Chapter 5-Great White Fox

(Spring Country-Weeks Later)

Naruto stirred from his slumber to see Hinata sleeping on his right side, a sense of pure contentment on her face, and had every right to be after last night. They had spent the past few weeks going on numerous dates despite living together in the lovely home the Spring Daimyo provided for them, and getting to know one another now that they had the time. Wherever they went, people greeted them like they were royalty, which in some ways they were, as Koyuki herself had shown Naruto some information pertaining to his Uzumaki lineage on his Mother's side after she revealed a team had been sent in a year after Naruto's death. As it turns out, Kushina was related to the Daimyo of Whirlpool on her Father's side of the family, and thus made Naruto someone of regal descent.

Not that Hinata cared about such things, as she liked Naruto regardless of his bloodline, or status on the social ladder. To her, Uzumaki Naruto was perfect, and no one could say anything to change the Hyuuga's mind about him in the slightest. It didn't take long for the two to begin having a relationship on an intimate level and soon couldn't keep their hands off the other. For Naruto, his hands knew where to travel, as he had been female for many years when Tia Harribel, and knew just where to touch a woman like Hinata to bring forth pleasure to the physical body.

It also proved that age old truth to be fact regarding shy girls being real screamers in bed.

Karin had been jealous of course, as she wanted to be in the Hyuuga girl's position, but knew that patience was required, and prove she deserved to be Naruto's second girl. She had been allowed to live with Naruto too for obvious reasons while Suigestu had decided to go to Mist and become a Shinobi of Mist like his predecessors before him. He asked for Naruto's blessing first, which the Uzumaki gave, and told him to continue getting stronger. The Mizukage had sent a message to Naruto welcoming him to visit her and Mist when he had the time though Naruto could read between the lines just like Hinata did when they read the message.

The Mizukage was attracted to him plain and simple. What was it with his family and red haired women with tempers?

'It will soon be all over for Iwa and Konoha. They just don't know it yet,' thought Naruto, as he reflected on the actions of Iwa, and Konoha since the fall of the Akatsuki along with the Biju now residing in the demonic realm.

Iwa had thrown a fit over hearing the news, as the old Tsuchikage had yelled, screamed, and had multiple back problem situations since word reached them of the Biju being lost to the world forever. Konoha was no better, as Tsunade had claimed the Biju were the property of the Senju Clan, and called Naruto's actions full blown theft from the clan. Both had sent emissaries to the Spring Daimyo, as both asked in a demanding tone to have Uzumaki Naruto brought to their respected villages to stand trial, and face judgment regarding his actions. Koyuki refused both emissaries, telling them that Naruto did what needed to be done, and that if they demanded anything like that again...the consequences would be dire for each village!

Apparently, neither Kage from either village liked that response from the Daimyo herself, and had decided to respond in a rather rude manner by sending their ANBU after Naruto. The mission was to capture, subdue, and return with the blonde Uzumaki to either village depending on who got him to which village first. The plan after that was for Naruto to be ruthlessly interrogated for information about what he had done with the eight Biju freed from the statue and how to get them back to make Jinchuriki again. Though for Konoha, they planned to kill Naruto after he got them back while Iwa planned to take his power to make an army of pseudo-Jinchuriki, and make war with everyone around them.

The ANBU teams from both Iwa and Konoha never returned to their respected villages while a message was sent by Koyuki to both Kages.

You had your chance to walk away. What happens next is on your heads now.

That was a Month ago.

Of course, Naruto had every intention of going after both villages, but felt the need to wait for them to make the first move, as it made his actions justified, and spending time with Hinata was something he had wanted to do since his business in Kumo. When the two ANBU teams came for him, Konoha had tried to make a move in grabbing Hinata to make him work for them, but the Hyuuga girl wasn't some fan girl, who didn't know how to fight to save her life, and repelled her would-be kidnappers. Jugo, who had been one of Hinata's patients at the hospital Koyuki had let her work at to treat many needed patients with illnesses, built up from the many cruel winters prior to her ascension to the Daimyo throne, helped repel his fair share of the enemy, and let Naruto deal with the ANBU from Iwa that Karin reported was moments away from crashing the party.

Suigestu was apparently bummed out when he heard this while in Mist and wished he had killed some people for the glory of the man responsible for giving him such a sweet new life. It didn't help Karin was laughing at his expense or at least he suspected she was laughing at his expense after reading his apologetic letter for not being there. Of course he got her back in the P.S. part of his letter telling Naruto he should probably take Karin out on a pity date since she was no doubt sulking from not being on one yet. Naruto now smirked at the memory of how Karin shrieked, her face turning red to match her hair, and then ranting about going to Mist to castrate the swordsman somehow without his ability to turn into water saving him.

Nagato thought it was funny while considering himself lucky to be involved with only one woman in his life and took up the position of Kage for Spring Country's Shinobi village with Konan being his second in command. Upon his arrival to Spring, he quickly went to see an audience with Koyuki while Hinata, and Suigestu were there to hear the reason the official leader of the Akatsuki was in their presence. When Konan explained to them all that Naruto himself sent them here, Koyuki was skeptical to say the least, but Hinata had been watching them the entire time, and could tell they were telling the truth.

Koyuki was hesitant to letting the two have sanctuary in her country, but if Naruto felt they deserved their chance of being redeemed, then she wasn't about to question him on this act of mercy, and let them stay with Hinata doing a thorough checkup on both of them.

Konan was healthy, which you didn't need to be a Medic Nin to see, but Nagato was in bad shape, and it was nothing short of miraculous the man was alive given his condition. Fortunately, Hinata had fixed his legs, and gave the Uzumaki kin of Naruto a mean to properly heal his body so it would be healthy again. Had he not been treated soon, Hinata estimated he would have been dead within the next few days, or possibly the day Naruto had opposed the invasion into Kumo for the eight-tails. With Nagato's body healed, the red haired Uzumaki wished to heal his spirit, and asked Konan to marry him. Something he had wanted to hold off on until the Akatsuki had achieved peace after capturing all of the Biju. Now that peace had been achieved, Nagato had no reason to hold back, and the look on Konan's face before the kiss she gave him explained her answer.

Naruto had witnessed the wedding, as he had been Nagato's best man with Hinata, and Karin being bride's maids with Koyuki performing the wedding ceremony to bind the two lovers together. Naruto could easily see Hinata was picturing herself up there in Konan's place while Nagato was replaced by himself and Karin was doing the same though he suspected in the red haired woman's version Hinata was weeping in the stands. While he imagined the Mizukage was laughing at Hinata and Karin in her version while mocking both women at being denied her man.

It was strange how he knew how fiery red haired women thought. It was almost...scary?

After the wedding, Konan through the bouquet over her head, which was caught by both Hinata, Karin, and the Mizukage with all three women glaring dangerously at each other to let go of the flowers that whoever possessed them over the toss was destined to get married. It almost turned into an all out fight, possibly to the death had Naruto not done the only thing that could possibly defuse this, and kissed them all.

