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I stayed behind for a minute or two after Vega left. As to not seem suspicious, obviously. Not like it mattered, Trina already barged in on us and found out. Hmph, didn't stay a secret too long. Vega could probably convince her annoying sister to not blab to anyone. No one else needs to know, especially not Beck. Not that I'd admit to anyone, but I fear what would happen to us if he found out I was cheating on him with my supposed arch nemesis.

I've waited long enough. I exit the closet and checked to see if the coast was clear. It was. I walked back to my class. The teacher said something about me being out for way too long but I ignored them. It was mostly worth it. I sat down next to Beck and grabbed his hand, intertwining our fingers together. He looked down at our hands, smirked, and looked back up to the teacher. Regardless of his reaction, I felt nice. Beck is nice. Beck is all I want.

Vega, though. She's different from before. At first this was just to mess with her, but she's shown herself to be…interesting, in her own way. She's…I don't know? What is she to me? Just a fuckbuddy, someone to get my rocks off with? No, we had some moments. Genuine ones. In between all the making out and fucking. I can't help but think back to the other day…our foreheads pressed together, she looked at me. Really looked at me, and blushed. It was…honestly, it was adorable. I just wanted to hug and squeeze and….

…WHAT? I don't do hugging and squeezing. I'm Jade West. Hmph.

I realize that class is over when Beck squeezes my hand, looking at me with his eyes, trying to see if there's anything wrong with me. Damn, any other girl would lose themselves in them. But not I. I simply stare blanky back at him. He sighs and gets up, realizing that his gaze has no effect on me. I get up after him and pull him out of the classroom, thinking about how Vega's going to handle her sister. I know Trina can be a huge gank, but surely she should see how bad it would be if this got out to the rest of the school. Well, more Beck than anyone else. As much as I like what Vega and me are doing, I couldn't bear to hurt him. He means too much to me.

…Yes, I realize how awful it is that I'm cheating on him makes me caring about his feelings somewhat suspect.

Huh, when did it get so bright? Oh, we're outside. Beck hands me a burrito, my favorite. I thank him and we head to our usual table. And it looks like we're the last ones. I already see all the usual people gathered around. Andre, Cat, Robbie, the puppet…Vega, and oh, we have another in our midst! Trina, ugh. Why's she here?

"Trina, what the hell are you doing here? Don't you have others to annoy?" I immediately voice my 'concern' at her being at our table. Beck immediately tries to calm me down.

"Babe, relax. I know you guys aren't the greatest of friends," I simply look at him, disbelief in his words. "Ok,' friends' was a bad word to use. But that's not the point. She's here; we should just try to get along until the period is over, ok?"

"Yeah, Jade. You wouldn't want Beck finding out about …'certain' things, now would you?" She smirked. That stupid, talentless bitch had the gall to smirk at me?

"What's she talking about, Jade?" Beck looks at me, curious at what the blabbermouth was talking about. No, I can't let this happen.

"Nothing. Just the fact that…I…actually like the fact that you're from Canada. Makes you exotic." Hmph. Such an easy save. I looked off to the side. Trina raised her eyebrow and Vega was visibly relieved. This wouldn't have happened if she could control her sister. I can only hope my glare in Vega's direction translated to that.

"Trina! We talked about this! Leave Jade alone!" Vega came to my rescue. Not like I needed it. …But I guess it was appreciated…a little. We sit down and I glare at Trina, who smugly stares back. Vega's looking apologetic, but that doesn't help. I want to beat the memory of us out of Trina. But if I tried, Vega would never forgive me. And as much as I hate to admit it, now, that's bad. The others don't notice us looking at each other and are talking about whatever. I just sit there and stew, thinking about ways to torture Trina without actually hurting her.

While I was thinking about Trina, lunch went on. The crew talked about school, their lives, whatever. I wasn't paying attention. I just munched on my burrito, lost in my land of Trina torture. Lunch blended into the rest of classes, which blended into the end of the day. When a Vega sister is on my mind, it looks like the world just passes me by, for better or worse. Next thing I know I'm in Beck's truck, Beck quietly listening to the radio. He must have noticed, because he began talking to me. "Hey, Jade. What was that about Trina earlier? I mean, usually you just ignore her existence but this time you seemed extra pissed at her. I mean, I know you two don't get along period, but I don't know, looks like you let her get under your skin today. What did she do? Does Tori have anything to do with it?" Damn, looks like Beck didn't want to leave well enough alone.

"Beck, I love that you care. I appreciate that you do, really. But Trina just bugged me extra today, what with her having the gall to sit at our table like she was welcome. Hmph. Vega was probably trying to stop her stupid sister from getting her ass beat." We stopped at a red light and he turned to face me.

