from the one she served after years of loyal of obedience in serving the rogue Shinigami that was waging war against them. If there was one thing Tia Harribel had always valued was loyalty to others and seeing it returned at the exact same level it was given.

As she fell to the ground below, the betrayed Espada with the third highest rank among them had found herself thinking of another time in life where she had been betrayed, and loyalty counted for so little. A time when she was in fact a he and hated for something sealed inside his human body that the people took great joy in ripping apart before his death. She remembered the faces of the crowd, as her once male human body was beaten without mercy, stabbed in different places, and slashes across the face. Among the crowd cheering for the boy's death were those he once called friends, a sensei with a cruel look on his face despite most it being masked, and even worse was two people that boy knew were suppose to protect him from such cruelty. Instead, one orchestrated it, and the other prevented the creature sealed inside his body from helping the child break free.

That boy's name? Uzumaki Naruto. The Kyuubi Jinchuriki of Konoha.

Why? You were suppose to be my Godparents. Why would you betray me like this?

The echoes of the past long forgotten and suppressed were now rising to the surface as she fell. Why now? What did it mean?

Why not? You are a monster. A demon. Minato made a mistake in wanting you to be seen as some kind of hero. Jinchuriki are not meant to be seen as heroes. You are a weapon. A tool for Shinobi to use and nothing more. You may have brought back the Uchiha, but we didn't order him to be brutalized by your hands, and wanted him brought back without a scratch on his body.

How could I do that? I have to throw a punch or a kick to knock him out. The teme tried to kill me with every chance given to him. You gave the order yourself to use force to bring him back!

A punch from the blonde woman that was his Godmother and a loss of quite a few teeth in the process.

Shut up! I don't care how you were suppose to bring Sasuke back, but I will not tolerate you back talking me over what order I gave, and how it weakens the Uchiha to the point where the village is weakened because of your actions.

So I should just get killed and let Sasuke go to Orochimaru. Is that it? And what then?

Another punch above my eye and could barely see out of it.

That's need to know and you don't need to know. Because of what you did to him, the people want your blood before dying, and I'm going to give it to them.

Tia's mind went to another less painful memory of a girl visiting him in his cell, the T&I guys had been less then nice while there, and currently taking a break from causing the blonde pain. They must have been surprised to have a visitor coming to see him without the intent of putting him down or getting a few good hits in order to brag to their friends afterwards how they hurt the demon boy.

It was a girl his age. Pale crying eyes looked at him. Not an ounce of hatred in her heart for the boy everyone else despised with their own. She wanted to hold him, but the blood that covered his injuries made the girl hesitate, and decided it was less painful by talking.

They shouldn't have done this to you. Its not fair!

What was her name? For the life of Tia and to the extent her old male self she couldn't remember.

Its all right Hinata-chan. They can't break me. Trust me they've tried since before I could even remember.

Hinata? That was her name?

My Father is going on and on about how you are going to be executed soon. I may never have a chance to say this again to you so I want to say it now. I...I love you Naruto-kun. For a long time since we first met when those bullies were picking on me. I wish I had told you sooner, but I was afraid of rejection, and my feelings wouldn't be returned. I'm sorry.

Her words echoed through the boy's mind. A sense of longing, sorrow, and yet...there was joy! Joy at being loved by at least one person out of the whole stinking village that hated his guts.

That in itself made the boy smile regardless of the pain it brought.

Thanks Hinata-chan. I'm sorry too. I'm sorry I couldn't see what was right in front of me. I think deep down I never tried to notice you was due to knowing if we did get together, the people would do everything in their power to hurt you, and I...I couldn't let them do that to you. was nice to know that someone in the Leaf loved me and...and all this pain they threw at was worth it just to hear you say that.

More crying from the girl and yet they weren't all tears of sorrow. There was a mixture of joy in them. Knowing that her affection wasn't going to be rejected like she once feared he would do once confessed.

Thank you Naruto-kun. I know everyone thinks you are going to Hell when you die, but...I pray you're soul enters Heaven, and find the peace you deserve.

That was the last Uzumaki Naruto saw of Hinata. Not surprising when Harribel realize the girl no doubt didn't want her last memory of Uzumaki Naruto to be a mangled corpse on the execution block.

