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Chapter 3


WHEN Sachiko's hand touched Yumi's, the latter glanced at her briefly, the brown eyes held a warning that stopped her from attempting to remove the teasing hand on her body. Shocked at the dangerous glint in those usually warm brown eyes more than anything else, Sachiko froze, momentarily forgetting what she had intended to do, which was to stop Yumi from teasing her further.

"Thank you so much, to both of you. I'll visit your house so that we can formally talk about the project. Meanwhile, please excuse us. It is still early but Sachiko had just come from a long business trip and I'd like to make sure she gets proper rest. It won't be good if she suddenly gets sick," Yumi said smoothly, her eyes asking for the couple's understanding. Gone was the warning she had bestowed to Sachiko and replaced by the normal warm and charming glint. Who would be able to resist her? And who cares if it was still a bit early to disappear? Ogasawara Sayako could do the honor.

'We apologize for always relying on you, Mother.'

"Yes, of course. You two should get some rest. What with the resort's opening and this party, you two deserve a break for working hard."

Yumi couldn't stop herself from smiling when Sachiko sighed with relief. The relieved sigh turned into a soft gasp when she pressed her naughty fingers to where she knew would get a stronger reaction. She then finally pulled her hand away and surreptitiously smoothed the dress that had hiked up higher.

Yumi's bold and wicked gesture surprised Sachiko once more. She sucked in a breath, and only released air when Yumi removed her hand away from the sensitive part of her body. Once again, Yumi had beaten her in taking action.

As the couple stood, so did Sachiko and Yumi simultaneously. They bid another goodnight before Yumi snatched Sachiko's hand to lead her away, not where they had entered the balcony but rather on the other door in which they didn't need to pass the party on full swing inside. Sachiko didn't need any more encouragement from Yumi and as soon as they were out of sight of the other couple, she took over and hurriedly walked towards her bedroom at the mansion. They walked as fast as they could, more than a lady was allowed to, but they never paid any heed. They had more pressing matter to attend to and they could hardly wait. They were of one mind as they walked quietly, only their ragged breathing and the sound of their footsteps could be heard as they walked farther from where the party was held.

Excitement, desire, need, love, those feelings swirled inside Sachiko's and Yumi's minds and hearts as they headed to the place where they could act the way they wanted without fear of being caught, without the annoyance of interruption. Sachiko resolved to herself that if anyone dared to knock at her bedroom door tonight, that poor soul would receive a severe scolding.

Their steps even got faster when the door to Sachiko's bedroom came into view. And once inside the privacy of the bedroom and the door was tightly shut, Sachiko dragged and then pushed Yumi not so gently to the bed and immediately pinned her down.

"You, you will pay for that," Sachiko said with gritted teeth and her eyes flashed dangerously and hungrily.

Yumi found Sachiko's reaction amusing and exciting. She giggled instead of getting scared, and accepted the punishing kiss bestowed on her. But she didn't let Sachiko do all the work. She returned the heated kiss, her fingers tangled in the strands of soft raven hair to pull her lover closer. They kissed passionately for some time, and broke apart when their lungs screamed for air. Still, only a minute distance separated them. Their eyes locked in a heated gaze, as if daring the other about something.

"Do you know what you were doing to me back there?" Sachiko asked sharply despite her labored breathing. "Of course you do. You wouldn't have done it otherwise."

Yumi only laughed in response to the accurate accusation and covered Sachiko's lips with hers. Their tongue fought for dominance, which she eventually won. Whether it was because Sachiko let her or that she won fair and square, it didn't matter. She took over not only of the kiss but of everything else as she reversed their position and had Sachiko pinned under her instead, much to the latter's surprise.

"No, my love, you will pay," Yumi said with laughter and at the same time conviction as her body pinned her surprised lover.

Of course, Sachiko immediately got over the surprise and defiantly met Yumi's gaze. "How many glasses of wine did you have, Yumi?"

"Who knows," Yumi answered cheekily as she slid her body over Sachiko's and created a delicious friction. She grinned when Sachiko's lips parted in a soundless moan.

"Doing reckless things tonight…Behaving inappropriately..."

"You liked it, too," Yumi cut off.

When Sachiko arched a perfect eyebrow skeptically, Yumi's grin widened. "I can prove it, my love."

Sachiko gasped when one of Yumi's hands released hers, only to go down in between them and pressed on the v of her thighs.

"You are ready for me already, aren't you?" Yumi whispered huskily, her eyes changing from teasing to lustful.

Not one to surrender easily, Sachiko used her free hand to pull Yumi's head for a heated kiss.

"And you are not?" Sachiko teased. Even without trying to prove her words, she knew the answer already. She laughed when Yumi looked at her with surprised eyes. Quickly noticing her slip, Yumi immediately hid her surprise with a smirk of her own that Sachiko found really arousing. Yumi hardly smirk like that. Most often, that kind of smirk occurred when the latter had something in mind that resulted to her in a shivering mess. Electric tingles coursed through her body in anticipation of what was to come. She groaned with protest when Yumi pulled away from her and instead kneeled beside her.

