Halloween Version 1

Prince of Tennis

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Pairings: Pillar, Emerald, and Golden

Summary: The Regulars throw a Halloween party inviting members of other teams as well. During the party, they play a game of like Truth or Consequence.

It was a cool fall day during tennis practice. The regulars were in court C holding matches, while the non-regulars went about their duties in all the other courts.

"Hoi! Ochibi! What are you doing on Halloween, nya?" asked the hyperactive redhead, Kikumaru Eiji, as he tackled and glomped the only freshman regular. He didn't realize that Echizen was quickly turning a deep shade of blue from his bear hug.

"Kiku- Kikumaru Senpai! Ca-can't breathe, Senpai!" Echizen rasped out. Luckily, the other regulars had reached them and Oishi Senpai was now trying to get Kikumaru off of him.

"Oi! Eiji! Let go of Echizen! He's turning purple! You have to let go so he can breathe again. Come on, Eiji! Let go of him already!" Oishi Senpai said as he tried to pry Kikumaru Senpai's arms off of Echizen.

"Kikumaru! Let go of Echizen now or it's twenty laps!" commanded their buchou, Tezuka Kunimitsu. This had an immediate effect as no one wanted to run that intense amount of laps. They were tired as is since they had just finished having practice matches.

"Ha-hai, buchou!" exclaimed Kikumaru as he let go of the blue freshman. Oishi rushed over to him to make sure that he was okay.

"Echizen! Are you okay? Do you need to go to the nurse? I'm pretty sure that she's still here. I can take you if you want. Here, let me go tell Ryuuzaki Sensei and then we'll go," Oishi said.

"Oishi Senpai, I'm fine! I just need to regain my breath. Just, give me a minute," Echizen answered. That said, the other regulars also backed off to give him some space.

"WAAAHH! OCHIBI! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that! I just wanted to know if you were doing anything for Halloween, nya!" Kikumaru said in a dejected voice, knowing that he hurt his precious Ochibi again.

"Oi! Gaki! Get up already! You're not supposed to worry your Senpai like this," said the loudmouthed powerhouse player, Momoshiro Takeshi.

"Che. Whatever Momo Senpai. You don't even look worried for your kouhai," Echizen answered.

"Why you, little—" Momoshiro started to reply before he was cut off.

"Momoshiro, that's enough! Everyone, gather around in Court A," commanded Tezuka-buchou.

"Hai, buchou!" all of the tennis club members answered.

When everyone was gathered on the court, Ryuuzaki Sensei made an announcement. "As everyone knows, Halloween is just around the corner. The school committee decided that it is mandatory that you wear a costume to school that day. Something about it promoting school spirit. Make sure you do so. That is all. Tezuka, I trust you to handle everything," Ryuuzaki Sensei said before leaving the courts.

"Minna, practice is over. Freshman, clean up the courts. Second years, help them with the nets. Third years, help with the heavier objects. Regulars stay behind," dismissed Tezuka-buchou.

"Ano, Tezuka, is there something else that you need to tell us?" Oishi asked.

"Hai. Let's wait until everyone is here, Oishi," Tezuka answered. It was only another two minutes before the regulars were assembled in front of their buchou.

"Ryuuzaki Sensei thinks that it would be a good idea if we did something together for Halloween," Tezuka announced.

"NANI?" exclaimed some of the regulars. Of course, they all meant it in different ways. Kaidou was a bit weary of such an event as he has a fear of all things scary. Kikumaru and Momo were excited and were already thinking of things. Fuji just stood there with his eyes closed and a serene smile on his face. But inside, he was thinking of ways to make things very interesting. Kawamura and Oishi were standing there and trying to calm down Kikumaru and Momo. Inui was writing down data on their reactions and Echizen was thinking that it would be better if he just walked away now from his crazy Senpai-tachi.

"MINNA! Quiet down now or it will be laps for all of you! Echizen! Don't even try leaving." Apparently the freshman did try to leave unnoticed. "Ryuuzaki Sensei also said that whatever it is we do, we have to invite members of other teams," Tezuka continued.

"Nani? Do we have to invite that annoying Gakuto from Hyoutei? Tezuka, I don't want him there. He will just ruin it!" Kikumaru whined.

"That's enough Kikumaru. Now, does anyone have ideas on what we could do?" Tezuka asked.

"We could go to an amusement park! They have Halloween themes!" suggested Momo.

"Fsssshhh...that's a stupid idea. Just like you, stupid," Kaidou rebutted.

"What did you say, baka Mamushi!"

"You heard me, baka Momoshiro!"

"What's so stupid about my idea, huh?"

"What's so stupid about it is that it came from you! What about the people from other schools who are scared of that stuff, huh!"

"Maybe you're the one who's afraid of that stuff Mamushi! What's the matter? Scared of some ghosts and zombies?"

"Why you!"

"That's enough you two. Stop fighting." Oishi tried to intervene.