'Would it be so wrong to see her again? To bring about justice and vengeance down upon those that betrayed me in my past life?' thought Harribel before darkness claimed her and found herself before a powerful being far greater in power then Aizen ever was.

"You want another chance at life? A chance to bring everyone responsible to justice for all the pain and wrong they did? Not just you, but the entire world, and those that think they can defy the laws of nature?" said the deep and powerful voice of the figure before her.

"I do," said Harribel while the dark figure smiled at her and it was clear this being was pleased with the answer.

"Very well. However, if you wish to do so, then you must return to it as a male for that was the gender in which you died, and it is through that gender that you will have your revenge. You will once again take the name of Uzumaki Naruto once more, but have all the power of Tia Harribel in a male body version of her, and spill the blood of the guilty that hide behind their so called 'noble' reasons for defying OUR laws," said the figure and Harribel's eyes widened in surprise.

"Are you...Kami?" said Harribel while the figure's smile grew.

"No. I am not my brother. I am Yami. God of Vengeance and Justice aimed against all that defy Kami's Laws and mine. The making of Jinchuriki and using them as weapons is an act of defiance against him and must be brought to justice," said Yami while the former Espada just looked at him.

"Then why not intervene sooner? Jinchuriki were made long before myself when I was Uzumaki Naruto. Why not punish them sooner?" said Tia curiously while Yami looked away.

"Because Kami was being stubborn. Your Biju was a vixen. A beautiful fiery one that did not like to be controlled or follow orders. A woman after my own heart and one that Kami wanted to bed to have another notch under his belt. For his talks of being above the desires mortals possess within themselves, Kami is a hypocrite, and wishes to bed any being he finds desirable. Kyuubi was that vixen and she refused him. Enraged by her refusal, Kami made sure the Senju, and the Uchiha bloodlines would be able to restrain if not control her. When she was sealed away into you, the Shinigami came to us, and explained what Yondaime Hokage had done. I moved to take you away from Konoha, but Kami ordered me not to, and said that until Kyuubi submits to him with the pledge of being his lover for all time...she was not going to be free," said Yami with Tia narrowing her eyes in rage at this.

"Why the sudden change now?" said Tia while Yami just grinned at her.

"The celestial powers that be, including myself, and the Shinigami King have decided our brother had broken the rules he's supposed to uphold for far too long. He has been how you say...removed from his duties until further notice by the powers above. Until then I am in charge and you have my full support in what needs to be done," said Yami with Tia nodding appreciatively at the deity before her.

"I'm ready," said Tia before she felt herself being consumed in white light.

"Go forth Uzumaki Naruto. Go forth and bring down the defiant mortals of your world that Kami has refused to let us punish out of his own personal desires. I have put the blood in the water, now the shark that was once a fox will smell, and head to where he needs to go," said Yami, as he set things in motion where Naruto needed to go, and it was going to be fun watching the former Kyuubi Jinchuriki's world needing a good kick in the ass.

(With Uzumaki Naruto)

Water. It was all around him. Naruto was back in his world. He had been consumed in light, felt the gender of his body change from female to male again, and no sooner had that happened did the cool crisp feeling of life sustaining liquid consumed him. Not that Naruto minded. As Tia Harribel, the blonde had always enjoyed it, and even more when the world around you is a desert of white sand going as far as the eyes can see. When Tia Harribel entered the world of the living, even if it was only the fake city she had headed to with the other remaining Espada, the sight of the buildings, and the life that the Living World possessed brought about a sense of remembrance of what life was like living in it.

And now he was back in his own once more.

Moving swiftly through the water, Naruto soon reached the shores of the nearby land not far from his current position, and walked out of the water to find himself surprisingly in Wave Country. How did Naruto know this? The house on the water was Tazuna's old house from when the old drunk let them stay after defeating Zabuza in combat.

And from the sound of things, the family there was under attack, and it was making the former female Espada now male former Jinchuriki's blood boil.

"Get back here you bitch!" said a male voice, as the sound of things shattering, breaking, and being destroyed before a woman that Naruto knew to be Tsunami was running from the house.

