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Chapter 3: The After Math

Buffy snuggled closer to the body next to her, at first she forgot where she was then she remembered last night and smiled. "Mornin'" she mumbled before she kissed the hard chest beneath her head.

Angel looked down at her with a smile. "Good morning." Angel pulled her closer to him. "Buffy I don't know if I should ask this or not but... how was last night?"

Angel heard her giggle. "Last night was good."

"Just good?" Angel asked. "That makes me feel... good."

"It wasn't bad." Buffy propped her head up on her hand next to Angel. "I just cant really compare it to much."

Angel gave her a questioning look. "You have had sex before."

Nodding Buffy said. "Yes but its different when love is in the equation. Its... better. Its not just sex, its making love. I'm new at making love... but if you want me to compare it to sex..."

"Please don't." Angel said laying back to look at the ceiling.

"It was amazing." Buffy told him leaning her chin on his chest. "Truly. I just wish I had waited for you to begin with."

"Who was your first?" He asked still looking up.

"Percy." Buffy said not looking at him

"Percy? They football playing jerk?" Angel asked a little upset.

Letting out a sigh she said "I'm not proud of it but we were dating- he was pressuring. Besides, we broke up almost right after... I kind of made a mistake while we were having sex."

"A mistake? What kind of mistake?" He asked, wondering if he had made a mistake.

Buffy bit her lip. "I kind of said... your name..."

"Really?" He couldn't believe that. He felt her nod her head. "But after you broke up there were rumors that you were still together. Friend with benefits."

Buffy sat up on the bed, holding the sheet to her body. "That is true. It wasn't really friends though. He wanted sex and thought it would be better to not have a girlfriend. With the 'incident' of your name he knew my little secret, he said he wouldn't tell anyone if I kept having sex with him." She explained.

Angel sat up next to her. "What was the big deal? Why didn't you want people knowing?"

"Because I thought you were dating Fred." She told him.

"When exactly was it that you... started to like me?" He asked her.

Buffy smiled. "You don't think you became my tutor on accident, do you?"

"What?" Angel smiled at her.

Buffy turned to face him. "My best friend is one of the smartest people in school, Angel. I could have had her help me but I thought you were cute so I talked Mr. Giles into having you tutor me."

"Then why did you end our tutoring sessions?" He wondered.

"The Fred things mostly. I wanted to kiss you SO badly but I thought you already had a girlfriend, so I said I didn't need help anymore. Then I got Willow to help me." She explained.

Buffy heard a noise and looked towards Angel's bedroom door. "What was that? Are your parents back?"

"Most likely. I'm surprised they are up this early though, I thought they would be hung over." Angel laughed.

Buffy looked panicked. "Don't worry Buffy, they will be cool about you being here. They will be happy that I spent the night with someone who isn't Fred."

"You have sleepovers with Fred? Are you like Joey and Dawson?" Buffy joked. "So no walk of shame for me?"

"Not unless you want to." Angel said with a small smile.

Buffy shook her head. "I don't."

"Just let me tell them you are here first." Angel said getting up. He reached for a pair of pants and Buffy pulled the sheet off of him.

"Nice ass." She giggled.

Buffy laid back down on Angel's bed, it was so comfortable she could lay there all day. She felt like she was going to fall back to sleep. Angel had been gone for a good 10 minutes but she hadn't heard any yelling yet so maybe Angel's parents were cool with her spending the night with their only son.

Angel burst into the room quickly. "I would get dressed if I were you."

"I thought you said they would be cool with it!" She said worried.

Angel hurried around the room looking for her clothes. "I ran all the way up here but it wont take long for them to catch up- they want to meet you."

Buffy's mouth dropped open and her eyes got large. She started to get out of bed when the door burst oped again and a couple walked into the room. Buffy scrambled to get back into bed with a yelp.

"Oh, our boy had sex!" The woman who must have been Angel's mom gushed.

"Was it good?" The man asked.

"Mom! Dad!" Angel shouted then mouthed 'Sorry' to Buffy.

The woman smiled. "Angel is right, we are going to scare her away."

"If she had sex with him then I hope she cares enough about him to stick around." The man said. "Did you use protection?"

The woman hit him in the chest. "I'm Lydia and this is Angel's dad, Jim. You must be Buffy."

Buffy nodded, she was sure she looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Okay, okay. We will leave you two alone, son. Why don't you stay for breakfast, Buffy?" Angel's father, Jim asked.

"Okay." Buffy said in a small voice.

Angel walked behind his parents as they made their way to the door way, he wanted to make sure they actually left. He shut the door behind them "I am SO sorry. They didn't believe I actually had a girl in my room, they just had to see it for themselves. They were cool with it though."

"I see that." Buffy said with a small smile. "I have to say that was something I have never experienced before."

"Did I mention I was sorry?" He said with an apologetic look.

Buffy nodded. "I have a better way you could say you are sorry." She wiggled her finger at him telling him to come closer.