A squeal of joy from all three women, a massive glomp from them a second later, and their thoughts on who got the bouquet left their minds. Sometimes it paid to have been a thought like a woman for a for roughly a thousand years in Hueco Mundo and then be able to defuse such female hostilities once becoming a male again without fear of being hurt in the process.

Sadly, the moment of joy ended when a messenger came to Koyuki, and informed her of a plot aimed against Spring Country by two Shinobi villages. The plot makers? Iwa and Konoha with both Shinobi villages secretly making an alliance while planning to send in a small army from each village to assassinate Koyuki while pinning the blame on Naruto for not giving into their demands.

The source of this information? The spies of the Kazekage with Gaara wishing Naruto well on all his endeavors. With this information, Koyuki could no longer tolerate Iwa, or the Leaf anymore then she already had after their first attempt at ignoring her the decree to the emissaries the first time. So with a heavy heart, knowing the deaths that were about to happen because of it, Koyuki gave the order to Naruto to unleash everything he had on the two villages, and do what needed to be done for true peace.

Naruto just nodded to the Spring Daimyo and entered the Garganta to do what needed to be done...for true peace.

(Border of Fire and Earth Country-Sometime Later)

Naruto walked towards Iwa. A quick trip with the Garganta, but the blonde felt using it to go from Spring Country to the border of Earth Country would get the attention of people watching both sides, and knew Shinobi on the border would quickly report his crossing into the country to the Tsuchikage. The Tsuchikage would prepare his forces for battle, the spies for Konoha in Iwa would then report to Jiraiya, who then reports to the Hokage, and the bitch herself would begin to prepare her forces for battle knowing the Leaf was next. Personally, Naruto didn't have a grudge against Iwa, even if they did against him for being the son of the Yondaime, and even now for taking away the eight remaining Biju from this world. No doubt Tsunade would raise a stink about it once word from Kumo reached Konoha of this fact, and the old hag would pound her fists on the desk in anger knowing it was impossible to do anything about it.

Not that she could do anything to him. As it stood, Uzumaki Naruto was now the most powerful person in the Elemental Countries, and had no intention of being defeated by such fools thinking they were beyond the laws of deities on high. They had only gotten away with it because Kami himself turned out the be a semi-lecherous pig, who wanted a certain Biju, and took it out on all them after feeling wronged by her spurring all of his advances.

"Halt! Stay where you are Uzumaki Naruto," said an Iwa Jounin with a scar running down his face and a right hand that showed scarring made from being burned.

"Why? I have business with your Tsuchikage that cannot be delayed," said Naruto plainly while more Iwa Shinobi came out of hiding and surrounded the Arrancar.

"You will surrender to us at once!" said the same Iwa Jounin as before though Naruto had no intention of listening and wasn't in the mood to care what the Tsuchikage wanted.

"For what purpose?" said Naruto calmly since he assumed the Tsuchikage would want to have a "kill on sight" placed on the son of the Yondaime.

"That's none of your concern," said another Shinobi with the rank of Chuunin.

"Now you're being rude and I hate rude people," said Naruto before he vanished from sight and socked the Chuunin from Iwa through a couple dozen trees.

"Take him!" said the Iwa Jounin with the battle scars.

The small army charged Naruto, but the blonde was too fast, too strong, and too damn vicious for them to counter in hand to hand combat. The Arrancar didn't even need to use his zanpakuto on these fools, as they were not worth the time, nor the effort in drawing his blade, and using it to slice this pitiful band of Shinobi to pieces. When it was all said and done only one Iwa Shinobi remained alive though for how long remained to be seen.

"I'll ask one more time and if you don't give me an honest answer your last moments in this world will not be pleasant. Why did your Tsuchikage send you to subdue rather then kill me?" said Naruto with the Iwa Jounin being pulled close to his face.

"The Tsuchikage heard of what you did with the other Biju being sent away. Since you were once the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, he believes whatever power you possess is from the fox, and wanted you captured in order to siphon it off using a variety of seals to make an army of pseudo-Jinchuriki," said the Iwa Shinobi seeing Naruto narrow his eyes at him.

"The Tsuchikage is as foolish and will soon join his foolish subordinates he sent on this mission in death!" said Naruto before snapping the man's neck and headed for Iwa.

(Iwa-At the Moment)

"I have a bad feeling about this Grandfather," said Kurotsuchi seeing the old man narrow his eyes at her.

"I know you do Kurotsuchi, but with the Biju lost to us, we need to find an alternative to them, and this is the only thing I can think of that could possibly give Iwa the edge over our rivals," said the Tsuchikage while Kurotsuchi knew of her Grandfather's wish to put their rivals down with a weapon none of the other villages possessed.

"It won't work. This guy is too strong to be put down by those Shinobi alone. They were nowhere near as strong as you were now or in your prime. This new improved version of Uzumaki Naruto from what he was three years ago is something far more dangerous and he destroyed the Akatsuki's strongest members from what we've heard from our spies in Kumo," said Kurotsuchi seeing her Grandfather nod knowing that they would have taken him at his current age.

Their discussion was ended however, as a massive wave of spiritual pressure slammed into them, and all of Iwa felt the power unleashed on the entire village. Everyone from civilian to Shinobi, Academy student to retired ANBU, and anyone passing through Iwa to get somewhere felt the presence of Uzumaki Naruto. Though this time, the spiritual pressure Naruto had unleashed was much thicker, heavier, and more impacting on the Tsuchikage from what the old man remembered at the Kage Summit. This wasn't some mere test of power like last time to cast off the belief the young man was bluffing when a majority of the Kages there had doubts about Naruto's power. No! This was power being used to make a statement that Iwa was in the Uzumaki's crosshairs and there was a price to be paid for crossing him.

And just as it vanished!

'Why did it suddenly stop? Did someone kill or subdue him?' thought the Tsuchikage, as he saw his Granddaughter struggle to stand, and wobbling a bit before grabbing the desk to keep the chance of stumbling to the ground at a minimum.

"Was that...him?" said Kurotsuchi, as she had heard her Grandfather describe the man's power, but to feel it was something else entirely, and the woman was fearful of facing the blonde Uzumaki.

"Yes," said the Tsuchikage simply.

"You should know better then to tamper with things you can't completely understand old Kage," said Naruto appearing behind the surprised Tsuchikage via Garganta.

"What? How did-AAAH!" said the Tsuchikage before Naruto grabbed him by his face and slammed him into a nearby wall.

"I told you my mission was to remove the remaining Biju from the world. That the use of sealing them and making Jinchuriki was taboo. Yet you wish to work around that issue by trying to capture me and drain my power into your subordinates in order to make pseudo-Jinchuriki. Pathetic!" said Naruto before tossing the Tsuchikage out the window and now redirected his attention on Kurotsuchi.

