I Always Loved Halloween

By Angelfan15

Disclaimer: I own nothing! If I did own then Buffy and Angel would be married with a soccer team of kids by now.

Pairing: B/A

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Spoilers: This is completely AU

Rating: PG

Summary: Buffy takes her little sister out trick or treating and runs into Angel, the boy she has been crushing on.

Authors Notes: Happy Halloween!

Chapter 1: Trick r' Treat

Buffy Summers grabbed a book and shut her locker, walking down the hallway to her Science class. Her two best friends Willow and Xander were waiting for her in class, they promised to save her a seat while she ran to her locker.

"Hey Buffy!" Buffy turned around to see Angel O'Connor running down the hallway to her. She had a crush on the boy who had tutored her Freshman year, now being seniors she still had a crush on him. Maybe she just had a thing for tall dark and gorgeous boys.

"Hey Angel, what's up?" She smiled looking over at him while they walked down the hallway together.

Angel shrugged. "Just wondering what you were doing tonight."

"Right, Halloween and all." Buffy bit her lip.

"Yeah, and all. There is a party at The Bronze. It could be fun." Angel told her.

Buffy let out a sigh. She would love to spend more time with Angel, its all she ever wanted to do but she already had plans. "I have this thing."

"Oh yeah, me too. I'm not sure if I am going to go to The Bronze or not." He said quickly.

Buffy stopped in front of the classroom. "This is me."

"Cool. I will see you later." He told her walking away.

'Of course she has something going on.' Angel thought to himself. 'She most likely has a date. Why did I have to wait to long to talk to her about the party? Oh right! Because I am a chicken!'

"Hey you." Said Angel's best friend, Winifred 'Fred' Burkle.

Angel nodded at her. "Hey."

"So... did you talk to Buffy?" The brunette Texan asked.

Looking down at his shoes Angel replied. "She's busy. She must have a date or something. Why would she want to hang out with me anyway, she is a popular cheerleader. I'm just me."

"You are a great guy Angel O'Connor! Don't you dare put yourself down!" His best friend scolded him. "We can just hang out instead. Are you still taking those kids around trick or treating before the party?"

"Yeah, I am. I'm excited about it. I didn't know signing up for the Big Brothers program would be so much fun but Jamie is really great and his friends are.. nice... well most of them, that Chuck kid I'm not so sure about." Angel laughed with his best friend.

After school Buffy stood outside on the stairs, she was about to leave when she noticed Angel walking out of the school with Fred. She always wondered if they were dating, she was going to ask Angel a few times when he was tutoring her but she was afraid of what his answer would be. She tried asking around to find out if anyone knew anything, the people who did answer her didn't know if Angel was dating Fred and everyone else gave her a odd look. She didn't know what they must have been thinking, she was the captain of the cheerleading squad and Angel was the smartest kid in school. Willow gave Angel a run for his money though. When Buffy's crush had gotten to be to much she stopped going to Angel for tutoring and asked Willow for her help instead. Buffy just couldn't deal with being so close to Angel and not being able to kiss him.

Now she was standing outside the school watching Angel with his maybe girlfriend like some kind of stalker. She had to go before anyone noticed, most importantly before Angel or Fred noticed. She had to get going anyway, she needed to get ready for tonight. She didn't even know what she was going to wear!

"Buffy, is that you?" Her mom shouted.

"Yeah mom, its me." She called back tossing her keys on the stand by the front door.

Walking out of the kitchen her mom smiled. "Good. I am helping Dawn get ready, why don't you get ready and then you two girls can head out."

"Will do Mom." She started to walk up the stairs but stopped turning back around towards her mother. "You wouldn't happen to know what I should wear, would you? I didn't think I would actually have to dress up but Dawn basically begged me to dress up too. I wish she would have begged me last week or oh I don't know, sooner."

Joyce shrugged. "Anything you have I guess."

"Anything I have. Okay." Buffy ran up stairs to look through her things.

20 minutes later:

"MOM! Do you have any make up I could use for my costume?" Buffy shouted down stairs.

Joyce walked over to the bottom of the stairs."What kind of make up, Sweetie?"

"Fake blood would be nice." Buffy smiled.

Joyce put her hands on her hips. "Nothing to scary young lady! Your sister is only 7!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Buffy dismissed her mother.

"Check the bathroom counter." Her mother told her then went back into the kitchen with her youngest daughter.

45 Minutes Later

Buffy ran down the stairs. "I'm good to go! How about you Dawnie?"

"I'm ready." Buffy's little sister said in a small voice, dressed in her Dorthy Halloween costume. Wizard of Oz was Buffy's favorite movie as a kid, Dawn was no different.

"Buffy, what exactly are you supposed to be?" Joyce asked her oldest daughter.

"A Michael Myers murder victim?" She shrugged. "I didn't have much time to work with and this is the only thing I could think of."

Joyce sighed. "Okay, remember..."

"Don't go to any strangers houses." Buffy cut off her mother, knowing this part by heart. "Keep Dawn in my view at all times, stay in area's that have street lights, don't let Dawn eat any candy until it can be checked first and my favorite- no boys! Did I cover everything?"

