Epilogue – For my friend: Phasmidfan

"Well, you've had quite a hard time then! Maybe that's why you started shaking uncontrollably… Ezekiel and Scottie were taking watch, and you started shaking. We ran out to get help, but Scottie yelled out that you were up, and we ran back in," said mum, and she started crying. "I'm just so happy you're ok!" I let her pull me into a hug.

"Me too, mum. Me too…"


Mum smiled at me, before kissing my forehead and leaving with Ezekiel and Scottie. Boges and Ryan gave me high-fives, before following them out as well, but Winter stayed behind.

"What's up?" I asked. She came and sat on the bed, as close to me as she could, without actually sitting on me.

"I remember." With that, she kissed my forehead… and jogged out the door before I could say anything.


Thanks to my awesome new friend, I'm writing you guys a sequel! Yep, there will be more Ryan in this, and I'll try for more Boges as well. Thanks again Phasmidfan! I loved reading your reviews!