"Ano, Kawamura Senpai. Try and break them up with this," Echizen said as he handed the meek senior his racket while no one was looking their way.

"BURNING! You can't fight like this, baby! STOP FIGHTING!" yelled Kawamura as he went into burning mode. The two sophomores were easily managed afterwards as they didn't want to face the wrath of a burning Kawamura.

"Oi! Who gave Kawamura the racket? Someone could have gotten hurt! Someone could go deaf," Oishi said.

"I believe it was our little kouhai who asked Kawamura to break up the fight," Fuji replied.

"Che. It got them to stop, didn't it?"

"It doesn't matter. Momoshiro, Kaidou, you have an extra ten laps at tomorrow's practice, understand?"

"Hai, Buchou," the two sophomores answered dejectedly.

"Does anyone else have a suggestion?"

"Nya! Tezuka, what about a tournament? It can double as a fundraiser too! Except, instead of our uniforms, we play in our costumes," Kikumaru said.

"The club could use some more money. And if we make a lot, we can use some of it for a trip or a training camp," added Oishi.

"Do we actually need to go to a training camp? We already have a lot of things to help us out here," Momo whined.

"What if we have a party with all the other teams? Every time we see them, we're at a tennis court. It would be nice if we were able to just hang out with them," said Fuji.

"Ne, Senpai-tachi, can we please just stick to something? It's getting late," said Echizen.

"OH! It is getting late. We've already been here an hour longer than usual. How about we just take a vote on what we want to do?" Oishi suggested.

"Oishi, handle the vote," Tezuka said.

"Ah, hai, Tezuka. Who wants to go to the amusement park?" Oishi asked. Only Momoshiro raised his hand.

"A tournament in our costumes?" Eiji and Momo raised their hands. When the others saw Momo they raised questioning eyebrows towards him.

"Nani? No one said we could only vote once," Momo said.

"Momoshiro has a point. No data, Momoshiro can actually have a point once in a while," Inui commented.

"Inui Senpai is so mean to me," Momo whined.

"Fsssh...you deserve it," said Kaidou.

"That's enough. No need for another fight. Now then, who wants to just have a Halloween party?" This time, Fuji, Kawamura, Inui and Oishi raised their hands.

"Ne, Tezuka, Echizen, there are no more options. Neither of you voted for anything," Oishi pointed out.

"Ano, Oishi Senpai. I thought of something. We can have the tournament in the morning and afternoon then the party could be afterwards until midnight. The non-regulars can have game booths so that it's like you're at an amusement park. But only if you guys want to. This way we can do everything that you guys want," said Echizen.

"Demo it would be too cold for a party until midnight here at the courts. Oh well, who agrees with Echizen's idea?" asked Oishi. Everyone raised their hand this time since it was a combination of all their ideas.

"Ne, Momo-chii, this is the first time that Ochibi talked so much," Kikumaru tried to whisper to Momo, keyword being tried.

"Eiji, you shouldn't say that. At least he was able to come up with something that we all agree on. But the problem is, where are we going to get everything and hold this at? Halloween is only two weeks away," Oishi said.

"Echizen, since this was your idea, you come up with everything. Ask us for help if you need it. Everyone, go home," Tezuka said.

One by one the regulars left for home or to do other things. Kaidou left to go train some more next to the river, Inui going with him. Oishi, Eiji and Momo left to go eat burgers. Echizen went home to get started on preparations. Kawamura went home to help with the sushi restaurant. And Tezuka, he went to report their decision to Ryuuzaki Sensei.

Echizen walked along thinking, Che. I only volunteered and talked so much because of my baka oyaji.


"Oi! Seishounen! You should invite your friends here for a Halloween party," said Nanjirou.

"Why would I do that?" Ryouma murmured.

"You never bring anyone around. Makes me think you're a loner. Plus, your Okaa-san is getting worried about you isolating yourself again," Nanjirou informed him.

"Che. Okaa-san is barely ever home anyway so what does it matter?" Ryouma asked.

"Too bad so sad. Your coach called me earlier saying that you guys have to do something for Halloween. Come up with some idea and have it here, got it?" Nanjirou said.

"How are we going to have anything here? That's going to cost a lot, Oyaji. I highly doubt Senpai-tachi would pitch in a lot of money," Ryouma grumbled.

"That's the good thing about having me and your Okaa-san as your parents. If you somehow get them to agree and have it here, we'll pay for everything!" said Nanjirou.

"Ugh. Where did you get the money this time, Oyaji?" Ryouma asked.

"You're forgetting that I saved all the money from my pro tennis career. And your Okaa-san just won another three cases so some of that money can go to this get together thing. And Nanako-chan said she will help you cook food. I know you like to cook and you haven't been able to lately so here's your chance to go crazy. So have it here!" Nanjirou said enthusiastically.

"Che. Fine, whatever, Oyaji. As long as you're paying for it," Ryouma answered.

End Flashback.

With a sigh, Echizen walked into his home to be greeted by Karupin.

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