"Am I really that repetitive that you know what I am going to say?" Joyce asked.

Buffy smiled holding her hand out to her little sister. "Those have ALWAYS been the rules mom, even when I used to go trick or treating with Celia. I got this mom."

"How did you become so responsible?" Her mom asked.

Opening the front door Buffy told her mom "I blame Willow."

Buffy walked down the side walk hand in hand with Dawn. "I think we are doing pretty good kiddo, we have only been at it for.." glancing at her cell phone for the time. "An hour and check that out, your bag is almost full! Good thing I brought extra."

Dawn smiled at her big sister. In Dawn's eyes Buffy was the most amazing person alive, she couldn't ask for a better big sister.

"How about we hit Mr. Johnsons house? He always gives out the best candy!" Buffy told her little sister excitedly.

After Dawn came back down the side walk Buffy knelled down in front of Dawn and asked "Did you get anything good?"

Dawn nodded and opened up her bag for Buffy to look in.

"Cool!" Buffy looked up at the sky, it was starting to get dark and Dawn needed to be home before 9:00. "Come on, Dawnie. Lets get you more candy then mom will be able to handle!"

As they walked down the side walk once again hold hands, Buffy heard her name being called. She could see who it was coming from but she didn't know who exactly it was because they were dressed as a pirate.

"Buffy, hey!" The boy said again getting closer.

Buffy tilted her head. "Angel?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. I forgot, you probably didn't recognize me." He said pointing to the fake beard, hair and bandana on his head. "Who are you supposed to be?"

"Angel?" Buffy heard Dawn ask. Buffy hoped Angel hadn't heard her sister but from the way he was looking at Dawn she was sure he had. Buffy had talked to Willow and her mother about Angel in front of Dawn a few times, Buffy just hoped Dawn didn't say something about it.

"Um... would Michael Myers murder victim work..." she trailed off.

"You are in your cheerleading uniform." Angel commented shaking his head then motioned to Dawn. "Who is this?"

Looking down at her little sister Buffy said. "This is my little sister, Dawn. Dawn this is Angel, he is a boy from school."

Angel knelled down next to Dawn. "Hi Dawn, are you having fun?"

Dawn shook her head. "I got a lot of candy."

Angel laughed. "Well, that is good. Do you know Jamie Davis?"

Dawn looked past Angel at the young boy behind me dressed as a vampire. "Yeah, he is in my class."

"Chuck?" Buffy asked seeing another boy next to Jamie. Turning to Angel she said jokingly "Oh I pity you. Are you taking these kids trick or treating?"

Angel nodded, standing up. "Yeah, I am a part of the Big Brother program. Jamie is my 'little brother', he wanted me to take his friends with us."

"That kid is evil! He hit me in the stomach and said I got chucked!" Buffy said as the skinny blonde named Chuck nodded and smiled.

"He does that to you too? At least now I know he doesn't just to it to me because he hates me!" Angel laughed. "So this is what you are doing instead of going to the party tonight?"

"Yeah, I was just going to take Dawn around and then call it an early night." Buffy told the boy she had been crushing on for four years. "I don't exactly have a costume for the party anyway, this I literally just threw on because I couldn't find anything else."

Angel smiled at Buffy. "Do you... do you want to take the kids around together?"

"Smooth." Chuck teased Angel.

Buffy looked from Dawn to Angel. "Um.. I would but my mom had this strict rule about..."

Dawn nudged Buffy with her shoulder and gave her a look, she knew Buffy liked this Angel guy and she wanted her sister to be happy.

Buffy knelled down next to Dawn. "Are you sure?" Dawn just nodded.

"I guess it would be okay." Buffy told Angel as she stood back up.

The boys walked a head of Buffy and Angel but Dawn stuck close to her sister.

"You can walk with the other kids, if you want to Dawn." Angel said. He wanted to be alone with Buffy but he didn't want to upset Buffy or her sister.

Dawn looked up at Buffy. Her big sister nodded at her. "If you want to its okay. just don't go to far, Pretty Girl."

Dawn smiled and ran up towards the boys and stopped next to Jamie.

"So..." Angel started. "You couldn't think of anything else to be for Halloween?"

"I didn't really have much time to figure it out." Buffy said looking down at her uniform. "Dawn asked me a few weeks ago to take her trick or treating instead of my mom but she waited until last night to tell me she wanted me to dress up too. I was trying to think about what to be all day but I couldn't figure anything out. My mom wasn't much help, she told me to wear whatever I have. How did you decide to be a pirate?"

"This is just my costume to take the kids out, I didn't want anything scary or inappropriate. I have another costume at home just in case I end up going to The Bronze tonight." Angel explained.

Buffy smiled. "Good thinking, there is nothing like a little Johnny Deep to get a girls hormones going."

"You have a thing for Johnny Deep?" Angel asked.

"Actually, no but other girls do. I hear I am an odd ball when it comes to which celebrities girls like." Buffy laughed.

"What time do you have to have Dawn home by?" Angel wondered.

"9:00, not a minute later. Earlier is doable but not later." Buffy joked.