The woman maybe afraid of the man before her, but she was still loyal to her Grandfather despite his actions, and threw a defiant punch at the blonde Uzumaki to buy the old man time to recover with the other Iwa Shinobi outside the tower. The punch was caught by Naruto easily, his eyes looking back her own, scanning, appraising even, but they did not change in the slightest to show of either praise, or the disappointment that came from not having the former in them.

"I won't let you kill my Grandfather or destroy this village," said Kurotsuchi defiantly at the Arrancar, but she screamed in pain when Naruto's grip on her fist tightened, and was kicked hard in the stomach with the force behind it sending the woman through several walls of the tower.

"As if you had the power to stop me," said Naruto before using Sonido to appear several feet away from the Tsuchikage, who now had the entire Shinobi army of Iwa, and saw the old man was staring defiantly at him.

"Not even you have the power to stop all of us. You will lose this day," said Tsuchikage with Naruto looking bored and yet there was a look in the blonde's eyes the Kage saw that told them something was about to happen.

"I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. Its almost insulting that I would have to use my true power on all of you. Still, it can't be helped since none of you will listen to reason, and choose the pursuit of power at the cost of countless lives. And for what? All so you can be stronger then your rivals? That's isn't strength. Its greed. If you really wanted to be stronger then the other villages, you should be training hard, pushing your bodies beyond their limitations, and not relying on Jinchuriki like a crutch. Not that it matters anymore, as the five major Shinobi villages are now on even terms, and none of you have an edge the other can't overcome with time," said Naruto before drawing his zanpakuto from its sheathe and held it lazily yet firmly in his grip.

"You're bluffing! Not even the son of the Yondaime with Uzumaki blood in his veins can defeat all of Iwa. What could you possibly possess with the ability to do what the other Shinobi villages couldn't since the first Shinobi War?" said an Iwa Jounin while Naruto just kept looking the Tsuchikage dead in the eyes and was making the old man nervous.

"For all the power you've sensed, the truth of the matter is I've yet to unseal all of my power, and since becoming what I am now...have been banned from doing it by a being more powerful then myself," said Naruto simply since that was true due to Aizen giving that order to everyone ranked one through three among the Espada.

"You're lying! No one has that kind of power," said the Iwa Jounin though his voice had a sliver of fear.

"I don't lie," said Naruto while still staring at the Tsuchikage, who looked him right in the eyes, and knew it wasn't a bluff of any kind.

'His power is already at terrifying levels and he had yet to show his real power. A power that someone stronger then himself ordered never to be unleashed until now,' thought the Tsuchikage while seeing a yellow aura of sorts that looked like chakra swirl around the blonde Uzumaki.

"Be honored Shinobi of Iwa. From Genin to the Tsuchikage, you will be the first among the people of this world to see my full power unleashed, and those lucky to survive my wrath will be allowed to tell the rest of the world. The Leaf will be the second to witness it. 'Destroy: Tiburón!'" said Naruto with his zanpakuto pointed down in front of him and did not stop looking the Tsuchikage in the eyes.

(Konoha-Moments Later)

"Did you feel that Tsunade?" said Jiraiya turning to Tsunade, who nodded in agreement at the massive power spike in the direction of Iwa, and it was familiar to both of them.

It was Naruto.

"Who wouldn't? He's gone straight to Iwa. Naruto plans to destroy their village and then come here to do the same," said Tsunade knowing Iwa would earn Naruto's wrath first due to the arrogance of the Tsuchikage had been insulting to the blonde Uzumaki.

"How do you want to proceed?" said Jiraiya knowing in his current state, he wasn't able to fight Naruto, and even if it was possible the Toads had voided their contract with him.

"Prepare every Shinobi in Konoha for battle. Its do or die for the Leaf," said Tsunade, as she saw Jiraiya nod knowing that the possible end was coming, and at the hands of the Yondaime's son no less.

'Can't Naruto see we did what we did for the good of the world? That we simply want the Biju back in Konoha because that is where they belong? That he needed to pay for all the deaths caused by his hands whether knowing it or not?' thought Jiraiya, as he believed it was through Naruto being conceived in Kushina, which caused her seal to weaken, the Kyuubi to attack, the deaths of the people in the village, and ultimately the death of his prodigal student who became the Yondaime Hokage.

Someone had to be held responsible for such a horrible act and since every other potential offender was dead...Naruto needed to fall in order for justice to be done.

At least in the mind of the people in Konoha it felt like that. Did it matter Naruto was the son of the Yondaime? No. All that mattered was someone pay for Kyuubi's rampage and nothing else. Practically everyone was in agreement with that fact and no one would say otherwise because then they would be traitors to the Leaf and there were no traitors to that form of logic in Konoha right now.

As far as they know.

"We got to get out of Konoha before the Boss gets here!" said Konohamaru with the rest of the Konohamaru Corps. with him at their secret meeting place.

For the past three years, they danced to the tune of the people denouncing Naruto, which included Konohamaru's own uncle Asuma, but in secret the trio were loyal to the blonde, and knew their friend got the raw end of the deal regarding Konoha's actions against him. When word reached Konoha of Naruto's return, the Konohamaru Corps. knew what they had to do, and had made preparations to leave the Leaf when the time had come.

"It won't be easy. The village is on lockdown and the defenses are being raised. The only way to get out of Konoha is if the Boss attacks now on one side and we run in the other direction," said Udon since he knew from a strategic point of view that once Naruto had reached one side of Konoha, every Shinobi was headed his way, and leave their post to engage the Uzumaki.

"We have no choice. Our loyalty is to the Boss. The village is a shadow of what it was meant to be and at the hands of those Naruto once trusted. You saw what happened the day Boss was executed! People were cheering, spitting on him, throwing stuff, and the Hokage ate it all up because she signed the order!" said Konohamaru while looking at Moegi, who was nodding in agreement, as she also remembered that day, and still had nightmares in seeing him dying.

"We won't get very far," said Udon seeing Konohamaru smirking at him.

"I disagree. That old hag wouldn't dare send any of her Shinobi out after us, as she wants everyone on the defensive, and ready to take on Boss. I know its risky, but if we stay, then the Boss might think we're on their side, and I'd rather not be here when this place gets taken down," said Konohamaru with the other two nodding in agreement.

"Let's do it!" said Moegi knowing it was now or never.

"For the Boss!" said Udon with Konohamaru nodding with determination in his eyes.

"For the Boss!" said Konohamaru with all three of them putting their hands together to symbolize they were in this to the end.

Acting quickly, the trio decided to make a detour to the ramen stand while the state of emergency was being issued, and knew the old man along with Ayame had left it for the shelter in the Hokage Monument. Setting some powerful explosive tags behind store they acquired thanks to Udon's genius in sneaking in during the graveyard shift at the armory during a timed rotation of the guards switching shifts, and set them on a special seal timer they had to go off 10 minutes after placement. Heading to the North Gate, they waited until the explosion occurred, and saw the attention of the Shinobi around them turn in that direction unsure what to make the sudden supposed attack. Running quickly through the gate, they heard the sound of a whistle from one of the Chuunin guarding it, who spotted them running, and now alerted the other Shinobi in the area of what just happened.

