Hey Guys, This is the start of my second story...Where I have made up characters...For those who read my previous fan fiction, I've decided to put that on hold as too many ideas have been popping up in my head. So enjoy the first chapter, it's a big one...The Rise of Legends!

Chet Wilson is a young, eager 10 year old boy keen on becoming a Pokémon trainer, today just so happened to be the day where he got to set out on his journey to become the Pokémon Master, just like his hero Ash Ketchum. He was up all night on his laptop trying to research about the three starter Pokémon you may receive, which are Treeko, Mudkip and Torchic. But after a late night Chet is sleeping like a Snorlax...Not planning on getting up anytime soon...Or is he? Suddenly his family pet Exploud walks in the room...It stands next to Chet and suddenly lets out a big yelp right in the ear of the young boy...Chet jumps up and lands on the floor...After a couple of groans and moans, he staggers to his feet...He first gives a blank stare at Exploud before looking at the alarm clock

"Ah crud, I got ten minutes to get ready" He whines

It's almost time for Chet to get his starter...Chet turns around and hugs Exploud tightly...

"Thanks Exploud!" He says

Just as he's about to sprint out the door, Chet's father, Jules Wilson runs in, his purple, stubble on his chin half shaved off the other half with shaving cream on it

"What's wrong? What happened? Are you alright?" He questions

"Yes, Dad...I'm fine, Exploud woke me up...That's all" Chet replies, a little embarrassed, Jules smiles and pats Exploud on the head...

"Good Pokémon!" He exclaims...

"Speaking of Pokémon, I better get ready!"

Exploud and Jules step out and close the door as Chet got ready, after a couple of minutes, Chet popped from behind the door wearing a Red sweatband and a Grey outfit with Blue jeans...His hair, a light purple all standing up like a Manetric, Chet's favourite Pokémon. He grabbed his bag and a slice of toast and was about to head out before his big brother Chas Wilson stopped him...

"What Pokémon you gonna get, Chetty McBedWetty" Chas joked

Chet turned around, frustrated that his brother still calls him that answers his question in an aggravated tone, but not giving his brother the satisfaction

"I told you I haven't decided yet!"

"Well, you better make a decision quick or else you'll make a fool of yourself in front of Professor Birch" Chas laughed as his little brother got frustrated...

"I won't, trust me...I won't make the same mistake you did..."

Chas suddenly turned pale at the thought of how he accidentally said Charmander in front of Professor Birch, The Hoenn Professor. Jules chuckles as he re-enters the scene...

"He got you there Chassy, Now Chet... You're going to have to use Pelipper to get to Littleroot Town. But the rest of the way I want you to walk..."

Chet nodded as his father shook him up, Chet's most important thing beside Pokémon is his hair...So tossing it up wouldn't the smartest of ideas so Jules gives him the occasional shake...

"Okay ...Checklist Time!"

Jules was an organised man, so he likes to make sure his children leave the house with everything they need. He pulled out a slip of paper as Chas rolled his eyes at the thought of having a longer Checklist to go through when he was younger.

"Clothes...That includes..."

"Dad, you watch too many of 'How to Act like Mrs. Ketchum'" Chet interrupts knowing where that was going...

"Rigghhtt. Town Map?"


"Sleeping bag"


"Badge Case"


"Pokémon ID Card"




Chet finishes embarrassed again as Chas chuckles. Jules narrows his eyes.

"Ch-Check..." Chet says hesitantly

Jules suddenly hugs his son tightly...Chas opens the door as Jules lifts Chet up and out the door still not letting go...

"Dad...Put...m-me...d-d-down" Chet stutters gasping for air...

"Okay, son...I'll see you around...Make sure to have fun and catch many, many Pokémon" He smiled as he says this

"I will dad" Chet assures his father

"Make sure you don't lose, Chet" His big brother adds as Chet hops on Pelipper's back

"Pelipper, Up in the air" Chet commands

Pelipper flies up, up and away as Chet waves his family one last goodbye...He turns back and starts to check out the view...The leaves floating in the breeze, the calm ocean...Chet took it all in

"Wow! Hoenn is amazing"

Meanwhile at Professor Birch's lab another young trainer is receiving here first Pokémon...This is Lillian Petalike from Petalburgh City. She dreams of one day becoming an apprentice to Norman, The Petalburgh City Gym Leader. Professor Birch opens up a drawer and pulls out three pokeballs each having the element symbol on it, fire, water and grass. Lillian pushes her red locks aside before cracking a nervous smile.

"Lily, What Pokémon shall you choose?" Birch asks

"Hmm, after a lot of thinking I have decided Treeko will be my companion..."

"Brilliant choice" Birch replies

Birch smiles as he hands Lillian Treeko's Pokeball .She stares at it for a while hoping she made the right decision, Birch sees this and gives her a piece of advice

"If a Pokémon is not the way you expected it to be, there is always hope and there is always help."

She nods before finally sending out Treeko...The green gecko Pokémon pops out...It stares at Lillian for a second before wrapping its arms around her legs...Birch laughs as Lillian lets out a sigh of relief.

"What are you going to call it...?"

"How about the name Norman"

"Tree" Norman shouts in excitement

Lillian smiles until...Suddenly it is interrupted by a young man...a little older than Lillian...

"Professor Birch, Electrike's fever has gotten to the max..."

Birch gasps as Lillian just looks confused

"Excuse me, Professor...What's happening?" She asks politely

"Oh...William and I found an Electrike badly injured in the forest...Team Magma where using it to train their Pokémon and they were using its electric energy to enhance their technology, they escaped leaving the place without a trace..." Birch answers sadly

"Electrike is with Nurse Joy but its fever has risen to a high point" William adds...

Lillian nods.