The attacker, now identified to be a Leaf Shinobi was right behind the woman, but not just any Konoha Shinobi, who could have done the job, and attacked Tsunami in her own home. No. This particular Konoha Shinobi was none other then Hatake Kakashi and the image of his evil smirking masked face from what seemed like ages upon ages ago at the execution of his former student sent a cold rage through the blonde's body.

"Why are you doing this?" said Tsunami, as she had tripped on a rock, and falling to the ground with Kakashi soon upon her.

"Because your bastard Father wouldn't change the name of the bridge to the Great Uchiha Bridge like Tsunade demanded of him for the past 3 years. You still want it to be named after that abomination I had for a student. So I have to make an example out of you so the old drunk understands that our way is law and those that defy Konoha's Law are punished for it," said Kakashi with a kunai in hand and intended to make Tazuna get the point of behind the woman's death.

'At least Inari's not here. I'm not afraid to die knowing he's still alive,' thought Tsunami, as she stared in the face of her attacker, and soon to be murderer.

"Any last words before meeting your end Wave Slut?" said Kakashi while looking down at the woman before him.

"I do. 'Bala!'" said Naruto, as he shot a ball of yellow energy at Kakashi, and hit him from behind.

Only to find he had struck a log of wood since Kakashi had substituted with it.

"Who are you?" said Kakashi while appearing behind Naruto and had put the kunai to the blonde's collar covered throat.

"Its been a long time Hatake. How long has it been? Two years? Three year maybe? Or perhaps its really a lifetime that for myself has been well over a millennia?" said Naruto, as he was not intimidated by the Jounin, and knew the man had no way of hurting what could not be hurt by such a simplistic weapon.

"You know of me. Meaning you know what I can do to you if I don't get an answer," said Kakashi while hearing the collared boy chuckle in amusement.

"I know exactly what you can do Hatake. You hurt me a long time ago. Remember?" said Naruto while knowing it was a long time ago for him and Kakashi while the Jounin had probably put it out of his mind. shortly after the blonde's death.

"I don't know who you are. What is your name and might remember?" said Kakashi while hearing another amused chuckle from the blonde boy.

"You don't remember, do you? But I do. I remember though very well. You called me demon, monster, murderer of the Yondaime, Kyuubi reincarnate, and quite a few others I don't really think need to be mentioned since I can already sense that you do remember me now. Of course, I was always partial to one that seemed to connect all those names together, and bring the hatred the people of the Leaf had for me to its zenith," said Naruto while Kakashi hand was now shaking and his masked face was one of denial.

Tsunami herself was in shock at hearing the conversation and the possible identity of her rescuer.

"It can't be. It can't be you. I saw you die! I saw them break your body. I helped them in leaving marks on your flesh. I performed the Fire Jutsu that burned it after the beheading during the execution," said Kakashi hearing another chuckle from Naruto.

"It wouldn't be the first time you tried to set me on fire. Right Inu? That was your ANBU Codename and mask given when the Sandaime assigned you as my bodyguard when I was a child, right?" said Naruto while Kakashi dropped his kunai in shock and leaped away in fright.

"It's a trick. You aren't him. I don't believe you!" said Kakashi while Naruto turned around to face the Jounin so the man could get a good look at him.

The clothes Naruto wore were similar to Tia Harribel, including the color, but somehow along the way to this world, they were altered to be worn by a guy, and instead of a lean stomach the boy had one that showed his torso had a lot of muscle behind it. Naruto's zanpakuto still strapped horizontally in the sheathe on his back

"For our Genin test, you tied me to the pole even though Sakura did nothing, and should have been there instead. You did that deliberately just to prove you could to me and I could do absolutely nothing back," said Naruto seeing Kakashi's eyes widen in shock.

"How is this possible?" said Kakashi while Naruto just stood their with his arms crossed over the other.

"The short story? The being above are displeased with you humans are acting like you own this world and are going against the natural order of things. I've been sent to make you remember one simple fact about life in this world," said Naruto while Kakashi had steadied himself for a fight.

"And what is that?" said Kakashi seeing Naruto's eyes narrow at him.

"That those who break the Laws of Nature must be punished!" said Naruto before he was gone in an instant using Sonido and Kakashi cried out in pain when the blonde struck him in the back with his elbow.