"Time is of the essence. You a smoke bomb," said Konohamaru, as he looked back, and saw a team of Chuunin heading their way.

"Right!" said Udon, as he threw several of them from his bag, and knew this batch made by his hands were going to be very effective since they had itching powder in them so even if they run through the smoke to see them run off...they would be forced to stop from the feel of the itching that would soon follow.

Sure enough, the Chuunin were all forced to stop, as the itching became unbearable, and they could only scream out in agony while scratching themselves all over.

(Hokage Tower)

"What do you mean they escaped?" said Tsunade angrily while one of the Chuunin, who had been treated for his itching, and showed he had been scratching harshly all over since it started.

"We were in pursuit of them, but they threw several smoke bombs down to obstruct our view, and found out they had itching powder added to the mix that made contact with our skin when running through it to keep an eye on our targets. The itching became so bad we couldn't stop scratching and couldn't pursue the Konohamaru Corps. without treatment.

"Damn them! I should have known they would do something like this. Their supposed loyalty to Konoha after Naruto's death should have been put under better scrutiny. I want them in the Bingo Book. A-Class Missing Nin!" said Tsunade with the Chuunin nodding and went to make it official.

"With those three gone, Naruto will have no problem in cutting loose, and unleashing more of his power," said Jiraiya, as he could feel Naruto's massive level of power even now, and sensed it was slowly heading their way.

"Let him come. I'll teach that brat to usurp me! First he kills Kushina, makes me come back here, defies my right as Hokage to kill him, and now heading here to destroy the Leaf village that was kind enough to let him have 12 years of life before we ended it," said Tsunade with Jiraiya having similar reasons though instead of Kushina, he was thinking about Minato, and the loss of his favorite student.

Any further talk ended when a massive amount of pressure was felt all around Konoha and the two Kage level Shinobi in Tsunade's office knew it was Naruto.

(Outside Konoha's Walls)

"Hello Konoha. I'm finally home," said Naruto to himself, as he had yet to go back to his sealed form everyone was familiar with, and was sure many would be surprised by his current appearance.

Unlike before when he was Tia Harribel, the now male Arrancar formerly of Aizen's Elite Espada wore a different version of what he wore when a woman, and felt it was much more appropriate considering the change back to his original gender. Naruto still wore white knee high boots, but were more jagged in the front instead of smooth white boots, and were below the knee while being more "manly" looking then what he first had when female. Instead of the bone like skirt with black shorts behind it, Naruto now had white shorts on the nearly went down to his knees, and his pointed skeletal shoulder guards were horizontal now instead of vertical. The various skeletal armor that once covered Tia Harribel's ample chest were not on Naruto in that fashion, but rather they had become a much smoother form of plating that covered his upper body like armor instead of a bra from when he was female, and then there was also the two white protrusions he had that resembled shark fins coming out of his back.

With a single slash of his zanpakuto in his Resurrección form, the massive doors, and the wall in front of Naruto fell within seconds. The screams from those on the wall or behind it in the belief such a structure would shield them all from harm were heard. Shinobi had either been slain by this single strike or severely injured while naively believing this man made barrier would hold against an Arrancar. Without even waiting for the debris to stop falling, Naruto started walking into the village, and instantly memories of the past hit him at random points from the short life he had being a resident of Konoha.

Memories of mob attacks that happened from time to time. The more vicious ones being on his birthday for obvious reasons. Memories of parents telling their children to ignore or hate him before the promise of a reward further provided incentive to their progeny that it was okay to hate the Jinchuriki they didn't want in the village yet would use when required to defend the village. Naruto wouldn't have smelled it back when he was the weak jailor of Kyuubi, but the place had a stench about it, and his beyond human senses knew what the stink was within seconds of entering Konoha.

It was the stench of arrogance. It was the stench of hatred. It was the stench produced by people believing they were beyond judgment. That they were assured some place in the heavens upon death and therefore could do whatever their hearts desired regardless of who suffered from their actions. But as he walked into the village, a new stench filled his senses, and Naruto could only smile when it reached him.

It was the stench of fear! The people of Konoha once more knew how to stink of fear, as they no doubt did when Kyuubi attacked so many years ago, and killed so many of their people.

A barrage of shuriken and kunai came at Naruto from all sides. Shinobi were on the roof, in alleyways, in front, and behind the blonde Uzumaki. It was clear they wanted him dead quick, fast, and in a hurry with many pointy objects puncturing his body being the cause of his demise. However, the Hierro made each projectile weapon bounce off of him, and he looked so bored when looking down at the sight of so many throwing objects around him.

"Die monster!" said one Chuunin deciding to be the hero of the village and attack with a sword while in midair to bring it down on the blonde.

Only for the sword to break on impact when hitting the armor on Naruto's shoulder.

"I don't know what more boring and pathetic. Your straightforward attack or the fact your words have been used by those in Iwa I destroyed not that long ago," said Naruto having disposed of Iwa with his power, leaving them a shadow of their former self, and left the Granddaughter of the Sandaime Tsuchikage to pick up the pieces with what Shinobi that were left.

It would take many decades, if not centuries to rise to their former greatness, and all who witnessed what Naruto did would know to pass on what they saw in order to make sure Iwa never became arrogant again.

"No! Wait! Mercy!" said the Chuunin, as he had thought Naruto would be struck down by his weapon, made a hero by the village, and got laid more times then any man could truly imagine!

Now he was about to die!

"Pathetic fool," said Naruto before smacking the man away with the flat of zanpakuto, but the force behind it was enough to break nearly every bone in the Chuunin's body, and die a slow agonizing death.

"Shadow Possession Jutsu a success!" said Shikamaru, as he along with his Father had used their clan's Jutsu to bind Naruto on both sides from their opposite positions in the separate alleyways they were stationed.

"You've used this trick already Shikamaru. What makes you think it will work now?" said Naruto calmly while feeling a pair of shadowy hands snake up his body to his throat and tried to suffocate him.

"We're not going for your sword. We're going right for the throat!" said Shikamaru, as he had his Father hold Naruto while moving his own shadow to the blonde's windpipe, and choke the life out of their enemy.

"In the event you had even a remote chance of succeeding, I would almost be impressed by your tactic to defeat me, and feel some form of concern. As it stands however, I am not impressed, and I am not concerned in the slightest," said Naruto while feeling the grip tighten on his throat and saw Shikamaru struggling to use his shadow to choke him.

'Impossible! I'm putting enough chakra and control into my shadow to crush the throat of an elephant. How is he still standing?' thought Shikamaru while his Father was thinking the same thing about restraining the blonde.

"While we're still alive and young!" said Shikaku to his old teammate Inoichi on the roof.

