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Cat left. Jade kinda, sorta kicked her out as soon as we got to her house. She slammed the door as Cat walked out and turned to face me. I had jumped at the slamming of the door and was currently trying not to fiddle with my hands. It helped calm me down, but probably made me look more nervous than I actually was. Jade looked me up and down, and then began to walk towards me.

"Vega, it's just us now." She says and then brushes past me to sit on the couch. I look behind me to said couch, seeing her sitting there, legs crossed, her attention on her TV. I place myself on the other side of the couch, strangely nervous. When Cat was around, we acted like a secret couple. Now that we're alone...I'm too afraid to be close to her. Ugh, what's wrong with you, Tori?

We're watching Supernatural. "Jade, I wouldn't have thought you'd be interested in something like this, especially after what the fans online are interested in." Jade moves her head slightly in order to face me, brow raised.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I heard some fans on the internet ship Dean and Sam together."

"'Ship'? What does that even mean?" I frowned.

I feel like I'd be ruining the show for her if I mentioned it. But knowing Jade, she wouldn't let me not tell her now that I said something. ...here goes...
"It means that they pair off those two...romantically..." Jade stared at me, blankly. Even her eyes didn't give anything away. Jade, not being able to read you is kinda distressing. Then, a smirk cracked on her face.


She muttered out and I stared at her incredulously. Jade? Into incest gay romance? Wouldn't have pegged her for someone like that.

"Jade, don't tell me-" Jade lifted up her hand to stop me from continuing my sentence.

"Relax, Vega. I don't 'ship'," using air quotes for the word 'ship', "those two. Who do you think I am? A weirdo on the internet?" I shook my head vigorously.

I didn't want our blossoming friendship to be ruined so quickly. "Right. So, no more talk of that stuff. Let's just enjoy the show as it is." I nodded and smiled. Jade just wanted to spend time with me.

I waited until I figured Jade was back into the show and I slowly began to inch my way towards her.

Every few minutes, I would wriggle my butt across her couch slowly, trying to get closer so we can snuggle. Augh, am I blushing? We've lost our virginities to each other and I'm blushing at the thought of SNUGGLING? Oh jeez, I can't believe how innocent I am.

I eventually make it to Jade, who seems as though she's nodding off. I lean over and lay my head down on her shoulder. She seems to stiffen instantly. I guess she noticed what I was doing. But she soon relaxed, and I couldn't help but smile. She not so subtly wrapped her arm around my shoulders, pulling her closer towards her. I snuggled into her neck, inhaling her scent. She smelled surprisingly girly, of lilacs.I pulled my legs up onto the couch, resting them on the cushion and close my eyes. I drift off, listening to the sounds of Dean and Sam killing demons and Jade's soft breathing. This was...this was nice.

A hand gliding across my skin. Hot breath on my neck. Another hand finding its way into my pants. Wait... My eyes shot open to find Jade kissing my neck and currently making her way to my breast with one hand, her other hand currently on top of my...core. "Jade," I say questioningly, confused as to what currently is going on. She stops, removes her hands. Jade eases her head back so that she is now facing me. Her piercing eyes, which are currently an ice blue, are staring into my soul.

"I kn-know that we've been more intimate than this, but..."

"What is it?" Jade barks out. I flinch. She still has this effect on me.

"I just don't want to rush things!" Jade says nothing. She only stands up to walk to the kitchen. I jump up and follow her, hoping to calm her down, to try to explain to her what I meant. I see her, hands on the counter, eyes hidden by her beautiful dark hair. I approach her tentatively; hand up in order to touch her shoulder. I do that and she doesn't react. "Jade, I just meant that-"

"Am I a horndog?" She whips her head to face me, eyes full of emotion. Frustration?

"I'm...never mind." She finishes off quietly. I wrap my arms around the girl. This girl, who I never knew I would be friends with, let alone have feelings for. I hug her, her body warm against my own. The smell of lilacs invades my nostrils yet again. Jade doesn't seem to be expecting the hug, because she just stands there, frozen. But a few moments later, she hugs me back. And I smile again. She's opening up to me. Me, of all people. "Thanks, Vega."

"Friends, Jade. We'll be friends."

"Friends with benefits?"

"...sure, whatever you want."

I look at the clock. It's 11 pm. It's late, and my parents were probably expecting me home a few hours ago. "Jade, I kinda have to make a phone call. Do you mind?" Separating herself from me, Jade looks at me and nods. She walks out of the room and I take out my Pearphone, looking for the 'Home' number.

When I walked out of the kitchen, Jade was dressed in a sweatshirt and sweatpants; her pajamas. "My parents agreed to let me stay over tonight." Jade's face almost cracked a smile, but she managed to school it back into her bored facade. With her head, she gestured to a door.

"I room in the basement. My dad's on a business trip, so we don't have to worry about him. I prepared some stuff for you downstairs. Come on," She turned and walked towards the door, while I followed her. Jade opened the door, we walked down the stairs and for the first time, I was in Jade's room. It was filled with all kinds of creepy things, like dead butterflies in picture frames and dark, Jade-like colors. It had a very Jade feel to it. It smelled like her. It was her. And I like it, just like I like her. On the bed there was a pile of clothes, a tank top and another pair of sweatpants. I walked up to them and began taking off my shirt. Jade walked out of the room wordlessly, giving me some privacy.

I quickly changed out of my clothes and into the clothes Jade left me. They were actually quite comfy. I walked back upstairs, finding Jade leaning on the doorframe.

"I don't see why I even did that. I've already seen everything there is to see from you, Vega." She gave me a once over with her eyes. "Although, I must say, you in my shirts is something I can get used to." That smirk. I looked down and realized Jade's shirt hung a little loose on me and gives her quite a view. I cover my chest with one arm and slapped her with my free hand.

"Stop it!" And then she did something I wasn't expecting. She laughed. Not her usual mean spirited laugh. A nice, happy laugh. And her laughing caused me to laugh. Here we were, laughing at each other. Like real friends. And, I couldn't even control myself. I cupped her face in my hands and I kissed her. She reacted immediately, as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I moved my hands down to her hips. We spent a few more moments in the kiss and then I separated from her. We panted lightly, trying to catch our breath. Jade broke the silence.

"Let's head to bed," she said quietly. I nodded. She took my hand and led me back down to her room. Once there, we both clambered onto the bed. We stared at each other, not really knowing what to do next. Jade then began to blush, averting her eyes.

"I'm used to being the small spoon..." Wait. Was she asking me to do what I think she was? When she laid down and turned her back to me, I realized she was! I wriggled up to her, my breasts pressing onto her back. I wrapped my arms around her waist, snuggling my head into Jade's hair and neck. My body matched her contours. Together, we let ourselves fall asleep, a smile on both our faces. At least, I hope there was a smile on Jade's face.