Deaths Beginning

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Chapter Five

Harry shot up in bed hand flying to his chest hoping to calm his rapidly beating heart. He had once again had the strange dreams that had plagued him ever since his defeat of Voldemort. This one had felt surreal he had dreamt of rings, of glowing white light and of blood red eyes too eerily close to Voldemorts.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Harry cast a quick tempus charm with just a flick of his hand; long ago forgoing his wand for such minor spells. In glowing red numbers '6.43am' appeared. Muttering curses Harry got out of bed, he was due to meet Hermione at eight o'clock in her office within the Department of Law Enforcement. He had taken to meeting her there since his falling out with Ginny had caused some tension between him and the Weasley family; Ron included. They had come to an arrangement because of this. Harry had to stop in at least once per week, for what Hermione dubbed 'Harry's Hour ', where she quizzed him on how he was feeling and his activity over the past week since she had last seen him.

He knew she was worried that he was becoming a hermit since quitting his job as a Hit Wizard. After ten years of being one of the Ministry's top soldiers; hunting down the most dangerous and darkest of wizarding kind he had seen some gruesome sights. Enough to force him into a far too early but much needed retirement, he had after all been the longest serving Hit Wizard; most either ducking out after the first year, unable to keep up with the rigors of the job, or the unfortunate ones who never made it back from a mission.

Letting go of these thoughts Harry stared hard at himself in the mirror above his bathroom sink before bending down to splash water on his face; completely missing the figure that appeared for just the briefest seconds in the reflection.

Hermione Grangers Office, MoM – Department of Law Enforcement

Hermione sighed as she stared at the clock located just above the fireplace of her office. Harry was running late: again.

She knew that these meetings weren't the most ideal. If Ron knew he would probably explode with rage, it seemed the memories of friendship he had of Harry had all been tarnished from his most recent actions with Ginny.

It was understandable; Ginny was completely devastated after Harry finished things years earlier. Ultimately leading to a very close; fortunately unsuccessful, suicide attempt that involved bundimun secretion and a baneberry potion. Luckily Luna had decided to visit Ginny that day, also a Professor at Hogwarts teaching Care of Magical Creatures and found her in time to administer a Bezoar and get her to the Hogwarts Infirmary.

A flash of green and the sound of a roaring fire snapped Hermione out of her dark thoughts and also alerted her to her guests arrival.

Harry came out of the fireplace with barely a stumble, already walking to the couch located on the left side of Hermione's office. He could feel her heated glance following him across the room, most likely due to his lateness. He loved a long shower what more can he say.

Plopping down rather ungracefully he finally turned to view his friend. Yeah he was right. She wasn't in the best mood, if the scowl on her face was anything to go by.

"Nice of you to finally show up!" Hermione snapped out, hands flying to her hips. With a sigh she resigned herself to sitting at her desk. Taking a deep breath to calm herself she continued: "We now only have forty minutes left to chat because my meeting at nine o'clock. So tell me how have you been since last week?" Leaning forward in her chair, Hermione stared at her friend. His head was tilted in thought.

"The same as last week Hermione; the dreams have continued. I've been looking through the Black libraries but they have nothing relating to nightmares. Well except for causing them." He said shooting Hermione a small smirk at that. They both knew that the Black libraries had some of the darkest art books that had been passed down through the generations, or 'acquired' through less savory means.

"I've told you that you should go to the Healers at St Mungo's; or at least even go speak to Neville. You know he has been making significant progress within the Neuro-psychology ward; he would at least be able to go in and take a look. Legilimency is one of their most useful tools after all. You know how much trouble these dreams have caused you. I just think it would be best to get a professional to review them...or even share what they are about with me at least; you know you can trust me."Hermione responded.

Standing up from behind her desk she moved over to the couch, budging Harry up with a nudge from her elbow, sitting side by side, before taking his hand in hers.

It had been these dreams that had caused his fall out with Ginny, the reason as to why their marriage never quite worked out.

"It's fine Hermione. I don't need people poking around in my head...even if it is Neville." Harry rushed to get out. Quickly and effectively cutting off the defense that Hermione was surely about to hit out with. And from the sigh and closing of her mouth he was right to do so. "They are my problem and I'll be the one to deal with them." He pleaded, hoping Hermione would resign from herself appointed mission to get him some medical help. Harry knew her intentions were coming from a caring place but he didn't want to share the details of his dreams with anyone.

Ginny was the only one he had told the truth to but even she hadn't reacted well, resulting in a swift obliviate completely removing the conversation from her mind.

Standing up Hermione shook her head and released Harrys' hand.

"I understand Harry I do. I just feel that if you were to get help or even share what your dreams are about then we could better understand their cause. But I'll stop going on, for now anyway." stated Hermione as pulled Harry up into a hug. "I have a meeting to get to soon so if we are finished then you may as well go but I expect a visit next week..."