Kakashi fell to his knees before fully hitting the ground, the pain from that one strike had been indescribable to the Jounin, and was turned over with a simple nudge of Naruto's foot so the two could look each other in the eyes. Kakashi tried to move his head in a way that would move his headband and allow him to use his Sharingan Eye against this foe. However, Naruto knew he would do this, and put his foot on the Jounin's headband with the pressure from it alone making the man realize that any attempt to try would result in the crushing of his entire face.

"Wait! Wait! Naruto, I'm sorry for what we did. It was orders. Strictly orders. I never saw you as those things I said. The Councils made me say them. They felt that if you believed I hated you, it would further break your spirit further, and make you more controllable to use in the future," said Kakashi while his hand slowly snaked to his kunai pouch.

"It didn't work. You all had your fun hurting me, calling me names, and trying to put me down before my end in this world. Now its my turn to put an end to you and the others that follow you," said Naruto while staring at Kakashi without an ounce of sympathy.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I truly am," said Kakashi while reaching for the kunai and slowly got it in his hand.

"Do you really think I'm going to believe such a blatant lie?" said Naruto casually while Kakashi just stared at him from his downed position.

"No. But it was worth a shot," said Kakashi, as he stabbed Naruto in the leg on his face with the kunai, but the blonde had moved his leg before contact could be made, and the Jounin got up with a smug look on your face while ignoring the pain to his back.

"Don't get cocky Hatake. I moved my leg because I didn't want the clothing I wear to get damaged. Nothing more," said Naruto with the man grinning further behind his mask.

"Do you really expect me to believe such a blatant lie?" said Kakashi in a mocking tone when asking the same question Naruto did.

"No. But it was worth a shot," said Naruto before he was gone again and was behind the Jounin once more.

"You won't trick me with the same move!" said Kakashi, as he was already turning with the kunai ready to be thrust forward, and intended to make sure the blonde stayed dead this time.

Only to see and hit absolutely nothing.

"I know. That's why I'm prepared to add on to it," said Naruto from behind Kakashi's shocked form and grabbed the Jounin by the neck before lifting him off the ground.

Only to be substituted with Tsunami taking his place before Naruto freed her from his grip.

"This isn't over Naruto. I don't know how you came back, but make no mistake you will die again, and not even the Gods above can save you," said Kakashi before he was gone from sight.

"Pathetic worm," said Naruto before turning to face Tsunami and saw the disbelief on her face at seeing him again.

"Is it really you...Naruto?" said Tsunami, as she was helped up by the blonde, and he just gave a nod to her question.

"Has Inari grown up since I last saw him?" said Naruto seeing Tsunami nod and motion him to follow her into the house.

"Yes. Though he didn't take your death well. Anyone from the Leaf that enters Wave is no longer welcome," said Tsunami seeing the state of her home was now horrible.

"He hasn't given up, right?" said Naruto seeing Tsunami shake her head.

"No. Inari has every intention of defending Wave Country with every bone in his body no matter what," said Tsunami with Naruto smiling at that slightly despite his shark teeth for a Hollow Mask making it difficult.

"That's good. Can you tell me the state of the Elemental Countries while I help you clean up?" said Naruto seeing the woman nod and smile at him helping her fix things around the house.

(Konoha-A Few Days Later)

"Is this some kind of sick joke Kakashi? Because if it is, then I'm not laughing, and I'm not amused," said Tsunade sternly while Jiraiya was beside her after being summoned to the mission debriefing after the Jounin came in spouting nonsense about Naruto bring alive.

I'm not making this up Hokage-sama. Naruto is alive. I saw him in Wave. He prevented me from completing my mission to kill Tazuna's daughter," said Kakashi and shut up from speaking further when Tsunade slammed her fist down on the desk between them.

"Enough! I don't want to hear your lame excuse for a lie. I can tolerate them for when you are late for meetings, but not this, and definitely when such an excuse is being used for such an easy mission. How could you fail the such a simple mission? Brutally kill Tsunami so Tazuna gets the message of changing the name of his country's bridge. You failed the mission Kakashi!" said Tsunade with her tone indicating she was not pleased.