Angel smiled and claimed on the bed, he leaned over her as she laid back on the bed and kissed him. "My dad did have a point though... we didn't use protection. I don't have any condoms since I had never had sex." Angel said when he pulled away from the kiss.

"I'm on the pill." Buffy told him. Looking down at him she smiled. "I guess that answered my question I didn't ask you last night." She pointed at the tattoos that were half rubbed off. "The one on your back seems to be in pretty good shape though."

"That tattoo is real. My dad has one too... but with the letter J instead of an A." He told her. "What are you doing for College?"

Buffy was taken back by his question. That was totally random. "Um.. should I be thinking about that already?"

"It is November now. We are going to be getting called into the office to talk about our futures soon. Well I already got into a few colleges... I just wanted to know what one you were going to go to." He told her. "Just thinking about the future."

"Shouldn't we start with what are you doing next weekend?" Buffy laughed. "You already got into a FEW Colleges? Wait, of course you did. Your like the smartest guy on the planet. Did you pick one yet?"

Softly rubbing his thumb over Buffy's cheek he answered. "I'm leaning towards Stanford."

"Stanford, huh?" She asked. "Is there a Stanford Community College?"

Angel and Buffy made their way downstairs into the kitchen. Buffy was wearing her cheerleading uniform from last night but she had washed all the fake blood off of her skin. Angel was wearing black sweat pants and a white tank top.

"Sorry about my clothes." Buffy said to Angel's parents. "It was my Halloween costume."

"Ah, I remember you." Jim smiled. "You came last night with Angel and some kids."

Buffy nodded as Angel began to eat his scrabbled eggs.

"Lets cut straight to the chase." Lydia said. "What are your intentions with our son?"

"One day if its okay with him, I hope to marry him." Was Buffy's straight forward response. Angel started chocking.

"I like her!" Jim laughed. Angel's mother looked at Buffy with her eyebrows raised, an amused smile placed on her lips, as Buffy patted Angel's back a few times.

"Mom, did you really have to go there?" He asked.

"Mom! I'm home!" Buffy called when she walked into her house.

Joyce came out of the kitchen drying her hands on a dish towel. "I'm sorry, who are you? I have a daughter about your age but she didn't come home last night. At all."

"Its not like I have a curfew." Buffy said.

Her mother nodded. "That's true. Did you have fun?"

"Oh yeah." She smiled.

Leaning against the door frame in the dinner room Joyce asked. "Who is he?"

"Angel." Was all she told her mother.

"Angel? As in your crush Angel?" Her mother wanted to clarify.

Buffy nodded. "That would be the one. I went to the party with him, I stayed the night at his house and then met him parents and had breakfast with his parents."

"As long as you are still taking your birth control I am okay with that." Joyce said turning around to go back into the kitchen. "Tell me all about last night."

Angel was worried about going to school, he didn't know how things were going to change with Buffy. He got ready for school slowly that morning. He hadn't seen Buffy since she left his house Saturday morning, she had called him Saturday night after she got back from cheer practice but he didn't hear from here at all on Sunday, he didn't know if he should call her so he didn't.

Once he got to school he got out of his car slowly, Fred saw him in the parking lot and walked over to him. She gave him a odd look. "What are you doing?"

"You know so many people move fast in life, shouldn't we all just slow down?" He said to his best friend.

"You are acting then usual. What's up." She asked him.

Angel shrugged. "I just.. don't know how things are going to be today so I would rather not be here. Some... things happened with Buffy.."

Fred looked at him oddly. "Somethings? Like her leaving her cell phone in your BEDROOM."

"Yeah... and some other things." He said sheepishly.

"Like?" She wanted to know.

Angel looked over at his best friend.

"Oh.. Oh!... Oh!" She was shocked. "For real? Well there she is with all of her cheerleader friends.. lets see what happens."

Angel looked up to see Buffy wearing her cheerleader uniform stand with all her friends. Tonight must be a football game, he didn't keep track so he wasn't sure but that was when the cheerleaders normally wore their uniforms to school.

Buffy saw Angel and smiled. She ran towards him, jumping in his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist. She kissed him. "Hello Boyfriend."

Angel looked around at everyone watching them. "Hey." He responded softly.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing." Angel said setting her down. "I just didn't hear from you yesterday so I didn't know..."

"Oh! Sorry I didn't call you. I was so busy trying to get the fake blood out of my uniform.. and some of the ink from your tattoos were on it too, I cant imagine how that got there. Anyway, it took FOREVER and I still didn't get it completely out but luckily I have a spare. Check it out." She babbled. She did a spin as she said 'check it out.'

"This is becoming a trend.. you being all over me when you wear your cheerleading uniform. Is it my lucky outfit?" He joked.

Buffy looked him up and down, then wrapped her arms around his neck. "Baby, I will be all over you no matter what I am wearing." Then whispered "and when I'm not wearing anything."

The End...

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