In Another Life

Chapter 6

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig.

When my vision clears, I find myself staring up into the most unique pair of eyes I've ever seen. Amethyst, like the jewels themselves. Then I focus on the entire face.


"Xellos what do you think you are doing?.!" I screech and knowing my power is my own again I take great pleasure in fireballing him. Fifteen feet away. Momentarilly I forget the idiot I fried. "YES! They're back!" I crow jumping to my feet (why was I laying on a rock?) "I'm back!" I hug myself and spin about. Firm flat tummy, cute adorable self! Long flowing hair! YES!

"So I take it you're back to normal Miss Lina?" he sounds amused, but he's staring at me strangely. And keeping a good distance from me.

"And one hundred percent more grateful for everything I have in my life! Even a fruitcake like you!" Nothing could possibly kill this joy.

Xellos winces. Maybe he doesn't like my nickname for him?

"Xell- I hate to ask this, but what were you doing that close to me?" I frown. Had that girl tried to seduce him?.! Oh great! Was I still pure?.! "If you did anything to me--" my words trail off ominously as my hand goes alight with fire. He winces and backs up a step warding off the oncoming blow.

"No of course not Miss Lina!" he assures quickly.

"If I find out otherwise I'll skin you!" I growl. Then my stomach grumbles. "I'm starved! Zel better have breakfast ready! If it's still breakfast..." I trail off. I look about me. On the rock is my washing supplies as well. I'm wearing my night top, burgandy pants, boots and socks but...

"HEY! Where's my shirt?.!"


Author Notes: If you are wondering why there is a period between the question mark and the exclamation point, it's simple. FFNET sucks because they won't let me put the two side by side anymore. They take one away. Stupid auto correct. Won't even let us write URL's anymore either. Well I hope you liked the story.