"If you don't mind I would like to help out" She exclaims...

Before Birch can answer they are interrupted with a thud after Chet slipped and landing on the floor while overhearing the conversation.

"Who are you?" William asks, ready to take his pokeball out.

Chet dusts himself before buffing his chest out in a heroic pose

"I'm Chet Wilson of Slateport City...I came to receive my first Pokémon but I overheard your conversation and was determined to help out...You see...Manetric is my favourite Pokémon and to see its first evolution get hurt like this is heartbreaking...Please allow me to help..." He says very, very fast

"Yes but for safety you're going to need a Pokémon...So What Pokémon will you choose...Treeko is currently out so that leaves Torchic and Mudkip

"Darn, Treeko was my choice...Oh well...Mudkip it is..."

Birch hands him Mudkip's Pokéball as he smiles...

"Get ready, Marshall"


Eventually they arrive in the Pokémon Centre where Nurse Joy is still in the ER, working on getting Electrike ...They all watch through the window...Chet feels the Electrike's pain...He obviously has made this his problem his own...William stares at Chet...

"Why are you helping out Electrike" William asks startling Chet...

"Uh...I guess it's a Pokémon...And I really care about it..." He answers

William nods before finally Nurse Joy walks out of the room...

"I've managed to lower Electrike's fever down...He will be just fine"

They all breathe a sigh of relief...Suddenly...A smoke bomb explodes in the Centre...There are coughs and screams heard...Just as the smoke clears up...Two figures appear...One with Skye blue hair and another with Royal Blue hair...They are wearing Team Magma uniform...

"Team Magma" William shouts

"That's Right...Bobby and Betty...At your service..." The man chuckles

"Now hand over all your electric Pokémon and every other beast you got"

"Not a chance...Norman, I choose you" Lillian screams...

The green Pokémon enters in brilliant fashion

"Treeko Tree" Norman mumbles

"Bring The Pain, Marshall!" Chet sends out his starter...

"Mud Mudkip" It calls

"Come On, Prinplup" William calls for the rare water type...

Chet and Lillian look on in amazement and Bobby and Betty's eyes roll into money as the blue Sinnoh Pokémon enters...

"Go Slugma" Betty calls out

The Fire slug Pokémon comes out from its Pokeball ready for a fight

"You too Numel" Bobby calls...

The numb Pokémon came out...It looked furious

"Norman, use pound" Lillian calls

Norman instantly charges for Slugma at full speed

"Dodge it Slugma and then use Ember!" Betty demands

Slugma jumps aside just barely missing the pound and as quick as that sends Norman to the ground with Ember

"Marshall, quickly tackle Slugma while it's distracted" Chet calls

Marshall moves fast knocking the slug to the ground.

"Prinplup, use water gun and aim right at Numel"

Prinplup pummels Numel with a mighty water gun which is super effective against the fire type.

"Now Marshall finish this up with tackle again...Maximum power!"

"Prinplup...Quick attack"

"Norman, help out by using Tackle"

Norman, Marshall and Prinplup all charge at Numel and Slugma until all three attacks connect...Like a domino effect Slugma and Numel knock into their trainers as the all go crashing through the Pokémon centre wall ...Birch quietly pulls out 100 Pokedollars and puts it in the hand of Nurse Joy...Joy smiles nervously

"That should fix it" He whispers...

He then joins the trio.

"WELL DONE, GANG!" Birch suddenly shouts...

William and Chet shake hands as Lillian high fives them both...Suddenly Chansey comes out with Electrike on the bed still a bit weak...

"It seems like Electrike is good enough to heal using our machines...But first...I need someone to catch it"

Professor Birch looks at Chet, William and Lillian...

"One of those three..." Birch announces...

"I vote Chet since he does look like a Manetric" William shouts

"I vote William...Having a Pokémon like Priplip...I mean Prunepup...Urghhhhh..." Chet stutters

"I vote Chet...He made this Pokémon his business without even knowing what happened..." Lillian says sweetly

"Chet it is..."

Chet smiles before staring at Electrike, who smiles as well...It jumps off the bed... and sits at Chet's feet

"You want to come with me?"

Chet quickly starts to search for a Pokeball...

"Ooops, in all the commotion i forgot to give you your Pokeballs..." Birch says embarrassed...

He then pulls out a handful of pokeballs as the three come and take them...

"Okay Emanuel...Welcome home..."

Chet throws the Pokeball and it hits Electrike on the head...The Pokémon goes in with a burst of red light as the Pokeball starts to blink...Then finally it's caught...

"YES! I caught an Electrike..."

Everyone cheers until finally Birch steps forward...

"It's getting dark, I suppose you lot should stay here at the Pokémon centre..."

"And I think you better get going Professor" Nurse Joy adds...

"Yes, I think so too..." Birch replies

"But first I want you lot to visit me tomorrow..." He continues...Before finally leaving...

"Chet, if you don't mind I'd like to follow you on your journey..." William asks suddenly

"And I would love to learn more about Sinnoh Pokémon..." Lillian adds

"Then it's settled, we'll leave for Oldale City in the morning"

They all agree...

How was that? Do you like the characters...Why do you think Birch asked to see them tomorrow and Is this the last of Team Aqua...Tune in for the next chapter to find out!...Make sure to leave a comment...And what you would like to see happen.

Pokémon caught/obtained in Chapter:


Mudkip (Marshall)

Obtained at Level 5 – Professor Birch's lab

Determined nature, always happy

Likes dry foods


Electrike (Emanuel)

Obtained at Level 3 – Route 3

Caring nature, never say die attitude

Likes sour foods


Treeko (Norman)

Obtained at Level 5 – Professor Birch's Lab

Stubborn nature, independent

Likes sweet foods