"You really look sexy in this dress," Yumi breathed as her eyes travelled Sachiko's stunning form. Hair disheveled or not, Sachiko was the most beautiful person in her eyes, and she knew that many agreed with her. She trailed a finger seductively from Sachiko's knee up to her leg, to her stomach, until it was resting at her collarbone. "Nice dress…But you will pay for wearing it tonight."

Yumi focused her eyes at the hardened nipples that Sachiko's dress and bra failed to conceal. Then her eyes climbed higher and focused on the sensual mouth already parted in the most provocative way. She suddenly felt even dizzier and hungrier at the beauty of her lover.

Sachiko, who had watched Yumi watch her, caught her breath when the latter gave her a feral look. If anything, the look excited her more and she squirmed impatiently under the hungry eyes of her lover.

"Do you know that you attract danger in this dress?" Yumi asked in a low voice as she trailed her fingers on Sachiko's dress once more. She was barely able to control the trembling of her fingers as she did the act.

"Really? Are you sure you are n-"

"This sorry excuse of a dress, making me miserable throughout the party," Yumi cut off as she gripped the fabric of Sachiko's dress.

And then a tearing sound permeated the room.


Sachiko's eyes widened as Yumi tore the dress in two. She was astounded, not expecting such act from the normally gentle woman in front of her.

"Much better," Yumi said with humor. She merely laughed huskily at Sachiko's shocked expression. She proceeded right away to kiss the latter hard in the lips just as her hands made its exploration to the now exposed beautiful body which screamed to be touched.

It wasn't like Yumi to destroy a dress, they both knew, especially a very expensive one at that. But she was impatient. As per Sachiko's words earlier, it wasn't Sachiko alone who was affected by the risky act she did at the balcony. In fact, she had been fighting off the desire to make love to Sachiko ever since she saw the latter in her stunning dress.

"The dress deserves it."

Any protests that Sachiko might had, they died inside her as her body burned with greater need. She grabbed the sheets as Yumi dipped her head on the valley in her chest and peppered it with kisses, even biting at some places. Instead of fighting for dominance, she let her body be loved by her lover. "Yumi…" she sighed with pleasure.

"I want you," Yumi murmured in Sachiko's skin as her hands feasted and caressed the smooth skin of her lover. Her body ached with need to devour the woman under her.

"I want you, too," Sachiko murmured back as she pulled Yumi's head and kissed her on the lips, much gentler compared to what Yumi had been doing, not that she had any complaints though. She jolted when Yumi tugged on her bra, and seconds later, hands covered her aching breasts. She pulled away from the kiss and threw her head back on the pillow. Yumi was more aggressive than usual, her hands squeezed and caressed harder than usual, bordering between pain and pleasure. Yumi's lips that she had freed were also doing their best to drive her crazy with pleasure and need. The mouth kissed and bit her neck, no doubt leaving marks that she needed to cover tomorrow. She didn't mind though. Besides, she had every intention to return the favor, that was, if Yumi would let her. The latter, after all, acted differently than normal.

"Hmm…you taste so good, Sachiko, as always," Yumi whispered before she covered one aching mound with her exploring lips. She had the satisfaction of feeling Sachiko's shudder and of hearing her moan of pleasure.

Mind cloudy with need and desire, Sachiko arched her back, which caused her to push herself more into Yumi's. She gave a noise of protest when her skin met the fabric of Yumi's dress.

"Oh? You want to feel me, too, don't you?" Yumi asked knowingly as she pulled away, her eyes bored into Sachiko's cloudy eyes with intensity. "Then take it off," she commanded as she held Sachiko's hands and placed them on her own dress.

At first, Sachiko tried to take off the dress without destroying it unlike what Yumi had done on hers. However, because Yumi was pressed tight on her, she couldn't take the dress off.

"Rip it off," Yumi commanded in an impatient voice.

Sachiko didn't even think twice to follow Yumi's order. She, too, was impatient.

Seconds later, Yumi's dress followed Sachiko's dress' fate. Tomorrow, they would probably frown at their uncharacteristic and wasteful acts. But tonight, it didn't matter. Only the need to feel each other was important.

"Much better?"

"Not yet," Sachiko said as she unclasped Yumi's bra. As soon as she finished removing it, Yumi latched back on her breast, which caused her to grip the bare shoulders in front of her due to pleasure and surprise. She let go of Yumi's shoulders when the latter started moving downwards, kissing her taut stomach while hands caressed her legs.

As her lover moved lower and lower of her body, Sachiko's sighs, whimpers and moans became frequent and her grip on the sheets tightened. Her body ached with need for fulfillment, her senses buzzed with desire. She moaned again with protests when Yumi's descending lips skipped the part of her that ached with need for her lover's touch the most. While she loved and enjoyed Yumi's attention on her legs and knees, she wanted to go fast tonight after what Yumi had done to her at the party earlier. She was so worked up she could hardly breath.