"I'm not making an excuse Hokage-sama. I'm telling you what I saw, experienced, and I'm not lying about this. Have Inoichi dive into my mind if you don't believe me!" said Kakashi seeing Tsunade staring at him right in the eyes looking for any hint of lie.

"Get out. I need to talk to Jiraiya about this failure. Keep what was spoken in this room to yourself Kakashi. I will not have this village get thrown into a panic over the return of the Kyuubi brat," said Tsunade seeing the Jounin nod and leave the room.

"What are you thinking Tsunade?" said Jiraiya while Tsunade just leaned back in her chair and touched the Shodaime's necklace she had taken back from Naruto.

"It could be the Kyuubi. We have long suspected it would return like the three-tails did after the previous Mizukage died," said Tsunade while Jiraiya grimaced.

"If that was true, then the Akatsuki would have been all over him, and my spy tells me they have been focusing more on Kumo for the eight-tailed Ox inside the Raikage's little brother Killer Bee," said Jiraiya knowing a Kage Summit was being convened soon and all five Kages were attending to combat the Akatsuki threat.

The organization had all, but two of the Biju with one being in a Jinchuriki, and another died with its vessel after Konoha killed him.

"Still, this new development must be kept under wraps, and no one in Konoha can know of the possibility of Kyuubi returning. We don't have anyone capable of sealing the fox inside the child outside of yourself and there is no child with Uzumaki blood left capable of holding Kyuubi in the world," said Tsunade while cursing herself for not extracting some of Naruto's seed to impregnate a woman to give the village at least one Uzumaki that could be used to seal the Kyuubi.

"I'll have my spy network look into this co called return of Naruto. Until then, we need to prepare for the Kage Summit, and come up with a plan to fight the Akatsuki before they can go after the final Jinchuriki from Kumo," said Jiraiya seeing Tsunade nod.

"You do that. I want to make sure this isn't some kind of scare tactic either by the fox or the Akatsuki into bringing about panic to our village out of revenge for denying them Kyuubi," said Tsunade seeing Jiraiya nod and leave the room via the window.

(Somewhere near Konoha)

"Nothing has changed. Even the horrible smell of it still exists. Disgusting," said Naruto to himself while seeing the people go about their business like nothing was wrong.

It was time to change that.

Without wasting another single second, Naruto covered the entire village of Konoha in his spiritual pressure, and made everyone in it freeze in their tracks. Animals whimpered, insects shivered in fear, and people collapsed onto the ground. Looking up at the Hokage Monument, he could see plans to add another head to it, which he could only assume was meant for Sasuke from what Tsunami told him of the Uchiha's time after being forced to return to Konoha.

Apparently, the people didn't care he had left Konoha to join Orochimaru, as the Curse Seal making him do it had been their obvious excuse in him going rogue, and forgave the teme for his actions. They gave him everything they had and more to convince him to stay in the Leaf. Even going so far to make him the Six Hokage once Tsunade retired from the position, but the people apparently couldn't wait that long, and wanted his face on their soon before it actually happened. Casually bringing out his zanpakuto, the blonde charged it with his power, and shot a Cero at the Hokage Monument with the attack that struck Tsunade's rock face while destroying the spot where Sasuke's was going to be placed.

Seeing his work was done, Naruto lifted his spiritual pressure, and was gone seconds later knowing the next phase of the plan now had to be put into motion. While the village was recovering from this sudden attack, which would involved the Hokage having a meeting with other officials, Shinobi running around madly on patrols, and civilians running for the nearest shelter. While all this was going down, Naruto appeared in the Hyuuga Clan Compound, not caring if he was seen or not, and in a large home filled with people with a Dojutsu that can see practically every direction made not being seen in their own home quite difficult if the uninvited guess was trying to hide.

Naruto wasn't trying to hide. Sure enough, members of the Hyuuga Clan saw, and fought him with their signature Gentle Fist Taijutsu. Naruto surprised them all with unmatched speed, agility, and strength in each fluid motion of movement he made against them. He put them through walls, the floor, and even the ceiling after each hit they landed while heading to his intended destination.

To see Hyuuga Hinata.

