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Misaki's First Heat: Chapter 1: Morning


Okay, so here's the deal. I had so much fun with Neko-Hiro, I am not ready to leave that world entirely, nor am I ready to undertake a new neko novel yet. So I have decided to start the Neko-Files for Neko-philes. I will be doing one shots and short stories with your favorite Neko-Hiro couples. So, if you haven't read N.H. yet… Please take your neko loving tail over there and get caught up.

So, here's the first one.

Hiroki and the laser pointer will probably be next. But if you readers have any neko-scenarios you'd like to see, please leave me a review or send me a pm and I will be delighted to give your idea a go…

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Don't Preach

Hot Cat on a Tin Roof


Misaki's First Heat

Chapter One: Morning


Akihiko slowly opened his eyes. Usually the Rabbit was more like a crab when he first woke up, but today, his waking gaze was greeted with the delightful sight of a pair of fuzzy chocolate ears and huge green eyes peeking over the edge of the bed. As Akihiko's vision adjusted, he could make out just beyond these, an attractive but rather nervously rattling tail as well.

After a sigh and a stretch, still feeling slightly drowsy, Akihiko regarded his kitten for a moment. Misaki had his own room now and had been sleeping there recently, since he had a deadline coming up for one of his books.

Knowing full well that such an intrusion would most likely lead to a good kitten fucking by his big bunny, Akihiko was surprised Misaki had come into his room to rouse him so early.

"Feeling brave are we this morning, Misa-kitty?" He shot Misaki his first lecherous leer of the day.

"Uh… actually, Usagi-san… I hate to disturb you… but I'm uh… more like feeling kind of… uh… funny this morning," Misaki mumbled nervously.

Akihiko's lewd grin suddenly shifted into a look of concern.

"Funny how?" he reached his hand out to feel his kitten's forehead.

Akihiko frowned, first because Misaki didn't try and duck away from his touch, and then also because once his hand made contact, he immediately felt his sweet pet was hot (and not in Misaki's usual "fuck me please, I'm adorable" way). Looking closer, he realized his neko's large green eyes were a bit dilated as well.

"I ah… I can't describe it exactly…" Misaki now raised his courage high enough to rest his chin on the edge of the bed. He looked away, embarrassed by his owner's careful scrutiny and blushed. "I mean… I... I don't want to be a bother…"

This shyness about imposing was part of what made the slender Takahashi so damn irresistible. Akihiko licked his lips and tried to focus on what Misaki was saying and not on the fact it had been about twelve hours since he'd had his last infusion of Misaki milk.

"Go on," he encouraged, reaching for a cigarette. Akihiko knew he needed to put something between his lips immediately, before he lost all control. "You know you're never a bother, Pet."

Misaki shifted uncomfortably.

"Well, uh… I feel kind of hot and… uh… my tummy doesn't feel sick… but it feels kind of fluttery… and I feel…um… kind of anxious…"

"Anxious?" Akihiko raised his eyebrows, simultaneously thinking that hearing his kitten say the word "tummy" was delightfully yummy.


Misaki looked down at the floor as a lovely pink blush bloomed on his pale cheeks.

Soft brown ears twitch back and forth. Akihiko had come to understand it was a sign of indecision: Misaki's ears did this a lot.

"You know… um… kind of uh antsy…" Misaki stuttered. His lithe tail whipped about with agitation.

Akihiko studied Misaki with an expression of perplexity on his handsome face. Then his Misaki-kitty said something that shocked him so much that his, thankfully, still unlit cigarette fell from his lips.

"You know… you look… ah…. kind of… uh… sexy … this morning, Usagi-san." Misaki eyed his owner shyly as he mumbled this. He began chewing on his sweetly full bottom lip.

Green eyes widened when at his words, rather than pounce him, his owner immediately reached for his cell on the nightstand.

As much as Akihiko had longed to hear his kitten offer him such an utterance, knowing his pet's personality, that Misaki had said it was a great cause for concern.