"Babe, we talked about this. You can't go around beating asses anymore. Lane doesn't like seeing you for that reason. But I guess if that's all it is, I'll leave it alone." He smiled that gentle smile of his, and focused back on the road. I felt my face heat up. Stupid Beck. Being all nice about this and unsuspecting and all…cute. Gah. I just wanna get home and meet Vega.

After a few more minutes, we stopped at my house. Beck didn't ask to come in, which I honestly didn't mind. I didn't want to have to answer any questions for when Vega got here. We kissed goodbye and he headed on his way. I walked in and I sat on my couch. Sighing, I began to think about Vega. Her luxurious hair, how it flows off her head. Her brown eyes might seem plain, but they're lovely in their own right. Always seeing the good in people, even if they don't want to see it. Her nose, I just want to put my lips over my teeth and bite it, it's so cute! Her bronze skin, gives her an exoticness that Beck just doesn't have. The way her body molds into mine so easily when I pushed myself against her, it was perfect. Her laugh, her smile. Her hands, so soft and delicate. Something I'd never thought I'd appreciate until now. The way they roamed my body, gliding across every curve and dip. Beck's hands were rougher, and while I liked both, Vega's just seemed…better. Everything about her seems to one up Beck.

I have all these nice feelings when it comes to Vega. And Beck. The difference is Vega is just there to satisfy me and vice versa while Beck and I are in love. But the feelings are similar, in a way. Of course, Vega's are nowhere near as intense. Is this...is this what being friends with Vega is like? Is this why everyone wants to be friends with her? This nice, calming feeling. Makes me happy; something I'm generally not. I like it. I want more of it. Just having Beck give me this feeling isn't enough.

I don't get to ponder that for long, as the doorbell rings. I jump up in excitement. Vega! I try to calmly walk up to the door, despite my rising urge to simply rush to the door, rip and open and pounce on her. …Huh, what a un-Jade like thing to do. As I finally make it to the door, I hear a noise. It's a giggle, a Cat-like giggle. Frowning, I open the door. And who do I see standing outside?


….and Cat.

"Sorry, Jade, she followed me here," she gestures to Cat, who's bouncing on her heels. I turn my head towards Cat, expecting her to say something, which she does.

"Jade! It's been a while since us girls hung out! I saw Tori heading in your direction and I just had to follow! Let's do something today," Cat was exuberant as usual. I love Cat. As a friend. I really do. But she was encroaching on Tori time and this was agitating me.

"Cat. I invited Vega to my house. Just Vega. Not you." Trying not to be too blunt with my desire for her to leave, I stopped and waited for her to get the message. She didn't instead, she said something else.

"Why did you invite Tori to your house, Jade? I thought you didn't like Tori that much," Oh great. Now she chooses to think and be suspicious of us. Before I can come up with a suitable answer, Vega manages to divert Cat.

"Hey, Cat, you're right. We haven't hung out in so long! We should hang out now! Why not go to that ice cream parlor you love? It's not a far walk from here, right Jade?" Vega looks at me, begging me with her eyes to play along. Like I don't benefit from Cat forgetting about her question, of course I'll play along!

"Yeah, let's go Cat. Right now, ice cream awaits us!"I step outside, closing the door and locking up behind me. Vega and Cat have already started walking. I quicken my strides to catch up to them, damning the world for having Cat prevent me from having private time with Vega.

Cat skips ahead merrily; probably with thoughts of all the ice cream she's going to stuff her face with in her head. Vega and I hung back. We might as well take advantage of Cat not paying any attention to us. I turn my head ever so slightly towards Vega and begin whispering to her.

"Looks like our fun has been interrupted once again by an unwanted third party, eh?" Vega chuckles.

"Yeah, this is my bad once again Jade. I would have liked spending time alone with you, but I just couldn't shake Cat. Forgive me?" I blushed. I couldn't even really focus on the rest of her sentence because all I cared for was 'she likes spending time alone with me'. Augh. Stupid feeling, making me feel all these things. Quick, before she suspects! I clear my throat, facing away from her.

"Jeez, Vega. I didn't know you were such a horn dog!" She frowns and looks downward.

"Yeah….for the sex…" Did I say something wrong? Insinuate something that wasn't true? Jeez, it used to be so easy to talk to Vega. Now look at me. I'm turning into Robbie around all girls. I'm Jade West! I don't get nervous! I'm collected around everyone! Yet here I am saying all the wrong things around the girl. Wait! There might be a way to salvage this.

I move my hand into hers, intertwining our fingers together and squeezing a bit. She tensed up and looked at me, eyes widened, blush apparent on her tan cheeks. She looks down, as if to make sure this is actually happening and then looks at me. I smile, lifting our hands up and giving hers a peck. Yeah, this is real.

"But…I thought…" She begins to say, but I don't let her finish.

"Friends hold hands, right?" She opens her mouth, and then closes it. The grin she gives me is wide and toothy. She nods, agreeing with me.

"Mhm. They do," She faces forward. "Thank you, Jade. This feels…it feels nice."

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