Fall For Amu

3rd Person Point of View

Utau, Rima, and Yaya were randomly sitting in the Royal Gardens, discussing random things. That is until...

"Hey, Rima, how many boys do you think have fallen for Amu, even if only for a little while?" Utau asked Rima, Yaya had been off in her own world and had snapped back at the mention of her friend.

"Let's try to name them! Yaya wants to go first!" It's obvious who's talking...

"Sure, there's nothing better to do," Rima said, keeping her emotionless fasquade, though she thought this could be fun for her, and blackmail for someone later.

"Uh, Tadase really likes her!" Yaya tells them.

"Kairi," Rima adds shortly.

"Ikuto, he likes her, or at least he says he does..." Utau anounces, she got over her brother complex a year after he left, she now likes Kukai.

"Kukai liked her for a little bit!" Yaya exclaimed, recieving a glare from Utau.

"Nagihiko, he liked her for a while too," Utau snapped.

"That prince guy that proposed to her..." Rima tells them.

"H-he p-p-proposed to her?" Utau exclaimed, shocked because she'd never heard about this.

"Yeah, she said no, but he was very determined..." Rima told her, remembering the stubborn prince.

"Yaya knows, that kid that was Amu- chii's biggest fan!" Yaya sdreams at them.

"So, how many people is that?" Utau asked.

"Um, about seven guys, and I'm not even sure if we named them all..." Rima replied.

"At least we don't need to worry about Amu growing old alone..." Utau said.