"I am calling Dr. Ochi right now, Misaki," Akihiko tried to keep the panic out of his voice, "as it's obvious you're quite unwell."

An hour later Dr. Ochi arrived to attend to Usami's emergency page. He didn't usually make house calls but since Usami had appointed him head vet at the Takahashi Neko Sanctuary he'd funded, Ochi felt it was the least he could do.

"Come on, Tsu," Dr. Ochi called to his assistant, the blond neko he'd adopted earlier that year.

"I wonder what kind of trouble Usami's Misaki has gotten into now?"

Ochi remembered the last call he'd gotten when the author's Takahashi kitten and someone else's Takatsuki had gotten a hold of some powerful neko nip.

Tsumori hesitantly followed Dr. Ochi out of the elevator and down the hall to the door of Usami's spacious five room suite. As they neared the apartment door, the new neko began to sniff a bit: there was a faint but very enticing aroma coming from Usami's home.

Ochi heard his neko sniffing and turned to Tsumori. "What's up with the sudden sniffles, Tsu?" He raised a hand to gently stroke a lovely, light ear.

Tsumori dropped his eyes and blushed. His ears were one of his most sensitive spots next to his… At his master's skilled touch his tail (both of them actually) began to twitch expectantly. Seeing this, Ochi left off Tsumori's ear and ruffled the neko's pale blond head.

"Sato said he'd bring us lunch today, Tsu. How does a neko sandwich sound to you?"

At Ochi's suggestive offer, Tsumori looked up and gave the vet a nervous grin. "Yow," he chirped agreeably.

"You're so cute, Tsu." Ochi leaned in and kissed the human-hybrid sweetly on the nose.

Tsumori's ears vibrated with pleasure. He actually had to put his hands up to stop them, when the door suddenly opened. However, the enticing aroma wafting out of the apartment's interior got his ears switching again immediately.

A very worried looking Usami Akihiko was standing at the door.

"Please come in, Dr. Ochi," Akihiko politely invited. He looked at the vet's twitchy catman companion curiously. "What's with your neko?"

"Oh, Mr. Usami, do you remember Tsumori-chan from the warehouse? He lives with me now and is my assistant." Ochi stepped into the entry with Tsumori behind him and both males, after bowing, began to take off their shoes.

Akihiko frowned. He'd heard about what had happened to Tsumori after all the news about the mad doctor, Vladimir Korovin, had come out. However, he had also heard about what Tsumori had done to his old pet, Hiroki, while the Kamijou cat was under his ownership.

"If you don't mind, Dr. Ochi... I prefer not to have any nekos in the apartment but my Misa-kitty." Akihiko's tone was cool. "Your pet may stay here in the entry, however."

Tsumori understood Usami's objections immediately. His ears flattened and his tail drooped, but he nodded and bowed humbly. He had learned a great deal about humility during his time as a neko.

Dr. Ochi also understood and silently kicked himself for not leaving Tsumori in the car. He was dismayed that his thoughtlessness had displeased his benefactor and subjected his assistant/pet to a situation that might harm Tsumori's already precarious self-esteem.

"Certainly, Mr. Usami." Ochi turned to the human-hybrid and chucked Tsumori under the chin. "You stay here and be good. Okay, Tsu? I promise I'll make it up to you later."

Tsumori, who had fast learned the benefits of being obedient and the rewards this brought, during his short stint so far as Dr. Ochi's pet, immediately sat down quietly on the floor in the entry way. His long tail still tapped nervously: the smell of the apartment was making him feel randy.

Dr. Ochi studied his neko a minute, then he turned to Akihiko. "So where is this Takahashi kitten of yours? Though seeing sweet Tsu here, I think I may already know what's wrong."

"Really?" Akihiko's brows rose appreciatively then he glanced down at his watch. "Misaki's hiding in his room at the moment.

