By: Itachi Silverwolf

Crack!Pain!Something was definitely wrong. What had happened? Cobalt eyes close as slowly the dancer slides to the ground. The last thing wanted was to stand now. Others watch as the blonde sinks to the ground.

The teen didn't need his career ending. He'd surely starve. Maybe Naruto shouldn't have put all his faith solely in his moves.

He'd end up replaced by a new face soon enough if it was a career ending injury. If he was only going to be out of the competetion or maybe a video his career would hit a snag would hope for only a their career. Especially young dancers like those about.

Everyone watches as the blonde was helped from the floor. Still not putting weight on the sore leg. The next particpant took the spotlight. Though there would probably be an update on Naruto later.

The young dancer wasn't much to notice especially when most were prepared to see another. Not many had as much skill as the blonde did. The raven teen next on the list did.

Music begins; everyone expecting a set of confindent and planned oves. Instead they watch the raven male take a bow and step away. This was the only competetion the Uchiha had ever just quit. Then again with Sasuke cut out of the running the rest had a chance.

There was some excitement among the others in the competetion. The Uchiha disappears to see if the blonde caught his actions. The swearing heard told Sasuke that Naruto had watched.