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Misaki's First Heat

Chapter Thirteen: Options

Hiroki fell silent after disclosing his secrets and Akihiko found himself jaw-dropped and eye popped at what his former neko had just told him.

"Really, Hiroki?… I had no idea!" Akihiko's voice hung somewhere between apology and disbelief.

"Yeah, you don't have to tell me that, Dumb ass. I know only too well! I was the one going through heat, remember?"

"But that just sounds so extreme..."

While Akihiko was incredibly comfortable in his private perversions with Misaki and, even though his Neko Love stories occasionally wandered into kink, he wasn't sure if he could bring himself to take such measures with his sweet, innocent Misa-kitty. Even if his dear kitten was currently in sexual overdrive.

"Well, there is one other way you could handle it."

Akihiko wasn't sure if he liked the suddenly sly tone in his old pet's voice.

"Well, certainly, Hiroki. I am open to other options... Especially if it's any more humane than what you just told me."

"It is… and way less complicated too."

"I'm all ears, Old Cat."

"I imagine you are, U-sa-gi." Hiroki snorted at the play on Misaki's nickname for his owner.

"Urgh... Just get on with it please, Hiroki…" The hall outside his bedroom had grown suddenly silent and the quiet unnerved Akihiko greatly.

"Well, I imagine that so far in Misaki's heat, you have just been stroking and sucking him, besides fucking him. Am I correct in assuming this?"

Akihiko was surprised at how incongruous the word "fucking" struck him when delivered in the professorial voice the Kamijou Cat used for lecturing. "Well, yes, of course… What else would you have me do?"

Hiroki sighed and while he retained his professional tone, there was clear evidence of annoyance in it as well.

"You are so short-sighted, Akihiko… Just because Misaki has been labeled "receptive" or "uke" doesn't mean that's his only option."

A frown creased Akihiko's handsome brow. He wasn't quite sure yet exactly what Hiroki was saying, but even so, he was sure he didn't like the direction this was headed. However, he suddenly felt his pulse accelerate when he heard the padding of heated kitten feet return to stand just outside his locked door.

"Can the lecture, Professor, and get to the point. I don't have a lot of time here!" Akihiko was sure Misaki was trying to pick the lock now.

"What I am saying, Akihiko, is that you if you really want to make your neko feel good during his heat, and would like to give your hands, mouth, and cock, a rest in the process, you might want to try giving Misaki-kun your ass. Take a break... Lay back and just let him top you."

"WHAT!?" Akihiko's head shot up and the back of his skull collided with one of the struts lining his bedframe. He dropped his phone and grabbed his suddenly aching head.


Frantic fingers scrabbled for his cell and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw he hadn't lost the connection. "Surely you're joking, Hiroki! You honestly can't have me believing that an uke neko would fuck a human seme!"

"I can't?" Hiroki's voice had gone very low. His growled tones sounded almost dangerous.

"And I suppose you're going to tell me, Akihiko, that Misaki has never taken an active position? Say, like giving you a blowjob, perhaps? Or are you really so rigid in your roles?"

Akihiko felt the rare color fill his cheeks at Hiroki's questions: Misaki had literally sucked him dry in these last days.

"B-but that's a different thing completely, Old Cat!"

Hiroki's tone was far from pleased as he offered his next words. "It is, is it?" Then he slipped back into lecture mode.

"I'll have you know that penetrative release for an uke neko is not only immensely pleasurable for the uke, but exhausting as well.

"Let Misaki-kun fuck you, Akihiko, and I can guarantee you'll get a good three hours of quiet afterwards while Misaki sleeps it off."

"There's no way in hell that such things would ever happen!" Akihiko was still aghast at the concept: his world had just been officially rocked. "I mean… when I think of you and that giant owner of yours… As if Kusama would ever…"

"Oh, no?" Hiroki challenged. "And Nowaki is not my owner, Akihiko... I am emancipated. Remember?"

Akihiko heard a noise in the background behind Hiroki's cool voice and Kusama mildly call out.

"Hiro-san, how much longer do you think I might need to keep taking out the trash?"

Hiroki set the phone down. "You're done, Goof. Get in here!"

"I missed you, Hiro-san…"

"You were only out in the hall for ten minutes!"

"Ten and a half… and that last thirty seconds was the loneliest." Nowaki's voice was sweetly playful.