"I've tried to call him out several times since he woke me up this morning, but he scampered away and now he won't come out from under his bed. He just keeps murmuring something over and over about being broken."

"Ummmm," Ochi murmured. "Seeing the way my uke tom's tail is twirling, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if your Takahashi wasn't coming into his first heat."

"But it's not neko heat season and the last time you saw him; you said it would be a year or two more before his first heat came on?" Akihiko voiced his surprise.

"Ah yes, well sometimes a neko's first cycle can be started by a change in diet. Or if they are feeling particularly close to their owner or mate, once they reach a certain sense of security, this can bring it on. Can you think of anything different in Takahashi-chan's environment of late?"

"Ah well…" Akihiko paused. "My first pet's breeders just sent me a big crate of strawberries a week or so ago and Misaki has been eating an awfully lot of them."

The author was not about to mention that he and Misaki had been attending pet/person couple's counseling sessions. They'd begun this following his kitten's assault when Misaki was neko-napped. Nor was he going to admit that as a result of their therapy, he and Misaki had been cuddling quite a bit, which seemed to make his kitten very happy (once Misaki settled in, that was).

Of course this almost always eventually resulted in him pouncing his neko rather rabidly. Still, Akihiko had learned to his surprise that if he held and stroked his pet gently for at least fifteen minutes first, that his green-eyed sex kitten was much more receptive.

"Well, I suppose that could do it, if your kitten has that kind of sensitivity," Dr. Ochi's voice was thoughtful.

"So... What if it is his first heat?" Akihiko's eyes sported a rather feline glint of their own.

"Well, it would be about what you'd expect. If I may be so blunt, you'll basically have an insatiable nymphomaniac neko for about a week, maybe more."

Akihiko tried to hide his smirk at the idea of a hot, horny Misa-kitty but was failing miserably.

"Some people end up locking their nekos up during a heat cycle as they don't want the bother of it." Ochi looked very grave as he said this.

"But a well navigated heat can also be a very bonding experience for a pet and its owner or owners." The young vet looked significantly at his blond hybrid, sitting quietly on the floor a few feet away.

Tsumori had experienced his first neko heat cycle about a month ago and Dr. Ochi and his lover, Officer Sato, as well as a few of Sato's seme tom nekos, had made sure that the human-hybrid had been very well attended to indeed.

The new neko blushed fiercely at his master's words. Between the memories Ochi had just stirred and the faint but intoxicating musk of heated kit-teen, Tsumori wasn't sure he'd be able to wait until lunch for his owners to "feed" him.

"I can imagine." Akihiko felt himself hard pressed not to giggle with glee at what Ochi had just told him.

"Umm, Dr. Ochi," Akihiko's voice was sly. "If it's at all possible, I'd like to keep the fact it's a heat from Misaki."

Ochi shot him a perplexed look. "What on earth for? Don't you think your Takahashi should know what's happening with him? You don't want him getting into trouble unexpectedly because he doesn't know what's going on."

"Ah, well, I can promise you that Misaki will remain safely ensconced here for the duration of his cycle," Akihiko assured.

"But truly, I like to keep my Misa-kitty as innocent as possible." The author could not hide his lecherous grin. "And besides…Misaki is just a bit shy and I think him making some advances might be good for his morale."

"And yours..." Ochi added, giving him a sharp look.

Ochi was a human uke but a neko seme, so he understood where Usami was coming from, not that he agreed with what the man was proposing.


"Well, Misaki is your pet, so if you think it's in his best interest to keep the information about his heat from him, I will respect your wishes," Ochi said this with a bit of reluctance.

"Excellent!" Akihiko chuckled. The big rabbit rubbed his paws together in anticipation.

"Now let's take a look at that Takahashi kitten of yours, so I can see what's going on."

"I can hardly wait." Akihiko began leading Ochi up the stairs towards Misaki's room.

* The fruit sensitivity bringing on a heat came from Alexia Featherchild's "Beloved Collars' fic. Another neko tale.

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