"Take this you monster! 'Mind Body Paralysis Jutsu!'" said Inoichi, as he used his clan technique against Naruto, and waited for the sign of blonde losing control over himself.

"Wood Release: Tree Binding Flourishing Burial!" said Yamato to cause a massive tree to hold Naruto in place knowing the Senju bloodline in his body, which Orochimaru had put into him would suppress any chakra the boy had left from the Kyuubi, and allow the Leaf to take the boy down.

"Hold him in place," said Tsunade, as she along with Jiraiya, and Kakashi made their way to Naruto while the Uzumaki did nothing the entire time.

"Hello Tsunade. Did you miss me since my death?" said Naruto calmly while the Hokage herself was clearly angry at him.

Just like the last time he was in Konoha.

"Like a cancer," said Tsunade while seeing Naruto looking completely calm and carefree despite the situation he was in.

"I can't honestly say seeing you again is pleasant either. Considering how I died on your orders three years ago," said Naruto calmly with Tsunade smashing her fist into his face, but unlike the last time she did it all those years ago, it was her fist that broke, and not the other way around.

"Hokage-sama! Are you all right?" said Kakashi, as he had never seen that happen, and saw Naruto looking at them without worry.

"I'm fine! The baka somehow broke my hand when I punched him," said Tsunade while glaring at Naruto with hated in her eyes.

"Considering you knocked most of my teeth out before my death three years ago, I think its only fair that the hand responsible for it be broken, and you feel a small sample of the pain the village inflicted on me when growing up," said Naruto calmly while Kakashi frowned and then revealed his Sharingan Eye.

"Break him!" said Tsunade knowing Kakashi could do that with his Sharingan Eye.

"With pleasure," said Kakashi while using its power on Naruto.

"Your eye has no power over me Kakashi. Nor does this tree. I was captured by your Shinobi because I allowed you to capture me," said Naruto before unleashing his spiritual pressure and destroyed the tree binding him along with the influence Inoichi might have had on his body.

The output of such power swirled around him, knocking Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Kakashi back while others like Yamato were torn apart from the violent burst of power. The first generation of the Ino-Shika-Cho had also been wiped out along with Shikamaru, who even before his death muttered "troublesome", and wondered what the afterlife was really like.

"Impossible!" said Jiraiya backing up while Kakashi covered his Sharing Eye since the backlash from Naruto using his power nearly made his Sharingan Eye explode due to the intensity of the power itself.

"You really didn't think a few shadow manipulations, a weak mental attack, and a chakra made tree designed to take down a Jinchuriki if not a Biju would stop me long enough to be killed, did you?" said Naruto while readying his zanpakuto in his hand.

"This isn't possible!" said Tsunade while Naruto narrowed his eyes at her.

"I think its time to drown some village rats. 'Cascada!'" said Naruto before flooding the surrounding area in water that rose to high levels, flooding everywhere through most of the village, making Shinobi hiding in the alleyways come flooding out, and manipulated the water to flow through Konoha to get everyone on the ground to be sent soaking wet to the village square.

Some of the Leaf Shinobi had drowned while others were coughing, puking up water, and trying to breathe from the massive amount of water they had ingested against their will. As the Shinobi still alive on the ground struggled to survive this one attack by Naruto, the blonde Uzumaki himself walked towards them, slicing through the buildings on either side of him, and enjoyed hearing the cries of the Shinobi on those buildings fall down to be buried in the rubble.

"Get him! Hit him with everything you've got," said Tsunade, as she along with everyone else went through hand signs to perform one Jutsu with every elemental being used to put the Arrancar down.

"Hirviendo!" said Naruto pointing his weapon at them and instantly the Shinobi around Tsunade were crying out in pain, as they felt like their insides were burning, and died a slow painful death.

"What did you do?" said Tsunade seeing Naruto end the attack and walk up to her while looking at him in fear.

"Being the most renowned Medic Nin in the Elemental Countries, I would have thought you of all people would know that the human body is 90 percent water, and one of my zanpakuto's abilities just so happens to be water manipulation. As for your Shinobi on the ground dying slow, agonizing deaths, I merely boiled them from the inside, and caused their organs to melt in the process," said Naruto with Tsunade glaring hatefully at him.

"Bastard!" said Tsunade throwing a punch at Naruto, but the Uzumaki caught it, and kept the fist locked in a painful vice grip.

"Let her go!" said Jiraiya, as he leaped to Tsunade's defense, and Kakashi right beside him.

"La Gota!" said Naruto before pointing his blade at the two and several condensed shots of water flew from the zanpakuto at the Shinobi with enough force to obliterate them into bloody chunks.

"NO!" yelled Tsunade while crying out again when Naruto's grip on her tightened.

"Where is your precious Uchiha defender now Tsunade? For all of his boasting in being an Elite among the Shinobi of Konoha, I sense he is far from this battle, and is currently underground like a coward," said Naruto while Tsunade grit her teeth at him.

"He'll defeat you. Your affinity maybe water, but Sasuke's is Lightning, and will use it to take you down!" said Tsunade with Naruto smirking at her with amusement.

"Sasuke can wield every element known to man and he would still lose to me. Do you know why Tsunade? Because Sasuke is a coward. Always has been and always will be no matter what you say. I look forward to destroying this place after making it rain his blood over Konoha," said Naruto while Tsunade swung her leg out at his arm in desperation, but the pain that followed just proved how ineffective it was, and the Uzumaki Arrancar looked almost amused.

"So full of anger. Even now you still blame me for my Mother's death the night Kyuubi attacked," said Naruto with disappointment in his voice.

"Because you did! You came into this world, weakened the seal, and allowed the Kyuubi to get free. It was through you that Kyuubi was able to strike down my surrogate daughter and deprive me of my happiness!" said Tsunade before Naruto stabbed his sword into the ground and picked the woman up by the throat so they were eye to eye.

"Do you recall the time at the Kage Summit when I mentioned that a piece of my parents souls were in me when the opportunity to free Kyuubi from her prison was there before my death three years ago?" said Naruto seeing Tsunade tense since she did remember it.

"So what? It doesn't change the fact she died because of you," said Tsunade only to throw up after being kneed hard in the stomach and nearly lost consciousness.

"When I told her it was you, who gave the order, and threw me to the wolves when it came to my execution. My parents were very disappointed in you Tsunade. Just like they were with Jiraiya for the same reason you are hating me now. They were angry at hearing you dishonor them by hurting me and then claiming you were doing it in honor of them. It was contradicting and insulting to my parents when they heard your reason for wanting me dead. They were ashamed of you and Jiraiya both. They denounced you. They know when you die like Jiraiya just died, Hell is the only place that awaits, and the demons there are going to make sure your eternity of torture is extremely painful," said Naruto before dropping the woman on the ground, picked up his sword, and got ready to take the woman's head clean off.

"You're still a monster. I'll curse your name even in the lowest pits of Hell!" said Tsunade while Naruto just looked down at her with a "And I should care about that why?" look on his face.

