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"Night Fleur, I'll see you tomorrow." Bill called out from in front of the fire place.

"Goodnight William. Tell your mistress I said hello." The French vela joked from the kitchen.

"Ha ha, I promise I will introduce you to her soon." He said. Picking up some floo powder he called out the name a small pub in London and disappeared in green flames.

Shell cottage was once again all hers, and being the fun loving twenty one year old that she is she… parked her butt in front of the fire and finished her homework from Gringotts.

"Blood wards are a nasty business." She mumbled to herself closing the ancient tome.

Washing the days stress away she readied for bed. Her room was on the second floor and had a breath taking view of the ocean. She and Bill flipped a galleon to see who would get first pick of the rooms and 'veela luck', as Bill put it, helped her win.

Relaxing into the soft bed she let the sound of the crashing waves pull her into sleep. The slight breeze coming from the sea eased her further into sleep.

Until she remembered she had closed and locked the window.

Her eyes shot open and she reached over to the night stand for her wand, but the intruder was faster. Ropes appeared and tied her hands to the head board before she can fully comprehend what happened. She should have known, the moon was full tonight.

Looking around the room she spotted the intruder. Hidden in the shadows, only her wand in its' hand visible.

The smell of sweat and lust filled the air, heavy breathing only adding to the atmosphere. Fear coursed through her and slowly the veela awoke.

"What do you want?" Her voice shook out. It was a stupid question and she already knew the answer.

She watched as the beast, as shed come to know it, placed her wand on the dresser and begin to remove its' coat. Sticking to the shadows it made its way to her disrobing along the way.

Fleur's breath became ragged as it neared her. It was tall and its' muscles were overly pronounced along its body. Its' fingers were abnormally long indicating its' creature blood. Nails dirty and sharp. She knew there was no way of stopping this from happening again.

Removing the comforter from her, Fleur felt the night air kiss her skin. A calloused and dirty hand pressed against her stomach and ran its' way to her side and up her body.

Fleur's breath hitched in her throat as the hand came to rest on the underside of her breast. A deep chuckle permeated from the beast. Without uttering a word or raising a wand her night dress disappeared. Now flesh touched flesh and the beast reviled in the feeling, quickly growing hard.

Climbing on top of the bed it spread Fleur's legs and settled between them.

"Good evening my veela." Its' rough voice filled the room.

Hard calloused hands once again found her sides and ran up them. The light touch not fooling Fleur to their deadly strength.

The beast leaned down and took in her scent. Fear and want filled its' nose and ignited the building fire within.

Cracked lips dragged their way from her neck down her chest. A wet tongue lavished her left breast while her right was covered with the beast hand. She could feel its' hardness rubbing against her, earning a moan from her. Another chuckle came the animal on top of her and she could feel sharp fangs as it engulfed her breast. Dragging its' teeth up so only her nibble was in its mouth.

The veela had fully awaken and made itself known by pulling on the robes bidding it and splintering the wood of the head board.

The beast looked up and grinned at the still bound creature under it. Locking eyes with Fleur it positioned itself at her entrance, hesitating for a moment before driving itself inside her.

Both let out screams of pleasure and the beast could feel how wanton she really was. It started up with a blinding pace. Driving itself into her as fast and hard as he could. Fleur could only wrap her legs around the ripped waist pounding into her and meet it thrust for thrust.

When Fleur was on the edge about to fall over all movement stopped. The veela was sorely disappointed. She looked up at the creature above her and felt the ropes vanish. Strong arms wrapped around her back and pulled her up.

She was now sitting on its' lap, still attached in the most intimate of ways. This was their favorite game. It would bring Fleur to the edge and stop, only to pull her on top and wait to see what she would do. To see if she would let the beast inside her out. After a minute of staring into each other's eyes she began to rock her hips slowly back and forth. The beast under her bared it's teeth and growled in pleasure, its hands ran up and down her back. Nails scraped down soft flesh leaving a burning sensation in their wake, finally coming to rest on firm arse. She let out a moan when the nails dug in a little, letting her know that this wasn't enough.

Tangling her hands in the beast hair she pulled its head back and slowly lifted herself up enough so she was looking down on it. Once there she smirked at the creature beneath her and slammed herself back down. The beast let out an animalistic howl and began to match Fleur's pace.

The sounds of carnal bliss filled the cottage. Moans and howls from both beings tore through the silence and reverberated off the walls.

Slamming Fleur back on the bed the beast took over again. Fleur's hands transformed into the talons of her ancestors and buried themselves in the back of the creature on top of her earning a loud growl that shook the walls. The beast bowed its head and bit down on her shoulder. As teeth broke skin white hot fire burst through their bodies and they toppled over the edge together, crashing down on the bed in a pile of limp limbs in a euphoric state.

For a long while all they could do was lay there and breathe.

Once rested enough to stand the body pressing down on Fleur removed itself, detangling sweaty limbs and rising to its' feet.

The beast was gone and she could see her. Gone was the height and the overly pronounced muscles. Gone were the hard edges and long sharp fingers and teeth. The broad shoulders and all the imposing feature that make up part of what she is now. Now she was just a girl. Her girl, her mate, her Hermione.

Fleur watched her call her clothes from around the room and put them on. When she sat down to put her boots on Fleur crawled over and straddled the younger woman. Wrapping her arms around Hermione's neck and pulling her in for a soft kiss. Hermione pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, not moving until air became an issue. Fleur pulled away first and Hermione trailed kisses down her neck to the already healed bit mark.

"I love you like this." She whispered into Fleur's neck.

"Naked and on top of you mon amor?" She joked.

"Yes and no. I love being here with you while I'm myself and you still want me."

Pulling Hermione's face up so she could look her in the eye she said. "I will always love you, no matter what. And don't you ever doubt that. We are destined for each other mon amor."

Fleur felt Hermione's grip tighten on her as she spoke. Embolden she continued, saying something she knew Hermione needed to hear.

"And everyone else will still love you too. They are your friends and will stand by you no matter what."

For a moment Hermione didn't say anything, but she also didn't move either.

"I know," she said after a while. "But first I need to come to terms with this myself. Remus and Severus are helping me with that."

Basking in the warmth that Fleur was providing, she sat there for as long as she could, enjoying the scent that was surrounding them and the sated feeling inside her.

A few minutes later Hermione decided it was time to go, lest Remus blow up on her again. Standing up she picked up Fleur with her and placed a blazing kiss on her already swollen lips. Carefully she laid her back on the bed and forced herself to walk away.

A whispered 'J'tiame' followed her through the window.


Apparating a few blocks away from headquarters she stopped off in a 24 hour mart and pick up a pack of cigarettes. Walking over to a bench just out of view of the house she sat down and lit one up.

"Never took you for a smoker." A grated drawl came from the shadows.

"Yeah, well I'm a lot of things people never took me for now." She said, taking a drag.

"You shouldn't be out tonight you know. Lupin is going to lose his mind when he finds out."

"Well we just won't tell him Severus." She smirked turning to look at her old potions professor. She was the only one besides Remus to look past the angry scar on his neck. They had plenty themselves and it was best to just accept them and move on.

Severus was part of the reason she isn't a full werewolf. After their run-in with Greyback and his band of snatchers Severus pumped her full of wolfsbane and it stopped most of the effects. She still transformed to a degree, but never fully. She hadn't killed anyone or anything yet, mostly she would just seek out Fleur.

"He wants you to tell them." Severus said. "I know you're not ready, but they need to know."

"I think I'm ready."

Snuffing out her cigarette they walked across the street and in to one of the last safe heavens outside of Hogwarts.