Yumi felt like teasing Sachiko, but when she pulled her head away from the skin below her to look at her lover's face, all teasing flew out of her head. Sachiko's half-lidded eyes, her tangled hair at the pillow, her red face, her parted lips, not to mention her exposed beautiful body, they were too much for her, too. Her brown eyes darkened some more with lust as her fingers curled on the waistband of Sachiko's underwear. She caused Sachiko to jolt in surprise when she tore the flimsy material, just like what she had done on the dress earlier.

Sachiko knew it would happen, she expected it, but she still wasn't prepared to the torrent of pleasure that coursed through her body at the touch of the agile muscle on the most sensitive part of her body. Yumi wasn't being gentle as she immediately plunged her tongue inside her and speared her repeatedly until she was mindless of everything but of the pleasure brought by her lover. The coil in her stomach tightened with every second that passed and only a short time later, her body exploded with pleasure as she screamed her lover's name. It was intense and abrupt that left her dizzy for quite awhile.

It would be several minutes later before Sachiko came down from her high. When she did, her dazed blue eyes met smug brown ones.

"Enjoyed that, didn't you?" Yumi said proudly. She smirked wickedly when Sachiko smiled tiredly at her.

"What's gotten into you tonight?"

"Nothing. Now, for the second round…"

Sachiko could only gape wide-eyed at Yumi as the latter started loving her again until the fire in her body burned anew. It was like she hadn't just screamed her pleasure earlier as her sensitive body immediately responded to Yumi's touch. This time though, Yumi took her time as she caressed, touched, kissed and nipped slowly. She was merciless. She teased Sachiko to the point of madness.

"Do…nghhh…you want…oh! To…drive…me nghhh…insane?" Sachiko managed to ask in between whimpers and sighs of pleasure.

"Do…you want…me to stop?" Yumi asked teasingly as she pulled away, her breathing just as heavy as Sachiko's.


The strong refusal brought a low throaty laugh from Yumi. Though if Sachiko said yes, she wasn't sure if she would really stop. She probably wouldn't, unless Sachiko meant it. At the moment, she knew that even if Sachiko said yes, it would be a lie.

"Are you sure?" Yumi asked for good measure as she fought the urge to smile again. She lost the battle when Sachiko bestowed her a terrifying glare. She collapsed on top of the latter in a fit of giggles, which infuriated Sachiko more.

"This is not a laughing matter, Yumi! How dare you…"

Yumi cut off Sachiko's angry tirade with a kiss, though when she pulled away, a smile was still etched in her beautiful face, her eyes twinkling with merriment.

"So impatient," Yumi teased, though she understood that if she was in Sachiko's case at the moment, she probably had done the same, or worse. At the moment, she was trembling as much as Sachiko with need, though her need was more on to bring Sachiko in the heights of pleasure over and over. She loved the feeling every time she made Sachiko reach those heights, especially with her name leaving in her lover's lips every single time.

"D-don't you dare think…that I won't get you…for doing this to me. Now, stop laughing and kiss me," Sachiko said in all her glory and in between pants. She wasn't embarrassed for asking. She and Yumi were passed being embarrassed on some things as they spent more time together. Besides, her need was great.

"Threats…" Yumi commented with a smirk as she proceeded to follow Sachiko's command. Though of course, she still didn't immediately give what Sachiko wanted and needed.

"Yumi! Oh!" Sachiko complained with a moan. She was delirious and in desperate need of release. "Plea-aah!"

Finally, Yumi showed mercy as she increased her pace. Sachiko gripped the sheets tight as she was attacked pleasurably. Her eyes shot open when released finally claimed her, and her back lifted off the sheets as she screamed Yumi's name for the second time that night. But if Sachiko thought that it was over, she was mistaken again. That night, Yumi made love to her passionately, leaving her breathless, sated, and yet wanting more. Every time she tried to return the favor, Yumi stopped her or took over along the way. She couldn't complain, though, even if she was tired. Her body, after all, had a mind of its own when it came to Yumi's touch. Yumi made her reach the height of pleasure several times that night.

Hours later, Sachiko lay in Yumi's arms, spent. Her bones felt like they were melting.

"Sachiko," Yumi croaked. Her throat felt dry. She was parched from all the teasing and loving she had done.

"Hmm," Sachiko merely hummed, too tired to speak. She could barely open her eyes. She had a feeling she would sleep in the next two days to recover from what Yumi had done to her.

"I think I need a drink," Yumi murmured as she pressed a quick kiss on Sachiko's slightly parted lips then eased herself from the bed and unsteadily walked towards the personal ref, uncaring if she had nothing on her body except their combined sweat that glistened every time the shaft of moonlight touched her skin. She thirstily drank water.

Sachiko forced her eyes open to watch Yumi with tired yet contented and admiring eyes. So comfortable was the younger woman with her bareness. And as Yumi walked back to the bed, she realized something. Yumi was as sexy as she was dangerous if provoked.


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