"I'm sure you, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru will be able to bond again over such common ground with the rest of the filth I've killed," said Naruto before bringing his blade down and Tsunade was sliced diagonally in half.

"Summoning Jutsu!" said Anko, as she appeared on a giant snake, and made Naruto turn his attention to the Special Jounin.

"Ah yes. The Special Hypocrite Jounin. I recall you also took a great delight in hurting me when I was under your care all those years ago," said Naruto in an almost mocking way that infuriated the woman on the giant summons.

"So what if I did? I had to make a choice regarding my own life and having a future here in Konoha. An opportunity was presented all wrapped up in a bow and I took it! I made you suffer and I got a life that allowed me to prove I was not the backstabbing snake slut the people called me because I was Orochimaru's former student. It was either you or me," said Anko, as she had been approached by Tsunade during Naruto's confinement, and told the Special Jounin that she had to make a choice with the consequences of the decided choice being far reaching.

"And naturally you chose your own survival. You betrayed your own principles in not being manipulated by others and being true to yourself just to live in their world of so called 'acceptance!'" said Naruto seeing Anko's face become filled with fury.

"Wouldn't you?" said Anko angrily while Naruto just looked at dead in the eyes.

"Never. Not even if it meant I could be their Hokage. If I betrayed my principles, I would not be Naruto at all, and I would become something else. Something they wanted me to be and not something I wanted to be since it was my life. You committed one of the most unpardonable of all sins Mitarashi Anko. You betrayed yourself and all that made you Mitarashi Anko just so you would become their version of Mitarashi Anko. In have been tamed by Konoha," said Naruto seeing Anko's eyes light up with fire, fury, and denial at his words.

"I'll show you tamed! KILL HIM!" said Anko with her giant snake summons charging at him.

Naruto didn't need to hear anymore from the woman, who had betrayed herself, and the convictions she lived by for so long. When the large snake got close enough, Naruto used Trident to destroy the snake, and saw Anko leap off her summons before it was destroyed before attempting to get close enough to stab the Arrancar in the forehead. Naruto easily grabbed the weapon holding hand of the Special Jounin, looking her dead in the eyes, not looking the least bit impressed, and sliced off the woman's offending arm. Anko clutched the spot where her arm had once been, screaming out in pain, and fell to her knees while looking up at the Arrancar.

"Anko!" said Iruka, as he appeared to see his girlfriend at the mercy of Naruto, and the Uzumaki looked at him with contempt in his eyes.

"Hello Iruka. I see from the look in your eyes that you have feelings for Anko. How long have you been dating? A Month? A year? Three years perhaps?" said Naruto seeing the pieces fit now and knew the other reason Anko went along with the abuse.

Anko wanted to be in a relationship with Iruka, but the people wouldn't allow it unless she stuck it to the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, and helped in his suffering. Iruka no doubt wanted the same thing, but Anko's past relationship with Orochimaru being her sensei made such a thing impossible, and risked being ostracized from the village.

"Naruto...stop! Please don't do this. I'm sorry...for everything! I'm sorry I betrayed you. That we betrayed you! But our just wasn't possible unless...," said Iruka seeing Naruto narrow his eyes at him.

"Unless a certain Kyuubi Jinchuriki suffered by a certain Special Jounin's hands prior to his execution by the order of the Hokage. Is that why you bragged one night about how you fooled me into being my friend? So people wouldn't think twice about you being with Anko due to her being one of the key players in hurting the Kyuubi Jinchuriki before his death," said Naruto while looking Iruka right in the eyes.

"We were entitled to our own happiness Naruto! Anko and I had put up with things in the village with the only way of being together without scrutiny from anyone was to sacrifice you in the process," said Iruka at last since there was no point in lying to him.

"Wasn't much of a sacrifice. You never cared about me in the first place and Anko was already tamed by the village to the point where betrayed her principles was easier then breathing. Speaking of which...," said Naruto before stabbing Anko in the chest and the Special Jounin looked over at Iruka before life left her.

"NO!" yelled Iruka while Naruto pulled out his zanpakuto from the dead woman lying on the ground next to Tsunade.

"Such a waste of a life. I once overheard Anko one day when growing up, telling her only friend Yuhi Kurenai how the Leaf village would never change her, and would be true to herself. How Mitarashi Anko wouldn't bow to the whims of the arrogant fools and bigots running the village in denying her a life. Like I said before Iruka...she's a hypocrite," said Naruto while walking towards the frightened, yet angry Chuunin, who couldn't believe this was happening, and no doubt wished this was a bad dream.

"This isn't happening. This can't be happening!" said Iruka to himself.

"It is happening Iruka. When you face judgment and should you see your parents at your sentencing...tell them I'm the one who killed you. I'm sure they'll understand despite the fact you and the rest of the village brought this on yourself," said Naruto before bringing his sword down on the still too shocked to move Chuunin and ended his life.

With this newest victim of his vengeance, Naruto floated up above Konoha, sensing the people in Konoha, both Shinobi, and civilians were fearful of what was going to happen next by his hands. Some Shinobi tried to flee, but a few Sonidos later, and those runners met their end violently. Many Sonidos later, every Shinobi, every member of a clan, from young to old spilled their blood at Naruto's hands, and on the surface of the village it seemed every Shinobi ready to defend Konoha had been sliced away just like all of the buildings in front of him. Next, the Arrancar needed to deal with the remaining members of the Leaf's Shinobi, and Uchiha Sasuke hiding like the pathetic coward Naruto knew he was deep down. Of course, the blonde Uzumaki Arrancar didn't want to even look at Uchiha Sasuke again, and hear the fools arrogant voice stating he would be victorious simply because he was an Uchiha. Still, it needed to be done, but Naruto wasn't going to do it right away, and decided to handle some other business within this village.

So with that in mind, he would handle his business with the civilians first before ruining the Uchiha, and Danzo along with the man's Root Shinobi hiding underground.

(Inside the Hokage Monument)

"Do you think we're safe?" said one civilian worriedly since the people in the safe houses had heard the fighting, dying, and destruction outside.

"I don't know. I don't hear anything. Do you think the Shinobi outside were victorious over the demon? That they triumphed over the village's bane of existence?" said another civilian hopefully.

"No. Not in the slightest," said Naruto appearing via Garganta and scaring the crap out of every civilian in the room.

"Demon!" cried one civilian while others were retreating back away from the Arrancar.

"Run!" said another person, who tried to run for the only door, but was blocked by one Uzumaki Naruto via Sonido in the man's path.

"None of you are leaving. All of you will face justice whether you want to or not. Judging by your fear of'd rather not," said Naruto while eyeing everyone in shelter here and locked eyes with Ayame along with her Father.

Their fear was the strongest smell out of everyone in the room and for good reason.

"We did what was right! We are Kami's favored of children. Abominations like yourself will be punished for your actions!" said someone among the crowd.

