A short one-shot I thought up.

She's weeping silently, the crystal tears running down her face.

Tears of an angel.

The funeral goes on. People walk past her. I clench my fist in anger. How can they do that? Then I realize they aren't cruel. They are giving her space.

I feel like an idiot, not realizing that. I'm glad I am standing at the back, away from her.

They tell her it's time to let go, but she doesn't listen. She holds onto her mother's coffin, glaring at the people.

But the body needs to be cremated. Her mother wanted that. She didn't want her body to slowly rot from the bugs and bacteria.

She doesn't listen. She still clings on. Then she raises her head towards the ceiling and says in a clear voice, "Give my mother back to me."

My heart broke. I want to reach out and help her, but something tells me not to.

Why not?

Her father walks over to her and attempts to lift her away. I can see from the tear stains on his cheeks that he is crying himself. My angel then loses it.

With a sudden violent force, she pushes him away. He tries to stop her, but she lashes out and kicks him in the abdomen.

It's time for me to step up to the stage.

I walk over to her and grabbed her by the arms. She can't break my iron grip, though she tries to. I don't know how long the struggle lasted, but all of a sudden, she slumps over and starts crying in earnest.

The feeling of helplessness crashes over me, the same one I felt when I watched my father sacrifice himself for the world.

"I'm sorry," I whisper to her ear, "I'm sorry I can't wish your mother back. I can't do anything. I'm sorry."

I watch as the coffin was slowly taken away by the people in charge. The crowd remains for a long while, giving their condolences.

Finally, it was just the two of us, alone in the empty, dark room. Her sobs echoes around the place. She looks up at me and sniffles. "I'm weak," she mumbles. She feels guilty for lying in my arms and crying.

I look directly into her eyes and says, "You're not weak, Videl Satan. You're the strongest and the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my life." And I pressed my lips against hers.


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