Pausing for a second Angel tried to think of what to say next, he wanted to ask her about The Bronze again but he didn't want to seem like he was being obsessive, he didn't know how to word it. "I have to get the kids home in about a hour, they are all going to Jamie's house so... if you wanted to we could drop the kids off home and then... maybe go to the party at The Bronze."

Pursing her lips for a second Buffy asked. "Don't you have to meet up with Fred?"

"We could all hang out at the party... if you want to." Angel suggested.

Buffy nodded. "Okay, for a little while."

Angel let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Okay cool. So we can drop the kids off then go to my place so I can change then head over to the party?"

"Sounds good." Buffy said trying to play it cool. She was going to go to Angel's house!

Buffy and Angel took the kids to more houses, when Dawn's bag was full she handed it to Buffy. She gave Dawn a empty bag and carried the full one.

"Okay, lets hit one more house and then get you kids home." Angel said clapping his hands together.

"Lets go to the Crawford Mansion!" Yelled Chuck and the other three boys cheered.

They walked to Crawford Street, Buffy looked around. This street gave her the creeps and it was even worse at night. Dawn took a hold of Buffy's hand. "Its okay, Dawnie"

"Angel, should we really be up here?" She asked as they walked up the hill that the Crawford Mansion was at the top of.

"Its fine. Your not scared, are you?" Angel smiled.

Buffy shook her head. "No... not me, but the kids might be."

They walked through the white gate and towards the house. When they got a little closer to the house something jumped out at them. Everyone screamed but Angel and Chuck. Buffy had grabbed Dawn to make sure she was still there.. and in case they needed to run.

"You guys are all wimps!" Chuck said.

Just then the outside lights came on and Buffy saw what had jumped out at them, it was a mummy that had popped out of a coffin on the ground. The mummy slowly lowered back down into the coffin, Buffy let out a breath of relief.

Finally getting to the front door, Chuck rang the doorbell. The door slowly opened with a low creaking sound which was creepy enough but once the door was completely open there was no one on the inside, it was completely dark inside.

"Maybe we should go." Buffy told Angel.

"Its fine, I'm sure someone is home." He told her.

Buffy, Angel and the five kids all leaned towards the door to look in.

"Hello!" Angel called out.

A tall man dressed in a old suite suddenly appeared in the doorway. Buffy and Dawn let out a small yelp as the man just looked at them blankly. Buffy's eyes got large and she pulled Dawn closer to her.

"Hey kids!" The man said in a overly cheery voice and turned on the light inside the door. "Are you having fun tonight?"

"Totally!" Jamie smiled, his three friends agreed.

"This is the best place all night!" Chuck said.

'Oh my god! I think I just had a heart attack.' Buffy thought.

"Oh, look at your costumes! You all look great!" The man smiled as he put two bags from his bowl in each other kids bags. "Have a great night! Come back next year!"

The man winked towards Buffy and Angel as they turned to walk away, this time small lights alone the sidewalk came on so they could see to get out.

Angel smiled at Buffy as they walked down the hill on Crawford Street. "Where you scared?"

Buffy looked towards Angel but didn't say anything.

"Come on, my car is on the next street over." Angel said shaking his head, still smiling.

"How are we all going to fit?" Buffy asked, she had seen Angel's car at school. He had a black convertible, there was no way 7 people were going to fit in that.

"I borrowed my parents van." He told her.

Angel drove the boys to Jamie's house first. He ran up to the door with them while Buffy and Dawn stayed in the van.

"I am going to go to a party with Angel tonight, are you okay with that Dawnie?" Buffy asked her little sister.

Dawn smiled. "Yeah. I hope you have fun! Do you like him?"

Buffy smiled and looked at Dawn through the mirror. "Yeah, I do."

"Really really like him?" Dawn asked.

"Really really." Buffy laughed.

Dawn turned her head to look out the window, she could see Angel walking towards the van. "Good."

Angel got back into the driver seat and shut the door. "Are you ready to go home now?"

"Yup." Dawn said leaning her head against the back of the seat.

Buffy gave Angel directions to her house, by the time they got there Dawn was asleep in the back seat. Buffy got out, unbuckled Dawn and picked her up.

"Do you need any help?" Angel asked Buffy.

Buffy shook her head. "I got her, but thanks. I'll be right back."

Buffy opened the front door to her house. She saw her mom sitting on the couch watching scary movies. "You started without me?"

"Oh Buffy! You scared me! Aww, was it a long night for her?" Joyce asked.

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun." Buffy told her mom. "I'm just going to go lay her in bed... "

Joyce saw car lights on in the drive way. "Who is out there?"

"Just a friend. We met up while we were trick or treating... Dawn got to spend some time with some classmates that were all trick or treating together. We are going to go to a Halloween Party at The Bronze so I am just going to lay her in her bed, could you get her in her pajamas?" Buffy said.

Joyce nodded. "Sure sweetie, have fun."

"Thanks Mom!" Buffy said as she went up the stairs with Dawn in her arms.

"See you later mom." Buffy said when she came back down.

"Be safe." Her mom called from the couch, with her eyes glued to the TV.