"Kami is currently indisposed of right now. He apparently doesn't know how to play by his own rules and his brothers have decided to remind him of what happens when you break such laws," said Naruto simply since it was true and just looked at their angry yet fear filled faces.

"Liar!" said another person.

"It matters little to me regarding what you think about myself or anything else I tell you that is perceived to be a lie in your minds. For there is one absolute truth, which you will not, and cannot dispute," said Naruto while many of the civilians felt uneasy.

"And what absolute truth is that?" said Ayame while Naruto focused his eyes on her.

"You are all going to die. No one is going to save you this time. There is no Yondaime to save you. There is no Hokage or Konoha Shinobi to protect you. And very soon there will be no Uchiha you can pray will avenge you. Not that the Uchiha would do that since all he cares about is himself," said Naruto before making his spiritual energy spike to even higher levels.

"Get him! We took him down when he was a little and we can do it here right now," said a civilian with the people around them in agreement and charged the Arrancar in some strange belief they would succeed where Konoha's Shinobi failed.

"Prideful fools," said Naruto before he was upon them, slicing through each body at a speed no one could see, sense, or match in the slightest.

When it was over...only two civilians remained. Ayame and her Father.

"N-Naruto. We're sorry for what happened to you as a child. We really are!" said Ayame, as she saw Naruto walk towards them, looking at Teuchi, who currently looked like he was just about ready to have a heart attack, and was fearful of the Arrancar in front of him.

"I thought you were my friends. A simple surrogate family, which had filled in the space where my real parents should have been, but it just turns out you are just wolves in sheep clothing, and showed this after my death. Did you enjoy drugging my ramen? Knowing it would hurt me and I would be none the wiser?" said Naruto looking at the two frightened human specks of life that had hurt him in the past and even now would deny their hand in his suffering.

Spineless creatures! This was one of the reasons why he hated most humans. They think themselves beyond reproach and do everything in their power to prevent themselves from being punished.

"We're sorry Naruto. Really we are truly sorry!" said Teuchi, but he wince while his heart was physically aching, and looking into Naruto's cold blue eyes made it even worse.

"You will have to forgive me if I don't take your word for it. From either of you," said Naruto before slicing them both in half at the waist for Father and daughter to bleed to death...together.

Opening up the Garganta, he ignored their cries of pain, agony, and their begging for him to somehow save them from death.

(Konoha Hospital)

Shizune became worried. The battle was over outside, but it was clear Konoha was not the winner in the fight against Naruto, and now she would have to face him. It wasn't that she hated the blonde, but Tsunade had always told her Naruto was a monster, and should only be tolerated to an extent until something could be done about him. Who was she to question Tsunade, either as the Hokage, or as her mentor? She couldn't! Tsunade had raised her, taught the younger woman everything could about medicine, and knew what was best for her. If Tsunade said Naruto was an evil and demonic creature then that was all she needed to hear.

"Tell me you fear death?" said Naruto behind Shizune and startled the woman.

"You! Then that means Tsunade-sama," said Shizune with Naruto nodding.

"Dead and by my hands," said Naruto with Shizune getting her poison dart wrist launcher ready to put him down.

"I will avenge Tsunade-sama for this act you demon!" said Shizune while Naruto shook his head at her.

"You can't even think for yourself. Such a waste of a life. You had such great potential to do great things with your talents and Tsunade turns you into a mindless drone. She would say 'Jump!' and you would say 'How high?' while not even asking yourself 'Why should I jump when asked?' instead. I imagine even some of the debts she owed couldn't be paid with money and required certain services be done to get the cleared. From the look in your eyes, such debts did happen with her gambling, and had you pay them since no self-respecting Sannin like her would dare sleep with men she owed such crazy debts made when drunk," said Naruto seeing Shizune's eyes become filled with hurt at some of the memories that played out in her head.

"Shut up! You don't know anything!" said Shizune while Naruto just looked at her with a sense of pity.

"You are drone. You obeyed her. I understand that. Still, there comes a time when one should think for themselves, and question the orders given since they may not be in the best interest of everyone. That includes yourself," said Naruto seeing Shizune getting even angrier at him.

"I regret nothing. Tsunade took care of me! Trained me as her apprentice! I would do anything she asked of me without hesitation!" said Shizune before firing her poison at him, but the projectiles bounced off of him, and landed on the ground at his feet.

"Even if it means being her whore and your pimp when required to pay off debts that money can't. Where greed won't work, the pleasures of the flesh, and carnal desires of the body can in its place?" said Naruto with Shizune crying now with anger still there.

"I regret nothing!" said Shizune before she was stabbed in the gut by Naruto's zanpakuto while the Arrancar looked her dead in the eyes.

"And neither do I. Join your Mistress you love so much in Hell. Tell her I sent you. I'm sure she'll be forgiving of your failure to kill me," said Naruto before pulling out his weapon and left the woman to bleed to death in a slow painful manner.

(Underneath Konoha)

"Any word from the outside world?" said Sasuke arrogantly at Danzo while waiting for the old man to give the green light to head up to the surface.

"No. We are going to wait a few more hours before sending out some scouts to inform us of the situation," said Danzo with the Shinobi Council members on either side of him.

"We should send some scouts out right now. There is no more noise. No more sounds of fighting. What if that Senju bitch survived the fighting? She will still be Hokage and the Fire Daimyo won't see a reason to replace her ahead of schedule unless something is done now!" said Sasuke impatiently despite the fact he would be her chosen successor in being the Hokage and was willing to remove the Senju completely if it meant getting the title sooner then later.

"You must have patience!" said Danzo while glaring at the Uchiha knowing he would be somewhat difficult to control.

He had let the boy kill his old pink haired teammate to get the next level of the Sharingan Eyes after tricking the dumb girl into coming to see the Uchiha in the belief he was going to ask her to be his wife. Sasuke had hated the plan, but the results had been more then enough to appease the arrogant brat, and with this next level of the Sharingan Eye the Uzumaki brat would be manipulated to do whatever they wanted.

"I agree. Patience has its moments," said Naruto appearing behind the Uchiha and kicking him towards Danzo's desk the old man was sitting behind.

"How did you get in here?" said Koharu since she didn't fully expect the former Kyuubi vessel to find this place.

"My little secret," said Naruto before pointing his left hand at them all.

"Sasuke use your Sharingan Eyes! Stop him!" said Homura while Sasuke did just that.

"I Uchiha Sasuke command you to obey me. I command you to stand down and give me your sword," said Sasuke with the next stage active and looking directly into Naruto's own eyes.

For a moment nothing happened.

'Did he do it? Is the Uzumaki completely under his control,' thought Danzo, Homura, and Koharu while hoping that was the case.

"Who do you think I am? Kyuubi? 'Cero!'" said Naruto before firing his attack at the four shocked, but Sasuke, and Danzo quickly used substitution to escape the attack while the two Shinobi Council members were not so lucky.