Making his way to her, he opened the door to the room she was in, and froze at seeing the girl being attacked by her own Father in what could only be described as a fight to the death while trying to survive he onslaught. Hinata had bruises on her face, the clothing she wore was in tatters, and judging by how unsurprised the girl was this seemed to be just one of many such training matches the two had.

Though the words training matches was not what the blonde would use.

"Stop fighting defensively! Fight aggressively. You are a Hyuuga! A Hyuuga does not fight defensively. We fight straightforward, in a straight line, and strike straight for the heart of our enemies. You do not bend and move around your enemy like it is a dance and the fact your unable to do that proves how pathetic you really are. I thought with the death of the demon brat years ago would change you into a proper Hyuuga. Now I find it has done nothing, except make you even weaker, and more pathetic!" said Hiashi while he kept on attacking without mercy at his own flesh and blood.

"I cannot fight like you or Neji because your way of fighting is meant for someone with the elemental affinity type of earth Father. My element is water and thus I need to be just as flexible in terms of movement," said Hinata while using her agility to avoid a strike to her heart.

"I will not accept your perverse version of our clan's fighting style. I didn't accept it with your Mother and I won't with you!" said Hiashi, as he had for the past three years been trying to force Hinata to fight like him, act like him, and be the idea Hyuuga just like himself.

Sadly, Hinata just would not do any of those things, and so after a talk with the Elders had decided that if the girl didn't make the change into being the ideal Hyuuga...then she would have to die like a Hyuuga. The Hokage wouldn't mind, not that many people cared about the Hyuuga girl anymore due to her not hating Naruto, and her not so secret crush on the dead Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

"Is that why you killed her shortly after Hanabi was born? So she wouldn't teach me her version?" said Hinata, as she actually landed a hit on Hiashi, and it angered the man even more.

"Bitch! You are not worthy of being my daughter. Die!" said Hiashi, as he aimed for the killing blow, and Hinata was unable to dodge this time.

"I don't think so," said Naruto, as he had moved via Sonido, and grabbed Hiashi's arm he intended to use for the strike before breaking it almost clean off at the elbow.

Hiashi cried out in pain like never before, as he looked in shock at seeing a blonde haired, blue eyed boy, wearing all white, and had a strange sword on his back staring back at him with a look that could bend steel. The blonde then struck Hiashi in the throat, followed by the knee, and then a blow to the Hyuuga Clan Head's right eye with enough power behind it to break multiple blood vessels in the man's eye.

"Who are you?" said Hinata, as she saw this blonde haired stranger in white now focus on her, and yet those blue eyes held warmth in them when focusing on her.

"You know who I am Hinata-chan," said Naruto while taking a step towards the injured girl.

"No I don't," said Hinata, as she saw her Father trying to stand behind the blonde, and would have if not for the Mule Kick to the face that sent him into the wall behind him.

"The last time we spoke, I was in chains, bleeding, and awaiting my execution in front of the village populace roughly three years ago," said Naruto making the girl's eyes widen in surprise.

"N-Naruto?" said Hinata in shock while his eyes continued to show her warmth.

"Yes Hinata-chan. I have returned to you," said Naruto making the girl faint at hearing this while the blonde could only chuckle in amusement.

Some things never change.

"You! Unhand Hinata," said Neji, as he came into the room, and saw his cousin in the blonde's arms.

"No," said Naruto simply.

"Then I will kill you," said Neji getting into his Gentle Fist stance.

"Your Uncle had no chance of defeating me. What makes you think your luck will prove to be any better then his?" said Naruto while Neji was trying to figure out the best way to strike him while not hurting Hinata.

Though Naruto doubted that line of thought from the Hyuuga would last.

"I am better then my Uncle," said Neji seeing his foe looking bored when looking at him.

"Hardly," said Naruto before he was gone one second and reappeared inches from Neji in the air with the surprised Hyuuga getting a knee to his face that sent him flying through several walls.

Seeing his work was done, Naruto used Sonido to leave the Hyuuga Clan Compound, and the village in general for an area outside of its walls.

The message had been sent and it was now clear to Tsunade behind its meaning once she was able to calm down after no doubt changing into a clean pair of granny panties.

Uzumaki Naruto was back, he was here to stay, and if you crossed him...he was going to kick your ass.

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