"Where the fuck are those eggs?" Senpai mumbled, pissed off as he searched down the different shopping isles, looking at the shopping list Morinaga had made in preparation for tonight's meal. Morinaga was too sick to go out and shop, therefore Souichi was forced to do it… 'The cheeky bastered, I bet he's up to something, faking his illness therefore I have to do his dirty work!' (Even though the shopping part was meant to be a teamwork thing, but Morinaga, being the Angel he is, allowed himself to do it all every time, while Senpai took care of his own school work)

Senpai took off down the sweets isle, and sighed. Taking another look at the list, it read 'Dairy milk chocolate' 'What the hell is this homo up to?' Senpai thought to himself. But shrugged and threw the chocolate into the basket. Next was flour…

Senpai carried on looking down the isles, but came to an abrupt halt, when he realised he was thinking of the different kind of flour when he was stuck in the middle of a large rack of different colour flowers. He slapped himself on the head and chuckled a little from the mistake, until when he looked up and found one man, rather good looking, pick up the red roses and smelling them joyfully. The man looked around but with a small sigh hugged them. Souichi, who was feeling particularly awkward while standing next to a man hugging flowers, just stood there pretending to be looking at the flowers, while in reality he was growing curious in what this weird man was up to…

Suddenly a name was called "Daisuke!" And the man jumped in shock, and quickly hid the roses behind his back. 'Daisuke? That's his first name right…? The person who called his name must be in a relationship with him.' When another good looking male came on down the isle Souichi stiffed up uncomfortably 'no fucking way…I've been standing right to a fucking homo all this time…!' , the man smiled instantly when he spotted the man standing next to Souichi. The first man, Daisuke, quickly turned around towards the man walking towards him, hiding the roses in the process,

"Yes…?" Daisuke asked, cheeks growing pink,

"What you got there?" the man asked playfully trying to see what Daisuke had behind his back,

"Nothing….just a little gift."

"A gift? For who?" the man giggled excitedly,

"Someone special…" Daisuke mumbled, cheeks growing more intense,

"Please show me!" The other man whined,

"Fine…" Daisuke pulled the roses out from behind him and pushed them onto the man's chest, not to hard, causing the man to stare down, surprised, at the roses,

"Ahw their beautiful." The man sighed smiling happily,

"There…for…you…"mumbled Daisuke, his cheeks now red as the roses,

"For…me?" The man stuttered, looking down at the roses once more…then suddenly…came along a large smile, that made the man's eyes shine beyond belief. Souichi hated it, but somehow couldn't take his eye off the couple…

The man carefully took hold of the roses and leaned in to Daisuke and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Souichi's head quickly turned away and felt sweat drip down his forehead, 'why me, why do I have to be right next to this! No, I'm not standing for this kind of behaviour out in the open…I'm going to fucking say something!'

Souichi turned back around to see the happy man sniffing the roses, and the Daisuke was blushing madly while smiling back at his lover…definitely a perfect couple…

'Should I go up to them…? Yes! What am I thinking! They don't look sweet together like STRAIGHT couples do…' when I reality, deep down in Souichi, he felt they looked like they were so in love with each other…he kind of craved it himself…

"Morinaga…" he sighed longingly.

Then suddenly realised what he had said, his cheeks went instantly to a red colour and stumbled back, placing his hand over his mouth in shock, 'what the fuck did I just say! Why would I say something so gay like that! Oh no, don't tell me, Morinaga's homo illness came off and onto me…shit. Or is seeing these two fags causing me to say strange shit…right I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind!'

Souichi cupped his fists around any near object and stormed off over to the happy couple,

"What the fuck do you think your doing, in a public place too, you homo's!" Souichi hissed at the lovers. Daisuke's eyes widened furiously and stood straight in front of his lover, protecting him in a way,

"You can say what ever the hell you want to me, but leave my boyfriend out of it!" shouted Daisuke. Souichi felt a little taken back but how sweet and caring Daisuke looked before, and had now changed instantly to be fuming and scary as he is now. But Souichi looked far scarier than Daisuke,

"Fine whatever, just what do you think your doing in front of children like this too!" Souichi groaned. Daisuke looked back to find a group of children watching the fight, and parents eying them all up,

"They should know how the world is excepting gays now, and it's just people like you that have no idea how we've felt all these years, hiding and having these feelings while people hated us for it…now it's our turn to show how normal we are, and how children such as them should understand sooner or later before it's too late!" Daisuke hissed. Souichi's anger came through and he lifted a fist to hit Daisuke… but quickly his lover placed a soft hand on Daisuke's shoulder, calming him down instantly. Therefore before Souichi could come back with anything else the lover came in charge,

"Look I'm sorry if we've disturbed you, but you really should start understanding how understanding everyone is getting around this whole thing…if only you understood that…" the mans tone of voice sounded so sad it felt like Souichi was getting stabbed in the heart that he'd made him speak in such a tone.

But what he'd said caused a flashback of when he was in Canada…the pub he went to, which was a homosexual night…when he was hit on by and man…walking down the road and finding two men kissing…

He knew the homo was right, but he couldn't admit that, and felt annoyed that he was losing this battle of pride.

Daisuke sighed took his lovers hand,

"In the end, if you don't like it…piss of, alright?" Daisuke said with a wink and took off with his lover down the shopping isle…

Souichi , feeling embarrassed from losing a battle (once again) with a homo, spend the rest of the time picking up the items from the list, still pissed off and paranoid that all gay people have found out where he lives and planned to ruin his life,

'Seriously, homo's have seriously got to die! First professor…' Souichi felt sick at the thought of the man, 'Then Kurogawa with my brother…then my best friend Morinaga…fuck sake, now these idiots have to take over the fucking shopping mall!' Souichi began passing angrily down the shopping isles, violently throttling the objects straight into the basket.

Without him realising it, he'd finished shopping, bought the items and were marching down the street with the bags.

'I know what I'm going to do, when I get home I'm gonna slam Morinaga's head against the counter! It's all his fault, he's a homo, so I might as well take my angry out on him!' he slowly began to stop walking and took a long sigh, 'Hmph…he is ill though…and I know it's not really his fault…grr why can't that idiot be straight and get a girlfriend or something!' as soon as he'd thought of Morinaga holding hands down the road with a women a sharp pain stabbed him several times in the chest. And Souichi went resting down on the wall behind him, and placed the bags down so he could access his cigarettes.

As soon as he started to smoke he felt relaxation flow through his body,

"Thank God for cigarettes!" He cheered out loud, taking another puff.

"…I love you, you know that right?..." laughed a voice. Souichi looked around to his left and saw a boy and a girl walking, holding hands, down the road opposite Souichi. They looked so happy, the girl beaming like she was the luckiest girl in the world, and the boy holding her tightly as if she was so fragile that she could brake if someone else touched her.

Souichi sighed and watched as they walked past, thinking nothing much of them,

'see, that's how it should be around here…no stupid gays walking around like that.' Souichi though.

He watched as the loving couple were out of sight, then threw his cigarette down on the ground and crushed it with his shoe. He then picked up the bags and carried on with his walk back home. His anger fairing back up as soon as he'd remembered the last thing Daisuke had said to him,

"If you don't like it…then piss off, alright?"

'FUCK SAKE, STUPID HOMO!' Souichi thought heatedly, now griping the bags so hard that the bags began to brake! But once again that evil idea came straight back into the psycho's head…and once it was there, in this rage he'd felt now, it was going to leave…

"Fuck it, that's it! I'm taking this all out on that fag at home…MORINAGA!"