by Sweetprincipale

A sequel to "Uncontrollable". Please read that first, or this won't make much sense. Begins about a week after the "Uncontrollable" version of the incidents at the Lowell House in Where the Wild Things Are.

Dedicated to Alexiarrose- who notices the small things, to ginar369- for her deep friendship, to Sirius 120- who challenges me, to DLilith21, for her devotion, Inazea, Constance Truggle, micmoc, Illusera, omslagspapper, MMwillow13, kasloumor, Medusamylove, suchagleekx, cavemenftw, Starscape91, lil-leti, MaireAilbhe, McPastey, sbyamibakura, and rosalea12.

Nothing of Buffy belongs to me, except my sincere admiration. However, this story is all mine.


"Sorry we bailed last night."

"I do apologize, I didn't know where you'd gone off to and I didn't want to keep Joyce waiting."

"Did you say goodbye to Buffy?"

"No problem."

"Everyone kind of split."

A confused garble of five voices merged and separated in Giles' living room as Tara, Willow, Anya, Xander, and Giles all tried to simultaneously apologize or explain their departure from the Bronze last night.

Giles summed things up in the second of silence. "Yes. It was rather- erm- disjointed, wasn't it?"

"Not the usual." Willow shook her head. "No Buffy?"

"Not yet." Giles gestured to the obviously empty room.

"We left it kind of vague." Xander made himself at home, heading to the kitchen, in search of junk food. " 'See you at Giles' tomorrow night?' isn't too hard and fast."

"Maybe she got post exposed love life cold feet?" Willow asked worriedly.

"I-it's a big deal. Admitting you're different, o-or doing things that some people might not approve of." Tara added.

"It may take a little time." Giles soothed.

"Shouldn't we talk about it? Be there, be supportive, do the friend thing?" Willow twisted her hands nervously.

"I refuse to do the 'friend thing' with Spike." Xander called, emerging with a box of crackers in his arm and a handful in his mouth.

"And he already did the friend thing with Buffy. He did a-" Anya caught his eye and concluded, "a really great job." They wouldn't talk about Angel, not yet. And not before talking to Buffy.

"Wouldn't you want to be reassured again though? After the big reveal-y moment has passed and people have time to think about stuff?" Willow looked around. "Sorry, am I projecting?"

Xander bent and looked deeply into her eyes. "I love you, you little lesbian witch. There. Are you feeling better?"

Willow head butted him gently, smiling at his half-teasing, half-placating tone. "Yes, you who secretly lust after sexy demon chicks."

"You think I'm sexy? In an amorous way or a 'just noticing' way?" Anya asked curiously.

"Just noticing." Willow laughed and Tara giggled as she came to sit beside her.

"You can all stop analyzing the matter." Giles drew his curtains as the sun sank behind the tree line. A glossy black car with painted out windows screeched haphazardly to a standstill outside his flat, perilously close to his own car. "They've arrived."

"Act casual!" Anya yelped and crashed in an exaggeratedly relaxed pose across the desk chair. Giles sighed wearily.

"Don't injure it. It's an heirloom, and it has survived multiple attacks already."

Willow plucked at his sleeve, speaking in a whisper. "I know we're cool with it, and we're not making a big deal- but it is kind of a huge deal. For everyone, but especially for Buffy. After Angel. And after Angelus and- everything. Oh, and for Spike, I guess. I mean, he's evil, but now he wants to play on the good guy team, because he loves her. Don't you think you should talk to them, as the responsible, mature adult, father-figure of our scrappy little band?" She gave him a hopeful grin.

Giles rested his hands on her shoulders and stole a look out the half drawn drapes. Buffy and Spike were speaking by the car, in the shadows. The pale man's hands sat on her hips, and her head was close to his. Not embracing, yet intimate. Close. Comfortable. Loved. "Yes, it is a big deal. Yes, I'll be sure to encourage them." He looked around the room, the faces looking to him expectantly, for an explanation about what he'd say, how he'd make this work with these new twists. Twists he already knew some of, but they didn't. How much to tell, and how much to let them learn?

He cleared his throat. "I'll talk to them. I'll tell them about the great good they'll do together, the horrors they'll stop, the worlds and people they'll save." He nodded, eyes watching the couple ambling up to the house, hand in hand.

I could tell them about the daughter they'll have, about the son they'll lose. I could tell them about how he'll become more than vampire, but still less than human- but always be just enough for her. I could tell them about the death they'll one day share and the heaven they'll go to together.

Giles looked back at the teens eyeing him curiously, waiting for him to explain more.

"Big opening statement, G-Man. Anymore to follow after the big heavy 'worlds and people they'll save' line?" Xander asked with wide eyes.

Giles smiled to himself. "Watchers can have prophetic dreams, too, you know. Oh, nothing like slayers have, but little hints." He murmured absently, mostly to himself. His smile turned to a rare smirk. "I could tell them so much- but for now- I don't think I'll mention anything more than that. Some things people should discover together." Spike seized Buffy as she reached the steps to the flat and pulled her back for a lingering kiss. "Oh, good heavens!" Giles yanked the curtains shut to give them some privacy- and to give himself a reprieve. A smattering of chuckles confronted him as he spun around with a blush.

With all the dignity he had, Giles gave one more bit of fatherly wisdom. "Some things, my dear children- are better left unsaid."

Author's Final Note:

The response to this story was amazing. Thank you all, dear readers. You know I try to restrain myself from writing sequels- and that it never works out too well. I'd like to let you know there will be a sequel to Unmentionable in the not too far off future, after I do some work on my other unfinished pieces. Thank you so much for the encouragement, it's a genuine pleasure to write for such great people.