Chapter 12: Misaki's First Heat: Hiding


Misaki's First Heat

Chapter Twelve: Hiding

Usami Akihiko was a man known to comport himself with a regal bearing regardless of the situation, but even he was finding it hard to consider anything about his present position dignified.

The author was currently hiding beneath the western style bed in his bedroom, trying to escape the demands of his sexed-out kitten. Misaki was now three days into his heat and he still had at least two more days to go. Akihiko was beyond exhausted and had no idea how he was going to ever make it.

Weary eyes swept his dim surroundings and Akihiko noted that his normally industrious neko had carried out his inclinations for household cleanliness incredibly thoroughly, as the only dust bunny residing under his bed was him.


The sound of Misaki's heated crooning made Akihiko's already aching balls throb harder. He'd had so many dry orgasms in the last twenty-four hours he was now only ejaculating dust.

He'd always dreamed about death by sex, but somehow after the last few days the notion had lost a bit of its luster.

"Well," Akihiko sighed, "at least if I'm fucked into nothing but a withered, empty husk, this might get me out of my troubles with Aikawa… Maybe…" He had a new NL novel due in twenty-four hours and with his rampant nymphomaniac neko on the prowl as Misaki had been, he had absolutely nothing to offer his editor.

"Usagi-saaaaaaaaaan… I need a refill of thumper juice… Nooooow!" Misaki growled from out in the hall.

Akihiko pressed himself flatter beneath the bed and had a sudden epiphany. He now understood much more how Misaki felt about his advances when his pet wasn't in heat. He shook his head in dismay at the thought.

"God damn it," he growled, "I need to do something about this… Such an inversion is not acceptable." Akihiko knew he needed help and he needed it quickly. Beneath the confined space of the bed he struggled to pull his cell phone from his pocket.

He winced as this effort stirred the sting of all the scratches on his arm. The first day of Misaki's heat, the kitten had simply conked out after each mating, but by the second day he had begun to engage in the more mature neko scratch and roll finish. The first few times this happened he had been taken completely by surprise, never expecting his pet to lash out at him.

Akihiko shifted his attention from his aching arm to the cell phone in his hand. He stared at it hoping for inspiration.

Who can I call?

His pride wouldn't let him call Dr. Ochi and admit in his inability to handle Misaki's heat. And after what had happened with that little neko seke Takatsuki, not to mention his big tom's kiss, there was absolutely no way he was going to call Miyagi.

Akihiko grew pensive.

Who in the hell can I call during this time of crisis?

Then suddenly the answer came to him. He scrolled down the numbers and hit "send." He held his breath as he heard it begin to ring on the other end of the line.

A sweet male voice answered the phone on the third ring. "Hello, Kamijou-Kusama residence, this is Kusama speaking."

Akihiko tried not to grimace: he still could not fathom why Kusama always put his neko's name first when he answered.

"Eh… Hello, Kusama," Akihiko said as politely as he could whisper. "Is your uke around?"

"Mr. Usami, is that you? What's wrong with your throat?" Nowaki sounded concerned before he added, "and I'd prefer it if you don't address Hiro-san like that, we find such designations demeaning."

Akihiko was hard pressed not to laugh at the K&K household's ridiculous efforts at equality.

"How in the hell did your neko ever get you so pussy-whipped, Kusama?" he mumbled.

"I beg your pardon, Mr. Usami? I didn't quite catch that."

"Ah… I said, please forgive me for my insensitivity," Akihiko lied, deciding that pissing the giant off when he desperately needed access to the man's partner was definitely not the best strategy. "So... is Hiroki around?"

"Just a second and I'll see if I can get him to come to the phone… Hiro-san…"

Akihiko then had to listen to three minutes of pleasant Kamijou-Kusama bickering before Hiroki's familiar growl came onto the line.

"This better be good, Akihiko. I was reading and I only have twenty pages left in the book."

"Ah, well, yes… You see, Hiroki, I have a bit of an issue…" Akihiko started.

Hiroki cut in before the man finished. "Look, Akihiko, I can't edit for you today. Nowaki has the day off and as soon as I finish this novel… we have … uh… plans." Akihiko could almost see the agitated switch of the cinnamon neko's tail as he said this.

"No… it's not that."

"And I am not giving you anymore NL material either…"

"Ah… believe me, Hiroki, I have enough material at the moment to fill a library."

"Well, then what do you want, Akihiko?" Hiroki grumbled sounding increasingly annoyed.