"You're such a sap!"

"I know that, Hiro-san, but I am just so happy we have a whole day together… And I'm really excited about our… uh… plans."

"Say, Nowaki…" Hiroki tone shifted from annoyed to tentative.

"Yes, Hiro-san?"

"About our plans…"

"Yes, Hiro-san?"

"How... ummmm... What I mean, is... Uh... H-how would you feel about me t-topping today?"


"Really, Hiro-san?"

"Uh, yeah…"

"Are you having an early heat, Hiro-san?"

"N-no, Dumb ass! I... I just kind of feel like doing it today... Okay?"

"And you'll let me cuddle you after? When you're so cute and sleepy."

"Don't say such embarrassing things!... But ummm… Yeah…"

"I'll go get ready right now, Hiro-san!"

"Okay, I'll meet you in the bedroom shortly."

"You said it, Hiro-san... not me..."


"Argghh... I am not short, you overgrown brat... You're just so abnormally gigantic!"

"I thought you like me 'gigantic', Hiro-san." Nowaki laughed.

"Stop twisting my words!"

Under his bed, Akihiko cringed at Kusama's terrible humor. "At least I know now where Hiroki's picking it up," he sighed.

"Uh… Hiro-san…"


"Don't forget to hang up the phone."

"Oh, yeah… Must have slipped my mind… Go get ready, okay, Nowaki?"

Akihiko was stunned at the clear excitement that had been evident in the giant's voice. He stayed on the line as more kissing noises were exchanged and a few moments later Hiroki came back.

"You were saying, Akihiko?"

For once the author was at a complete loss for words. "Hiroki…" was all that he could manage.

Hiroki's voice was slightly smug but it quickly slipped into stern. "I gave you your options, Akihiko. You choose.

"And before you go making some stupid comment deriding Nowaki's semeness, you should know that a good seme, a true seme, takes care of his uke, Akihiko. Whatever that looks like.

"I'll be interested to find out what you decide to do… Regardless, however, remember what you promised and know that I plan to collect on it."

With that, Akihiko found himself left staring at his now silent cell: Hiroki had hung up on him. He was also left with a mind divided.

Part of him was still reeling from what he'd just learned about his former pet.

Another part wished Hiroki hadn't hung up: he would have loved to have heard the antics underway at the Kamijou/Kusama household as a reference for his writing. Though he wasn't sure how a neko - topping - human NL story would go over with his audiences.

Akihiko was so lost in thought he didn't hear his bedroom door "click" open.

Misaki had indeed picked the lock. Entering his owner's room, surrounded by Akihiko's scent, his tail swished with agitation and his neko ears quivered. The fever of his heat spiked. Despite the strength of his own pheremonal scent, the Takahashi kitten's sensitive nose soon located his hiding Rabbit where the seme's scent was most concentrated. It also helped, of course, that one large, argyle, sock-clad foot peeked out just slightly from under the edge of the bed.

A low growl of desire burred in Misaki's throat. He stalked silently over, closing in on his seme prey.

Akihiko's mind was torn with indecision about which tactic the Kamijou Cat had given him that he was going to take: neither struck him as particularly appealing. Unaware that his now lion-like Misa-kitty was lurking nearby, the author let out a very un-aristocratic yelp when he suddenly felt himself grabbed by the ankles and pulled out from under his bed.

He scrambled up as soon as he cleared the bedframe. Lavender eyes widened with shock as he was immediately tackled by a naked neko and toppled back onto his mattress.

Akihiko tried to rise again but felt Misaki's small hands on his shoulders as they pushed him back down. The silver-seme was astonished by his little pet's strength.

"Misaki! What in the hell do you think that you're doing! This is unacceptable!"

Straddling his owner's lap, Misaki leaned down and nipped along his big bunny's neck. His lean sides heaved with want and his hard, dripping cock was already soaking the front of Akihiko's trousers.

"I need mooooore… Usagi-san," Misaki growled; green eyes were glazed with lust. He leaned down and his usually light voice husked into his owner's ear. "And right now, any guy will do."

"Misaki!" Akihiko gasped as one of Misaki hands shot under the band of his slacks and his boxers and grabbed his exhausted member.

Akihiko knew he had to make his decision fast, before Misaki made it for him.

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