"Yeah, yeah Hermione I know. It's the same spiel every week." Harry interrupted as their embrace finished. He strode over to the fireplace casting a non-verbal wandless incendio before grabbing a handful of flu powder. "As always I enjoy our chats Hermione, see you next week!" He shouted before jumping into the flu.

Harry laughed as Hermione final words partially reached his ears before he was completely gone from her office.

"Better not be late next time you twa...!"

12 Grimmuald Place

Harry was still laughing as he arrived in Grimmauld, shaking his head as he stumbled out of the fireplace his laughter dying as he took in his sobering surroundings. Memories of Sirius were always stirred up regardless of the amount of times he had been in the home since his passing. Moving past the covered chairs and slightly dusty tables of the greeting room he arrived in he made his way to the main staircase, planning on heading to the Black Library located in a secret passage just off the second floor landing.

Taking the steps two or three at a time Harry reminisced about the rather drunken night he had solved the Walburga problem. A point blank bombarda had been enough to punch straight through the charms and spells protecting it before he demanded Kreacher to move the now deactivated portrait into the basement of the property.

He reached the library in no time sliding the doors open with ease after disabling the locking charm he had placed on the door to keep Kreacher out, his relationship with the demented House Elf once again sour after the destruction of his precious 'Mistress'.

Stepping in he took in the sight the library made. Thick black drapes covered the windows of the room opposite the door in which he had just entered, the only light generated by the now roaring fire and the gas-fueled lights skittered on the walls between book shelves. The whole right hand wall was nothing but books from floor to ceiling, varying in different subject matters. Going over to the one plush armchair located just beside the fire Harry once again took his seat and nestled in. This is how he spent most of his days researching his dreams and anything else that jumped out.

Picking up the diary he had found the previous day of a Black ancestor who had apparently been an Unspeakable in their lifetime. He had initially scanned through it, most of the writing going over his head or of new spells being practiced that were now in common use. That was until he stumbled upon the word Arch and decided to read further.

'September 16th 1619

Day One – Death Chamber

There have been many theories around what is now being referred to as the 'Arch'. It is stated that the Ministry was built around the object, if one was to believe Adrianus that is. The tests that have been conducted so far have shown little to no results. Any petty criminal they have used so far for their tests have never returned. Clearly one cannot travel freely back and forth. The studies done by our predecessors have stated that the Arch is some way related to the force of Death. We have seen the various effects it has on different members of our team. Some hearing whispers while others see nothing but an empty Arch (why these Researchers are allowed to remain on this study baffles me) we believe it varies dependent on the individual's view on the afterlife. We know that souls exist if the ghosts that surround us are any proof, but it is where the non-ghosts go that vexes me the most my colleagues do not understand my irritation and seem to undervalue the work I want to do. But I vouch that I will have the answers that I seek. I must go now if they see me writing they will surely punish me, Jaakko has already got it out for me no need to exacerbate the man any further.

Harry sighed at the lack of new information skipping the next few pages. It was filled with just worthless information such as the type of stone the Arch was made of and other frivolous things. 'Though probably interesting to an academic mind' Harry thought, thinking how Hermione would probably love to read the diary just for knowledge sake.

Catching a passage on another page Harry continued reading, noticing the writing seemed to be getting more untidy as though scrawled down quickly.

" studies have not been hindered. I have stayed back after the others have left and done my own diagnostic spells on the Arch. Having previously worked within the Chamber of Time I have noticed similarities the Arch seems to give off. How it is connected I do not know, further tests will hopefully reveal their connection."

" seems it has similar properties to the room in which we watch the stars and planets in the sky. I am still trying to familiarize myself with the work of this newly created department. Blodwen has criticized my moving from chamber to chamber. I have explained I believe certain aspects are tied or related. She proceeded to stare at me withering looks while talking in her mother tongue. I ignored her behavior. Poor breeding clearly showed..."

"...I had a visitor last night; I dare not write his name. A nobleman he looked with his cane beside, looking every ounce a pureblood. He was no man. I fear he has spurred me on with my research and the detailing of such in this journal. He has confirmed the Arch is a passageway...or a door as he so crudely put it, Merlin save my core I hope he cannot see this, a door that can only be opened by the right person. He gave me no name or clue as to who this is. He has confirmed the story true so I can only hypothesis."

"..he returned tonight. He has confirmed my suspicions. The items are out in the world right now, three parts make the key. I have no idea where any of them may be. This will be my final passage he has told me of my end and thanked me for my work. I have no fear. I will be courageous as I walk through the valley to where the non-ghosts dwell; for my life's work will be answered."

Harry could only stare at the final passage, unable to tear his gaze away. He had a hundred thoughts swirling about his head. He could read through the lines clearly this diary was meant for him. The how and why did not matter. He had long ago given up those questions. The Hallows were required and on his next visit to the Ministry he would confirm if what was written is true. He had no hesitations Hermione would eventually get over the loss. He just had to wonder a door to where and if this would finally answer the reason for his dreams.

Far away a man eating a deep fried Mars bar smiled, things were coming to plan accordingly.

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