"Well… erm…" Akihiko confessed with a rush, "It's Misaki. He's in heat,"

"Congratulations, your brat's finally hit cathood. You must be ecstatic," Hiroki said sarcastically. "Why in blazes are you calling to tell me about it? Shouldn't you be off taking advantage of his condition while his defenses are down?"

"Ah… well yes… about that…" Akihiko paused hoping that Hiroki would jump in, but realized when he heard nothing but silence he was actually going to have to admit it. "You see, Old Puss… I..uh …have been giving him as much attention as I can and… um… well…"

All of a sudden Akihiko heard a snort on the other end of the line. "You don't mean to tell me your Takahashi has done you in?" Hiroki snickered.

"I'm glad you find my situation amusing," Akihiko snarled quietly.

"Yeah, honestly I do. Thanks, Akihiko, that the funniest thing I've heard in months." Hiroki laughed, then his voice became suddenly much more serious. "But back to my original question. Why are you calling to tell me about it?"

Akihiko heard Misaki pacing the hall and suddenly the doorknob to his sanctuary rattled.

"Look, Hiroki, I don't know who else to turn to… … I don't know what to do… I have to get some writing done or Aikawa will throttle me… and to be honest… I'm fucked out, Old Cat… I mean in the years I had you, you were never like this…" Akihiko was well aware his tone had become quite plaintive.

"What do you mean? I was never like what?" Hiroki asked with measured curiosity.

"Well you know…" Akihiko sighed, "Misaki's become voracious…"

The author was shocked to hear Hiroki's voice suddenly drop a dozen degrees cooler. "Actually, Akihiko, I was exactly like that, twice a year for the entire time we were together, you just never bothered to pay attention."

Akihiko was stunned by such a confession from his former pet and friend. "But, Hiroki, you never made any kind of fuss, you just went into your room for a week… you were so quiet… there were no heat howls or anything."

"And you think that was easy?" Hiroki growled. "You know, I had to plan at least two weeks in advance, so as not to bother you."


"Seriously. Now go attend to your kitten. As I said before, Nowaki and I have plans." Hiroki's tone indicated he considered their conversation finished.

"But I can't," Akihiko entreated. "I am completely knackered… tapped out… there's been a run on the sperm bank and now the vault is empty. Please, Hiroki, I was an ignorant ass I'll admit, but can't you offer me some advice? Some trick?"

Meeting with only stony Kamijou silence, Akihiko tried a new tack. "You see, it's not just for me… This is Mi-chan's first heat after all and while I'm truly sorry I failed you… I don't want him to suffer… I want to take care of my Misa-kitty properly."

"Enough… I don't want to have to listen to any more of your goofy pet names!" Hiroki barked.


Akihiko held his breath until he heard the sigh that he knew meant Hiroki had conceded. "You had better be earnest about this, Akihiko. And you have to take an oath of secrecy for what I am about to tell you. If you break this trust and I, for some reason, choose not to kill you outright, I will never edit for you again. I mean it."

"I promise," Akihiko said gratefully though he understood by Hiroki's tone that his old pet was deadly serious. He was curious as to what information the professorial neko was about to impart that could possible require such a pledge.

"Hold on a second then."

Akihiko listened as Hiroki pulled the phone away for a minute.

"Nowaki, will you take the trash out?"

"I took it out this morning, Hiro-san."

"Take it out again…"

"But Hiro-san, it's empty."


"Oh, yeah. Sorry, Hiro-san. How long do you think it should take me to empty the empty trash?"

"About ten minutes… and um… when you get done… I'm not going to be interested in finishing that book, so we can get started straightaway with our … er… 'plans'."

Akihiko could hear the cinnamon neko's blush through the line.

"Really?" Nowaki's voice sounded incredibly happy.

Akihiko winced as he heard a loud kissing sound.

"I love you, Hiro-san."

"Yeah, yeah… Go!"

"Those must be some plans," Akihiko teased when Hiroki came back on the line.

"For a man with his balls in a vice you sound awfully jovial," Hiroki gruffed. "Do you want my help or not?"

"USAGI-SAAAAAAAAN… MOOOOOOOOOORE!" Misaki's heat howl rattled the bedroom walls

"I'll take that as a yes," Hiroki smirked through the phone. Then he added, "You know this help is not going to be free. Right?"

Akihiko heard his door handle jiggle again.

"Seriously, Hiroki, I'd do almost anything,"

"Good," Hiroki said sounding almost happy. "Then let's get started…"

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