"Root!" said Danzo and expected his army to come to his aid in defending him from this threat.

"I took a page out of Momochi Zabuza's book and killed them all silently Danzo. I think he would be quite impressed with how I did it," said Naruto simply while Danzo moved to unseal his arm while Sasuke got out his own Kusanagi based sword.

"If you're not going to be my slave, then you'll just have to die, and for a second time its only fitting you meet your end at the hands of an Uchiha!" said Sasuke with lightning forming all around him while he charged at Naruto.

Slashing his weapon at Naruto, the Uchiha fully expected the Arrancar to raise his blade against his own, and let the lightning injure the Uzumaki's body. However, Naruto just vanished from sight via Sonido, and was behind Danzo with the old man turning just enough to see the Uzumaki's hand grab his face with the Arrancar's thumb crushing the Sharingan Eye he had hidden behind the bandages. Danzo cried out in pain and it had increased further when Naruto sliced off his sealed arm filled with harvested Sharingan Eyes while possession the cells of the Shodaime from one of Orochimaru's experiments from his early research. Naruto was then going to stab Danzo through the heart to kill the old man, but Sasuke saw his moment to do it for him in the hopes of hitting the Arrancar in the process, and thus making him the victor of this fight.

"Foolish brats! The both of you! If I go down...I'm taking you with me into Hell!" said Danzo before he activated the seal on his chest.

"Not today. Unlike Sasuke...I have a way out. Goodbye my former teammate. May you burn the most out of everyone in Hell for your traitorous ways," said Naruto, as he just walked backwards, entering the Garganta he opened, and closed it before the Uchiha could even consider running into it for an escape route.

'This isn't how I envisioned my end. I am an Uchiha! I AM UNBEATABLE!' thought Sasuke before Danzo's seal activated and destroyed everything in the underground Root complex.

(Outside of Konoha's Ruins)

Naruto stared at what was once Konoha. It was in ruins, its people dead, and not a single place was left standing in the aftermath. The only thing that told people this place had been a Shinobi village was the Hokage Monument, which had yet to be repaired from his last visit, and decided to let it stay there with just four Hokage Heads on the Monument. Tsunade had been unworthy of her title and therefore had no right to have her head on the Hokage Monument next to his Father.

The greatness of Konoha had died with his Father. That was all there was to it.

Creating a small Garganta for himself, Naruto headed directly for Spring Country, and to inform certain people of what he had done.

"Its over brother. He has done it," said Yami seeing the Shinigami King nod knowing his line of souls, which would face his judgment would take awhile to sort out, and yet knew it would be quick since all of them would just downward.

"Good. Now I can look forward to seeing these pitiful souls beg for mercy and try to explain their so called 'noble' actions to me," said the Shinigami King knowing they would beg for mercy, lie to him, and basically do everything in their power to prevent themselves from going down instead of up where they believed they should go.

"Like they could," said Yami with both brother laughing.

(Spring Country)

"So Konoha is no more and Iwa is barely alive," said Koyuki, as Naruto was standing in front of her, and telling her of the attacks.

"Yes. As it stands, there are now three major Shinobi villages in the Elemental Countries instead of five, and Iwa may not even survive the coming years due to the minor villages possibly teaming up to finish what I started," said Naruto knowing that was possible.

"Was it troubling at all to do what you did? Even a little?" said Koyuki softly to Naruto, who shook his head no, and knew why she asked.

"There is no sentimental memory of Konoha in my mind. Only the suffering I endured there and the eventual death," said Naruto with Koyuki nodding at his answer.

"In any case, I'm glad you are alive again Naruto, and would be honored if you would live here in Spring Country under the position of Royal Advisor," said Koyuki, as she wanted someone trustworthy to help in governing her country, and to rule it while going on location to shoot movies.

"I humbly accept the position Daimyo-sama," said Naruto bowing respectfully while Koyuki let out an amused chuckle.

"You don't have to be so formal in using my title Naruto. Address me as Koyuki if you wish," said Koyuki seeing him nod.

"Thank you Koyuki. I would be honored to help make Spring Country and its people thrive to even greater heights," said Naruto with the female Daimyo smiling at him.

"Report first thing tomorrow morning. In the mean time...see your future wives. They've been miserable without you," said Koyuki with Naruto nodding before used Sonido to leave her presence.

(With Hinata and Karin)

"I miss Naruto-kun," said Hinata, as she was taking a break from training, and having tea with Karin.

"Yeah me too. I hope he comes back soon," said Karin since she tried finding him earlier with her sensory abilities, but came up with nothing, except him being in Fire Country, and was currently using his power to rip Konoha apart.

"Do you love him?" said Hinata seeing Karin look at her with a blush.

"L-Love him? I uh...yes," said Karin with her face getting redder while seeing Hinata nod in understanding since she had acted like that once.

"I do. I truly do love him. I think you do too and I think Naruto likes you as well. Its just so hard for him sometimes to show it. He needs help bringing things out in the open and only someone truly capable of loving him can do that," said Hinata having seen all the emotional scars Naruto went through growing up leading to his death and then the return to the land of the living they still showed up.

"I want to help him. I really do. He's kind in his own way. Yet when the time comes for him to do what is necessary, he's all business, and handles it like a man should. I like that about him. Granted, he's got this seriousness about him, but I think we can make it work where its not so much with us around, and the way the Mizukage sent that love letter I think we can add her to the mix too," said Karin with a chuckle and Hinata joining in since the Mizukage had basically sent Naruto a love letter in all but name when she began corresponding with him.

Then the incident at the wedding with the bouquet just further proved it.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," said Naruto while scaring the two women from his sudden arrival.

"DON'T DO THAT!" yelled Karin while Naruto raised an eyebrow at her.

"You didn't sense me. It was your own fault," said Naruto like it was the simplest thing in the world.

"What? Oh you are so dead I'm going to-hmph!" said Karin, but was silence by Naruto's lips pressed against her own, and made the redhead weak in the knees.

"Do what?" said Naruto with Karin spacing out in front of him.

"Love you until the end of my days and make you a very happy man," said Karin in a spaced out kind of way, which made Hinata giggle, and Naruto smirk at her.

"Do I always look like that when you kiss me?" said Hinata before getting a kiss from Naruto and getting a glazed eyes look on her face too.

"Does that answer your question?" said Naruto with both women looking at him hungrily with lust in their eyes.

"Bedroom. Now!" said Hinata before she and Karin dragged Naruto to the bedroom with the Uzumaki letting out a small chuckle at their antics while wondering how the female Mizukage would react if he kissed her again.

The woman would probably never want him to leave the bed so long as she was in it and she was going to be visiting tomorrow!

'My life is now coming full circle. My enemies are no more, I am loved by two going on three women, and one day this house I live in will be filled with children that are my own progeny,' thought Naruto while smiled while picturing how his children would grow up to be a chip off the old block on both sides of his family.

All in was now forever wonderful for Naruto and he was going to make sure that never changed.


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